43 Brilliant Things On Amazon That Make Your Bedroom & Living Room 10x More Comfortable

Is there anything better than going home at the end of a long day to a house filled with cozy things? I didn’t think so. Thankfully, it’s not hard to find brilliant Amazon products that’ll make your living spaces a million times more comfortable.

While starting your comfort makeover, your best bet is to tackle one room at a time, beginning with the places where you hang out most (like your living room or bathroom). While you’re renovating, consider adding a new texture into the mix. Take this hand-knitted pouf, for example. I mean, what’s cozier than a big ball of softness hanging out on your floor? A faux fur rug, a sherpa throw blanket, and even a velvety sofa cover are all good choices, too.

Next, tackle the unseen things that make a big difference, like scent and sound. There are tons of lush, non-toxic room sprays, diffusers, and candles out there that can totally change the energy of your rooms in a snap. Or if scents aren’t your thing, a soothing white noise machine or a desktop fountain can make your space feel like a sanctuary. Here’s a collection of some of the comfiest products on Amazon to help you get started.


A Genius Solution For Keeping Up With Pet Hair

You won’t have to deal with aggravating pet hair everywhere with this ultra-effective fur removal tool. It works on all kinds of surfaces, from comforters to couches. The roller traps hair in a chamber rather than using sticky lint paper; plus, it’s manual so you don’t have to rely on batteries or a power source. More than 98,000 Amazon reviewers have awarded the ChomChom a perfect five-star rating.


This Pretty Ceramic Tray For Corraling Jewelry, Makeup, & More

It’s amazing what a simple tray can do to make clutter look tidy. This gold-trimmed ceramic tray from Benevolance LA is the perfect way to organize perfumes, makeup, jewelry, candles, keys, and more. Some reviewers even used it for bathroom essentials. It’s on the smaller size, measuring 9 inches long by 4.5 inches wide, but it’s the perfect catch-all for smaller items.


These Cooling Bamboo Pillows That Are Hypoallergenic

Not only do these bamboo pillows stay cool all night, but they’re also completely hypoallergenic. The pillowcases are removable and made with high-quality bamboo — but the magic is really on the inside. Instead of allergy-triggering down, these pillows are filled with shredded memory foam that gently holds your neck and head in a neutral position all night long so you wake up feeling refreshed (instead of cramped).


The Luxe Comforter With Over 10,000 Positive Reviews

This down-alternative comforter is perfect for every season. It’s lightweight enough that you can use it throughout the summer, but it’ll also keep you warm in the winter. The duvet itself is made from luxe microfiber that’s petal-soft against your skin, and it comes in seven colors. Over 10,000 reviews insist this is the only comforter you’ll ever need — and let’s be real, that many people can’t be wrong.


This Meditation Cushion For Extra Support

This meditation cushion is just the thing for some extra support while you’re working from home or just hanging out. The 5-inch thick round cushion is filled with buckwheat hulls and foam padding for support that conforms to you and can help alleviate back pain and improve posture. The velvety cover is removable and machine-washable with a handle on one side for easy portability.


A Sherpa Blanket That’ll Keep You Toasty Warm

As soon as you snuggle up with this double-sided microfiber blanket, you’ll want to call it a day. One side is made from rich fleece that feels as smooth as water in your hands — and the other side is made from fuzzy sherpa. It’ll be tough to choose a side with this blanket — but honestly, you can’t go wrong. And the best parts? It won’t fade in the wash, and it’s available in over 20 colors.


This Silk Pillowcase That’s Good For Your Skin And Hair

This silk pillowcase feels just as amazing as it looks, and it’s actually good for your skin and hair. That’s because it’s made from 100% mulberry silk that won’t wrinkle, no matter how much you tend to toss and turn at night. The pillow’s also great for keeping wavy or curly hair frizz-free, and it comes in a variety of different colors (25, to be exact). Choose which sizes you need, depending on your mattress.


Some LED Lights For Turning Basic TV Into A Home Theater Experience

Transform your TV (or computer monitor) into something on par with a movie theater experience with these remote-controlled LED lights. Choose from 15 colors and 10 brightness settings, plus a fade mode. The lights easily adhere to all four sides of your TV to create a more vivid viewing experince. An added bonus: the gentle ambient light means less strain for your eyes.


