43 Mistakes You Don’t Realize Are Costing You A Lot Of Money Around The House

Ordering $30 food delivery every week might take a chunk out of your wallet, but it’s the little things you have to watch out for. Letting hair swirl down your bathtub drain, allowing produce to go bad in the fridge — the small mistakes you don’t realize you’re making can wind up costing you a ton of money. Thankfully, many of these expenses can be avoided with help from some of the genius products on Amazon.

But if you need examples, let’s start out with the drain catcher I’ve made sure to include. Not only can it save you a costly visit from the plumber, but it also collects hair before it’s able to clog up your pipes. And since the unique design allows water to always flow through — even if it’s full — you can easily procrastinate cleaning it out for at least another week. Or, if you’re tired of watching greens go bad in the fridge, check out the drawer liners that help keep produce fresh. They’ll help your greens stay crisp, and each one can even be trimmed to fit smaller refrigerator drawers.

So what are you waiting for? Saving money is never a bad idea — and with help from these brilliant Amazon products, it’s easier than ever to avoid the expensive little mistakes that happen around the house.


Mistake: Clogged Dryer Vents That Cause Your Energy Bills To Go Up

Fix: This Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit

To help avoid using the dryer with a clogged lint trap, you can try this attachment that fits onto various vacuums. It dives deep into your trap to remove any leftover bits of lint that have made it through the vent. Plus, the flexible guide rod makes it easy to maneuver.


Mistake: Throwing Away Expensive Greens That Go Bad Quickly

Fix: Putting These Liners In Your Produce Drawers

Produce always going bad before you’re able to finish it? Just put these liners down in your refrigerator drawers. They help air circulate throughout, which helps keep your greens from rotting quickly — and you can even trim them to fit smaller spaces.


Mistake: Paying To Fix Floors Ruined By Sticky Rug Adhesives

Fix: Switching To These Suction Grippers Instead

Don’t let sticky rug adhesives leave marks on your hardwood floors — use these grippers instead. Hundreds of tiny suction cups latch onto hard floors, keeping your rugs from curling up. Plus, you can even reposition and adjust your carpets as many times as needed.


Mistake: Spending Money On Countless Floor Cleaning Products

Fix: Using This Steam Mop To Power Through Dirt

Sweeping your hard floors will only clean up so much — but a high-powered steam mop like this one will provide an extra-thorough scrub. It only takes about 20 seconds to heat up, and it’s suitable for use on everything from hardwood to ceramic.


Mistake: Having To Replace A Pricey Cracked Cabinet

Fix: Adding These Rubber Bumpers To Cushion The Impact

Letting your cabinets and drawers slam shut is annoying at best, and can leave them cracked at worst — so grab these bumpers. They cushion the impact in order to help prevent damage, as well as avoid that harsh slamming sound. And with adhesive on the back, installation is easy as sticking them wherever you need.


Mistake: Allowing Food Drips To Dirty Up Your Oven

Fix: Putting These Nonstick Oven Liners Down

Don’t let the bottom of your oven turn into a drippy mess — use these liners to help keep everything clean. They’re heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as BPA- and PFOA-free. Plus, the nonstick surface makes them easy to clean.


Mistake: Calling The Plumber To Unclog Your Drain

Fix: Buying This Sink Snake & Saving A Few Dollars

Sometimes, a visit from the plumber can cost hundreds of dollars — whereas this sink snake set is available for less than $15. Each order comes with four snakes to unclog a variety of drain styles, and many reviewers even raved about how they’re “easy to use.”


Mistake: Running Up Your Energy Bill Because Of Drafty Doors

Fix: Sliding These Insulators Under Your Doors

Drafty doors can lead to higher heating and cooling bills, so why not grab these door draft stoppers? They slide underneath your doors to help keep your home at its ideal temperature, and each one is made from thick cotton that glides easily across hardwood floors.


Mistake: Paying To Replace Cracked Decorative Tiles

Fix: Using This Repair Kit To Fix Them Up

You don’t have to put up with those cracked tiles in your home — just use this repair kit to fix them right up. It’ll work on chips, cracks, holes, gouges, scratches, and more. Plus, one reviewer even wrote that “not only can I not see the cracks any more, I can’t feel them, either.”


