101 Thought Provoking Questions for Kids to Make Them Think

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Kids can ask questions all day long and never seem to tire of doing so. When it comes to getting them to answer questions, however, it is another matter completely. This gets even truer as they get older. Very often, you get one or two-word answers.

This is often because you ask questions that really don’t capture their attention or ones that a simple answer will work to answer. One way to get your kids to open up and interact with you is to ask thought provoking questions for kids. 

What Are Thought-Provoking Questions?

Thought-provoking questions are ones that require some thinking to answer. The child must search their heart or mind to come up with an answer and most often they are open-ended questions, which require the child to explain their answer more fully.

These questions can give a child the opportunity to open up when they are shy and you can learn a lot from really listening to the answers. They can become a fun activity for families to share over dinner or anytime.

Why Are Thought Provoking Questions for Kids Important?

Thought-provoking questions help a child, and their adult, in many ways. They allow a child to explore their inner world, gaining greater self-awareness. These questions can help grow a child’s emotional intelligence by allowing them to think about things like empathy and charity.

They can also lead to deeper discussions. Thought-provoking questions can even get your child thinking about the future and creating goals.

How to Use Thought-Provoking Questions?

There are many different ways you can use these questions without your child feeling they are being interrogated. The following questions can be adapted to fit a child’s age.

You can ask a question or two when you are doing an activity together or riding in the car. Or have a question session at dinner where everyone gets a turn.

The answers can be used to understand your child’s thoughts and feelings better… and learn how to direct them on a path that will speak to their soul. Most of all, use these as a way to get your child to open up and create a deeper bond with you.

101 Thought-Provoking Questions for Kids

1. Should we be able to live anywhere in the world we want to?

2. Do you think it is more important to be rich or happy?

3. What is the perfect age to be? Why?

4. How does each of the rainbow colors make you feel?

5. If you had to take five pictures, what would you photograph?

6. Do you think the Earth gets angry? If so, what makes it angry, and how does it show this?

7. What is the most powerful water, fire, air, or soil? 

8. If your brother/sister were sad, what would you do to cheer them up?

9. What would make kids want to go to school more?

10. Do you think it is easy or hard to be a parent?

The child must search their heart or mind to come up with an answer and most often they are open-ended questions, which require the child to explain their answer more fully.

11. What is the most difficult thing about being a kid?

12. What do you think is the best part of being an adult? What about the worst part?

13. How do you think we could stop wars between countries?

14. What advice would you give your future grandchildren?

15. Do you think your life is easier or harder than your grandparents when they were your age?

16. Why do you think some people are always mean to others?

17. If you could choose a different name, what would it be and why?

18. Can you keep a secret? Are there some secrets you shouldn’t keep?

19. What makes someone smart?

20. If you could make up a holiday, what would it be like?

21. What makes your day special?

22. Do you think trees and flowers feel? If so, what would make them happy or sad?

23. If you could give $100 to a charity, which one would you choose?

24. How do you know your family loves you?

25. If you had a garden, what would you grow in it and why?

26. What is your favorite place?

27. Would you share your lunch with a schoolmate that didn’t have one?

28. What three things would you change about this world if you could?

29. Do you think it is important to be both happy and sad at times?

30. Is there something we have in the world today that your kids may never see?

31. Do you think it is okay to sometimes break the law? If so, in what cases? 

32. Do you think helping others is important?

33. What rights do you think everybody should have? 

34. What makes a girl a girl or a boy a boy? 

35. How do you think the world started?

36. Do you think people are more alike or more different inside?

37. What is the strangest thing that ever happened to you?

38. Do you think there are aliens in space?

39. What can different animals teach us?

40. Would you like to be a twin?

41. Do you think your pet has a name for you? What would it be?

42. How do you know when you get old? Is it a certain age?

43. What is the opposite of fire?

44. If everyone had one rule they had to follow, what would that rule be?

45. Why do people think in different ways?

46. What makes your mom/dad worried?

47. Can you be grateful for bad events? Why or why not?

48. What do you wish schools would teach?

49. What is the most important lesson you ever learned?

50. What do you know that you could teach others?

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Thought-provoking questions help a child, and their adult, in many ways, and allow a child to explore their inner world, gaining greater self-awareness.

51. What makes you angry? How do you handle it?

52. What does it feel like to be happy?

53. If the electricity went out for one week, what would be different?

54. Do you think we should allow younger people to run for President?

55. What will the world be like in 50 years?

56. Is it right to keep animals in zoos and aquariums? Why or why not?

57. Who is the most important person in your life?

58. If your friends were going to do something bad or dangerous, what would you do?

59. If you could travel anywhere in the Universe, where would it be?

60. Can you think of anything we could do to make sure nobody goes hungry?

61. Do you like giving or getting gifts better?

62. What is the hardest thing you have ever had to do?

63. What makes you unique?

64. Would you ever jump out of a plane or dive deep into the ocean?

65. What is your greatest strength?

66. What skills should every adult have?

67. If you could tell adults one thing, what would it be?

68. Is it ever okay to lie?  Why or why not?

69. How would you describe a rainbow to someone who is blind?

70. Do you think adults have more fun or less fun than kids?

71. What age makes you an adult?

72. If you were a cartoon character, which one would you be?

73. What do you think your parents were like at your age?

74. If you owned a store, what would you sell?

75. What do you think it feels like to be homeless and hungry?

76. What noise do you really hate? Why?

77. If you were stranded on an island, what is the first thing you would do and why?

78. Without saying the words “I love you” how do you show someone you love them?

79. If you never had to sleep, what would you do with that extra time?

80. What invention do you think the world needs?

81. If you could ask any animal a question, what animal would you ask and what would be the question?

82. What do you think is the best superpower? Why?

83. Would you most like to travel to space or dive in the ocean?

84. If you could be any animal, what would you be?

85. How would you spend a million dollars?

86. What makes your mom/dad sad?

87. What would you give your mom to make her happy?

88. Is there something you once had that you now miss?

89. What is your best memory so far?

90. What makes you scared?

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Thought-provoking questions can even get your child thinking about the future and creating goals.

91. What do you want to do when you grow up?

92. What do you think is your best trait?

93. Is there something about you that you would like to change? Why?

94. Do you think it is important to tell sometimes even if someone asks you not to? What kinds of things would you tell?

95. What does it mean to be a good friend?

96. Is there someone you know who is being bullied? How does that make you feel?

97. Do you think animals have feelings?

98. What do you think it is like to be in a wheelchair? What about being blind?

99. What does your mother/dad do all day?

100. When you have kids, what rules will they have?

101. What rules do you have that you think are unfair? Why?

Final Thoughts on Thought Provoking Questions for Kids

The first bonds we experience are those with our family, which is why it is essential to find various bonding activities that will allow your child to grow into an adult who can easily form and maintain healthy relationships. And it’s never too early to start.

These thought provoking questions for kids will help you get your child used to having conversations, understanding themselves and the world around them, and becoming adults who can effectively communicate with others.

Once you have exhausted these, we can provide you with an endless array of deep questions you can add to your arsenal. Even as they become adults, questions are a great way to stay in touch with your child.

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101 Thought Provoking Questions for Kids to Make Them Think

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