A White Noise Machine With Tons Of Sounds

You can have your pick of soothing sounds with this portable sound machine. It features six different sounds, including ocean, rain, and white noise. And if you only need it to fall asleep, it’s super easy to set on a timer so it goes off on its own once you’ve drifted off. Plus, it’s really compact, so you can toss it into your purse or carry-on when you’re traveling.


This Smudge Kit That Literally Clears The Air

This cleansing smudge kit helps you to tap into the energy of your home to literally clear the air. Specifically, it includes two white sage sticks that you can burn to air your room out. It also comes with three palo santo sticks for additional smudging, a gorgeous abalone shell to collect the ashes, and two crystals to help your space feel truly zen (including amethyst and rose quartz).


The Fuzzy Rug Made With Mongolian Faux Fur

This faux fur rug is the stuff dreams are made of. It’s made from long-grain Mongolian faux fur that feels just as soft as the real thing. There’s even a faux leather backing so it stays in place — and the asymmetrical shape looks gorgeous on any hardwood or tile floor. Some reviews love this rug so much that they’ve also used it as a decorative drape over their sofas and beds, which is equally as gorgeous. Choose from 11 different colors.


A Mattress Topper Filled With Plush Alternative Down

No more dealing with night sweats with this ultra-cooling mattress topper. It’s made from breathable cotton, and it’s available in multiple sizes. The best part, though, are the squares sewn into this topper. Each one is filled to the max and the filling won’t budge (due to the seams). Plus, with the elastic band around the bottom to keep it firmly in place, you’re pretty much guaranteed overall comfort no matter which side of the bed you’re on.


This Detoxifying Candle That Gets Rid Of Pet Odors

No matter how much you love your pets, you don’t have to put up with their odor with this detoxifying candle. It uses rich, organic lemongrass oil — and instead of just masking the scents, it actually cancels them out and replaces them with fresh smells. This candle is also made from soy, and it’s available in other soothing scents, such as pumpkin, jasmine, wildwoods, and more.


This Memory Foam Leg Rest For Kicking Back In Total Comfort

More than 15,000 Amazon reviewers have given this pillow a positive rating, so it’s clearly doing something right. For a more comfortable way to lounge, this versatile memory foam pillow is an absolute must. It’s plush, easy to clean (thanks to the removable cover), and designed to take pressure off the legs and hips. Whether you’re trying to alleviate pain, improve blood flow, or get a better night’s sleep, this best-selling wedge is the perfect solution.


These Hanging Fairy Lights That Make Your Space Look So Magical

These hanging fairy lights will make your bedroom look like pure magic. The string lights are equipped with transparent clips you can adhere to any wall, and the LED lights have eight modes you can control with a remote, like twinkle, slow fade, and waves. They’re also waterproof, so you can even use them to decorate your outdoor area.


A Minimalist Double Hamper For Sorting Clothes Before Laundry Day

Not only is this double hamper simple enough to blend in with any bedroom decor, but it’s also super practical. It lets you sort clothes effortlessly (think: whites versus colors). It’s also easy to empty and fold up when you need to make more space. Plus, it comes with a lid for keeping dirty clothes out of sight.


These Chic Puck Lights You Can Install Without Wiring

These puck lights make any room look professionally decorated, whether you pop them under your kitchen cabinets, in your closet, along your stairs, or anywhere else. The best part? They’re wireless, battery-operated, and can be installed with either the included adhesive or screws, so you don’t need to call an electrician to mount them. The LED lights are also color-changing, have adjustable dimness levels, and can be set on an optional timer.


A Pair Of Fluffy Inserts For Your Flat, Lumpy Throw Pillows

If your decorative pillows are looking a little flat or lumpy, there’s an easy solution — toss the old stuffing and stuff them with these pillow inserts. The inserts have a polyester filling that reviewers have confirmed is fluffy — and they’re even machine washable. Choose from five different sizes to fit your throw and bed pillows.


A Cool-Mist Humidifier In An Adorable Cloud Shape

Boasting a 4.6-star overall rating after nearly 4,000 reviewers have weighed in, this popular cool-mist humidifier comes in an adorable cloud shape. It features a sizable 1.8-liter water tank and an adjustable mist-flow dial, and it can operate continuously for up to 24 hours. You can also set the humidifier’s LED night light to a color that suits your mood.