Mistake: Spending Money On A Brand-New Leather Couch

Fix: Sprucing Up The One You Have With This Repair Kit

Couches, chairs, belts, upholstery — this leather repair kit can be used to fix cracks in all of them and more. It’s also suitable for leatherette, as well as other types of faux leather. And unlike other repair kits, this one doesn’t require any hot tools for the formula to set.


Mistake: Clogging Up Pipes With Stray Hairs — & Calling A Plumber

Fix: Adding This TubShroom To Your Drain

Simply pop this TubShroom into your drain, and it’ll catch any stray pieces of hair or debris that flow its way. Unlike other drain catchers, this one features a unique tower design that allows water to always pass through — even when the base is clogged with hair.


Mistake: Paying To Refinish Scratched Hardwood Floors

Fix: Covering Your Chair Legs With These Protective Pads

Chair legs can leave scratches on hardwood floors if you aren’t careful — so grab these protective pads. They’re made from soft silicone that easily stretches overtop nearly any style of chair leg. Plus, one reviewer even wrote that they also “cut way down on noise when sliding chairs.”


Mistake: Running Up Your Utility Bills With Bare Windows

Fix: Dressing Them Up With Insulated Blackout Curtains

These blackout curtains aren’t just good for sleeping in on the weekends — they also help insulate your home against the weather outside. The result? You might find that your utility bills are lower than usual; who doesn’t love saving a few dollars?


Mistake: Ruining Your Floors With Water From Pet Bowls

Fix: This Water Bowl That Shouldn’t Spill Over

With its splash-free design and nonslip base, this water bowl is perfect for pets who tend to leave behind a wet mess with every sip. That way, the floor underneath shouldn’t be affected. The best part? It also helps slow down how quickly they’re able to drink.


Mistake: Wasting Money On Disposable Plastic Wrap

Fix: Upgrading To These Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps

Not only is plastic wrap wasteful, but it can also be a real pain to work with — so grab these food wraps. Each one is reusable, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative. Plus, they’re made from organic cotton that’s been coated with a blend of beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. The result? Unlike cling wrap, they can last for months.


Mistake: Continually Buying Plastic Food Containers That Disappear

Fix: Making The Switch To These Reusable Baggies

For whatever reason, nearly all of my plasticware lids have disappeared over the past year — that’s why I made the switch to these reusable food baggies. Each one features a leakproof double-lock zipper at the top to help prevent spills as well as keep food fresh. Plus, they’re even suitable to put in the freezer.


Mistake: Buying New Clothes When Yours Rip

Fix: Snagging This Sewing Kit To Fix Them Yourself

You don’t have to throw out your favorite tee just because of a little rip — simply use this sewing kit to patch it back up. Each order comes with all the needles, scissors, and pins you’ll need to make small repairs, while the compact size makes it perfect for traveling.


Mistake: Losing A Deposit Because You’ve Drilled Unnecessary Holes When Mounting Shelves

Fix: This Stud Finder That’ll Help Keep Damage To A Minimum

Take it from someone who has blindly drilled into her walls looking for a stud: Using a stud finder like this one is way easier. Not only does it help save you time and damage, but this model in particular doesn’t require any batteries. Plus, the built-in magnets allow for simple use.


Mistake: Shopping For A New Couch After A Few Spills

Fix: Using This Sofa Slipcover To Help Save Yourself Money

Can’t get that stain out of your couch? Don’t waste money buying a new one — just refresh the one you have with one of these slipcovers. You can also use it to protect a clean sofa from future spills, and the stretchy fabric helps create a seamless look.


Mistake: Throwing Out Scuffed Furniture In Favor Of Buying New Pieces

Fix: Filling In The Scratches Using This Repair Kit

My coffee table is made from textured wood that has a tendency to chip easily — so I decided to try out this repair kit. Truthfully? It wound up working way better than I anticipated. The included crayons and markers all come in wood-friendly shades, making it easy to color in scratches on nearly any piece of furniture.