This Velvet Meditation Cushion For A Zen Space

Change the way you relax in your home with this meditation cushion that’s left hundreds of reviewers impressed with its quality and support. It’s constructed with 100% buckwheat filling and comes in a velvety soft removable cover that’s available in a range of lovely colors. Use it while you work from home or whenever you need a restorative moment of zen.


A Sofa Slipcover That’s Velvety Soft

Give your living room a breath of fresh air with this velvet sofa cover. Not only is it extremely soft, but this loveseat slipcover is also ridiculously easy to put on: Just slip it over your couch and tuck the elastic bottom around the edges — and then, you’ll be ready to lounge on your just-like-new sofa.


This Lamp That Makes Your Ceiling Look Like The Night Sky

You can stargaze no matter what the sky looks like outside with this night sky lamp. You can choose from “warm,” red, blue, and green light shades — or, you can opt for a combination of all three colors to project onto your ceiling. The lamp creates a huge night sky landscape above you that features the moon, planets, and constellations. Plus, it gently rotates so you constantly get a different view as you drift off to sleep.


These Candles That You Can Control With A Remote

This set of nine battery-operated candles adds a soft, calming glow to any room. The candles come in a variety of sizes so they look amazing clustered together, but you can also spread them out throughout your home. They also come with a remote, so you can control their brightness level, flicker speed, and timer with the touch of a button. Plus, reviewers mention that the AA batteries required for these candles last a long time before they need to be replaced.


A Mesh Canopy That Makes Your Bed Look Like A Throne

This dreamy canopy netting can be used to keep out mosquitos — but really, why not hang it over your bed so you feel like royalty? It’s made from super lightweight mesh that gently drapes over your sleeping area, from crib-sized up to queen-sized. You can use it indoors or out, and the holes in the mesh are large enough to allow for airflow.


These Furniture Risers That Create Extra Storage Space

Make use of storage space under your bed or sofa with these convenient furniture risers. Each riser adds 2 inches of lift, but you can stack them up to make even more room. They can also come in handy for keeping furniture with wheels securely in place. Each riser can hold up to 5,000 pounds of weight, and they come in three colors (white, black, and brown) to match your home’s vibe.


A Bamboo Mattress Topper That’s Waterproof

Not only does this bamboo mattress pad help to keep you comfy all night, but it’s also waterproof. Therefore, if you spill something on your sheets, you can strip them and just wipe your mattress dry. It’s also naturally cooling (thanks to the material blend) and can be purchased in various sizes to accommodate different mattresses. You can pick from twin, full, queen, and king.


This Pillow That Keeps Your Knees From Knocking Together

If you feel uncomfortable when your knees knock together at night, this cushy pillow is a game-changer. It’s made of super thick memory foam that contours to the shape of your legs, and using it can also help alleviate hip pain, or soreness from sciatica. One reviewer even raved that “I feel like my hips are finally aligned when I sleep on my side.”


The Gel-Fiber Pillow That Has Rave Reviews

Over a thousand reviewers absolutely love this gel pillow. The key is in the fibers on the inside, as each one is infused with gel that helps prevent them from bunching up. They’re also fade- as well as stain-resistant — but what’s even better? This pillow is also machine-washable, so you can regularly throw it in your washer to keep it fresh and fluffy.


A Quiet Humidifier With Aromatherapy & A Designated Sleep Mode

This efficient cool mist humidifier can cover a lot of ground — up to 323 square feet to be exact. Plus, you can add your favorite essential oils for soothing aromatherapy. The quiet unit has an easy top-fill design and you can choose from three mist modes and four timer settings. There’s even a sleep mode that turns off the interface lights so you can catch better Zzz’s.


This Mini Lap Desk With A Drawer That Serves So Many Purposes

Made of beautiful beechwood, this portable desktop easel is a genius addition to any small space since you can use it so many different ways. Use it as a stand for reading, as a stand for your iPad, or as an artist’s easel for when creativity strikes. It has a built in drawer with three compartments so you can stash small items, like brushes and pencils, chargers, and more.


These Smart Lightbulbs That Can Be Dimmed And Turned On Remotely

With these smart lightbulbs, you can set timers and change colors and brightness, all without ever touching the light switch. The bulbs work with Alexa and Google home, so you can set the mood with one of 16 million colors using just your voice. Once you install the Sengled Home App on your phone, you can also set timers and schedules and adjust lighting, even when you’re not at home.