Mistake: Buying Candles & Sprays To Mask Unwanted Kitchen Odors

Fix: These Citrus-Scented Garbage Disposal Cleaners

Simply fill your sink with hot water, place one of these tablets in the disposal, then turn it on. It only takes about 30 seconds for it to cleanse away any unwanted odors that might be coming from your sink — and the light citrus scent gives it a refreshing touch.


Mistake: Throwing Out Bottles With Product Left Inside

Fix: Using This Mini Spatula To Get Every Last Drop

If you’ve ever thrown out a condiments or shampoo before the bottle was 100% empty, make sure to grab this mini spatula. The flexible rubber head contours to the shape of your containers, helping you get every last drop. Plus, it’s completely BPA-free.


Mistake: Not Getting All The Toothpaste Out Of The Tube

Fix: Squeezing Everything Out Using This Roller

Since that mini spatula won’t fit inside toothpaste tubes, you’ll have to use this roller if you want to make the most of the money you’ve spent. Not only is it reusable, but it’ll also work on nearly any kind of tube that fits inside — including art supplies, makeup, and more.


Mistake: Running Up Your Utility Bill Because You’ve Left Your Lights On

Fix: Adding These Smart Bulbs You Can Control With Your Phone

Always forgetting to turn your lights off? Not a problem when you switch over to these smart bulbs. Not only can you control them remotely using the free downloadable smartphone app, but they’re also compatible with Alexa as well as Google Home. The result? You can turn them off, adjust the brightness, and even change their color — all using voice commands or your phone.


Mistake: Forgetting To Close Your Garage Door & Exposing Your Belongings To Theft

Fix: Installing This Smart Garage Door Opener

Even if you always remember to close your garage door, this smart opener is still a total gamechanger. You can program it so that friends and family also have access to your garage, or even set schedules in order to let deliveries be placed inside.


Mistake: Illuminating Dark Corners In Your Home With Always-On Lights

Fix: Adding These Motion Sensor Lights To Dark Hallways

You don’t have to stumble around in the dark at night — allow these plug-in LED motion sensor lights to help guide your way. Each one features a built-in motion sensor, preventing them from wasting energy when no one is around. Plus, they even turn off automatically after 60 seconds, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your halls illuminated all night.


Mistake: Leaving The Lights In Your Bathroom On

Fix: These Motion-Activated Toilet Bowl Night Lights

Tired of leaving your bright bathroom lights on at night? Hook one of these night lights onto your toilet bowl. The best part is that the LED light gives you eight different color options — and they only require three AAA batteries to operate.


Mistake: Replacing A Table Because Of Stains & Spills

Fix: Adding This Waterproof Tablecloth To Your Decor

With dozens of colors to choose from, there’s no excuse not to grab this tablecloth — especially if people are always spilling on your tables. It’s made from high-quality PVC that’s 100% waterproof. Plus, hundreds of reviewers raved about how it’s stain- and wrinkle-resistant.


Mistake: Spending Money Cleaning — Or Replacing — Stained Countertops

Fix: Keeping Everything Neatly Contained On This Cutting Board

With its extra-large size and sleek juice grooves, this cutting board makes it easy to keep your counters clean while cooking. Handles on either side mean it also works great as a serving platter — and unlike some cutting boards, this one is made from 100% eco-friendly bamboo.


Mistake: Having To Fix Holes That Doorknobs Have Punched

Fix: These Doorknob Bumpers That Stick To The Wall

Simply stick these bumpers onto your doorknobs like you would stickers, and they’ll help keep your walls protected from dings and holes. Each one is made from high-quality silica gel that helps absorb shock — and one reviewer even wrote that they “look much sleeker and less intrusive than the metal peg door stoppers.”


Mistake: Spending Time & Money Cleaning A Messy Stovetop

Fix: Laying These Burner Covers Down Before Cooking

Scrubbing your stove clean can take a ton of elbow grease — so grab these burner covers. Simply put them down before you start cooking, and they’ll help keep your stove clean from any stray drips or spills. And since they’re nonstick, each one easily wipes clean once dirty.


Mistake: Leaving Marks & Scratches On The Walls

Fix: Covering It Up With These TouchiUp Paint Pens

Tired of having scratches and marks on your walls and baseboards? These touch-up paint pens can be easily loaded directly from your paint cans and the brushes can be screwed on. They keep paint fresh for years so you always have a quick fix handy.