These Handy Pantry Traps That Use Pheromones To Attract Moths

Protect clothes, food, and other items with these pantry moth traps. Each set includes seven traps that are designed to hang on a closet rod or stand on a shelf or counter. Made from recycled materials, each trap has special pheromones that will naturally attract all types of moths to keep them under control.


These Picture Shelves That Add A Sophisticated Touch To Any Room

This set of picture shelves can add a chic touch to any room or space. Use them to display framed photos, knickknacks, tiny plants, and more. The shelves are available in five different finishes, including espresso, gray, and natural.


A Velvet Area Rug That’s Super Fluffy

Go ahead and sink your feet into this ultra soft area rug at the end of a long day — you definitely won’t regret it. The inner layer is made from a thick, cushy sponge so this rug literally puts a little bounce in your step, and the top layer is made from long-grain velvet that feels like real fur. Plus, there’s also a plastic, non-slip layer on the bottom to prevent budging. It comes in 16 colors that you can choose from.


This Glowy Little Device That Keeps Your House Free Of Mosquitos, Gnats, And Other Small Pests

The Katchy is the easy, high-tech way to keep your home free of annoying pests, like mosquitos, gnats, and fruit flies. It has a three step approach: The UV light attracts bugs to it, the fan sucks them inside, and the sticky film keeps them from escaping. It has two speed settings you can choose from — standard or low — depending on how aggressive you want to be.


An Affordable 2-Pack Of Throw Pillow Covers

Tons of texture and a soft, corduroy feel are what make these throw pillow covers stand out. They also come in a selection of 37 colors, including Prussian blue, buttermilk beige, and coral. You can customize them further by choosing between six sizes. In addition to feeling luxe, these pillow covers are easy to clean and are both washer- and dryer-safe.


This Discreet Over-The-Door Storage Solution For Shoes (And More)

If your closet space can’t keep up with your shoe collection, this over-the-door organizer is a game-changer. It has 24 spacious pockets, and each one can hold one shoe or a full pair, depending on the size and style. It comes with three sturdy but flexible hooks that can fit right over most doors — no tools required. It also can be used to expand storage in other rooms, whether you need more space for toiletries in your bathroom or more storage in your pantry.


A Body Pillow Cover That’s Amazing For Snuggling

This body pillow cover is top-notch for snuggling in bed. It’s made from a super thick polyester sherpa that feels like a dream against your skin. At over four and a half feet long, it’s like the perks of snuggling without having to share the bed. It’s for sale in six colors, including silver grey, black, blue, navy, cream, and red.


A Pair Of Himalayan Salt Candle Holders For Organic Modern Vibes

Impress houseguests with this pair of Himalayan salt candle holders, which makes a gorgeous centerpiece for your table. Each one holds a tealight candle and gives off a soft, amber glow that’s romantic, cozy, and inviting.


The Beside Lamp That Has A Touch Sensor

Not only does this slim beside lamp give off a comforting glow, but you can also control it with just a tap. Touch anywhere on the base to toggle between three brightness modes. The lamp also has two convenient USB ports in the base. Choose from five styles with a metal or faux-wood base.


This Luxe Linen Set That Won’t Wrinkle

These luxurious sheets feel good and are completely wrinkle-resistant (even if you toss around in your sleep a lot). This set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and four pillowcases — and they’re made with microfiber, so they stay smooth all night. Plus, you can still revel in these sheets even if you have a padded mattress because they feature a deep pocket design to fit around thick beds.


A Chic Bedskirt That Dresses Up Your Bed

If your bedroom needs a bit of a makeover, consider investing in this pleated bedskirt for a chic look. For one, it hides anything you’ve tucked away under your mattress. It’s also made of microfiber — which is a dust repellant — and it’s completely fade-resistant. So while this bed skirt adds a pop of elegance to your room, it also helps you keep it clean. Choose one of the 12 colors that’ll look good with your comforter set.


This Laptop Table You Can Use All Over Your Home

Not a fan of working at a desk? With this laptop table, you can comfortably work on your sofa, or even on the floor. The legs fold down for easy storage once you’re done for the day, but why put it away? Keep it out so that you can use it to eat dinner in bed while you watch a movie — and with a built-in stand, it doesn’t matter whether that movie is on your TV or tablet.

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