Mistake: Watching (Expensive) Leftover Produce Go Bad In The Fridge

Fix: Saving It For Later With These Food Huggers

Got some halved greens that won’t keep by themselves? Add one of these food huggers to the sliced end. The flexible silicone creates an airtight seal to help keep your leftover greens fresh — and since each order comes with five in varying sizes, you can use them on everything from green peppers to bananas.


Mistake: Losing Track Of Your Batteries

Fix: Organizing Your Battery Stash With This Case

It’s easy to lose track of what batteries you’re running low on or even where they all are. This battery organizer comes with a cover to keep everything dust-free and a tester to determine if that rogue AA has any juice left. It holds 93 batteries: 45 AA, 25 AAA, four 9-volt, eight C, six D, and five flat.


Mistake: Purchasing An Expensive Latte Every Morning

Fix: Making Your Own Using This Milk Frother

Luxurious coffee doesn’t have to come at luxury prices — and this milk frother is proof. Not only does it add a decadent layer of flavor to your morning cup of Joe, but it also runs at an ultra-silent level so that you don’t disturb any nearby coworkers.


Mistake: Buying Pricey Cold Brew From The Coffee Shop

Fix: Making Your Own Using This Sleek Pitcher

Not only can you use this pitcher to make your own cold brew at home, but the sleek design also allows it to fit into most refrigerator doors. The filter is made from fine mesh, which helps keep grounds from leaking into your mug — and the Tritan plastic walls shouldn’t warp when filled with hot water.


Mistake: Scratching Your Floors With Chairs & Other Furniture

Fix: Using Furniture Pads To Protect Floors & Furniture

Keep furniture from scooching out of place and chairs from putting scratches on hard floors with this eight-pack of furniture grippers. They come with an optional adhesive for pieces of furniture you move often, like chairs but can be used without nails or adhesive for heavier, static pieces.


Mistake: Ruining Delicate Designer Clothes In The Dryer

Fix: Hanging Them To Dry On This Laundry Rack

I can’t even begin to tell you how many clothes I’ve ruined in the dryer. That’s why I started using a drying rack like this one. The coated steel rungs are smooth, preventing them from snagging on threads. The best part? It also folds down to just 3 inches high, making storage a total breeze.


Mistake: Buying New Cookware Because Yours Has Been Scratched

Fix: Switching Over To These Velvet Dishtowels

Made from high-quality coral velvet, these dish towels hold a ton of water to help you tackle messes all over the house. They’re gentle enough for delicate nonstick cookware, as well as highly absorbent when drying dishes. Choose from four colors: purple/grey, pink/green, green/grey, or pink/grey.


Mistake: Adding More To Your Kitchen Because You’ve Run Out Of Counter Space

Fix: Downsizing To This Rollout Over-The-Sink Version

Instead of cluttering up your counters with that bulky dish rack, why not downsize to this over-the-sink version? It takes up hardly any space, all while letting any stray drips fall directly into your sink for easy cleaning. Plus, the heat-resistant rungs mean you can also use it as a trivet if needed.


Mistake: Letting Snacks You’ve Spent Good Money On Go Stale

Fix: Keeping Them Inside These Airtight Containers

From cookies to dry black beans, these food containers are perfect for all types of dry ingredients. The airtight lids help keep everything inside fresh — and each one is made from BPA-free, high-quality plastic. “You can tell that the seals are air tight and the plastic is thick,” wrote one reviewer. “They look nice and are stackable, which means they take up less space.”


Mistake: Paying A Ton For A Security System

Fix: Using These Door & Window Chimes

This affordable open door or window sensor lets you know any time the window or door it’s attached to is opened, acting as a mini security system that is expanded to over 20 chimes. The receiver plugs in and the sensor is battery-operated, so the entire system is wire-free.


Mistake: Always Using Your Dryer To Dry Everything

Fix: This Stainless Steel Hook For Air Drying

While a dryer certainly has its place, many smaller and lighter items can be easily air-dried to save energy — and money. This stainless steel dual hook stands well off the wall to offer plenty of room for air to move around, drying items efficiently.

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