6 ‘Wednesday’ Fan Theories About Season 2 That May Come True

Warning: spoilers ahead. Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday has been through the wringer in the hit Netflix show. After spending her entire Nevermore semester fielding several attempted murders, uncovering the identities of serial-killing tandem Tyler (Hunter Doohan) and Laurel Gates (Christina Ricci), and facing off with a resurrected zealot, she’s still not safe from harm.

Towards the end of the highly successful debut, Tyler was in police custody, Laurel has been swarmed by bees and kicked in the face (fate TBD), and Joseph Crackstone has been turned to dust. With the Nevermore students home-bound after all the murders, Wednesday receives a parting gift from friend and former suitor, Xavier (Percy Hynes).

So they could text over their break, he gives her a cell phone. But while Wednesday is on her way home, she receives threatening messages from an unknown number with photos warning her she’s being watched. “I see you,” one message read, while another message was a gif of a knife thrown at her head.

Meanwhile, there are other theories floating around on the internet about unanswered questions from the Netflix show. While there’s no renewal news yet, here are six fan theories on what’s to come in a potential Season 2 of Wednesday.

The Stalker Could Be Enid

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While there are several guesses as to the new stalker’s identity (Ajax? Yoko? A new character?), one Reddit thread seems to believe it’s Wednesday’s pastel-loving BFF Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers). Or, at least, someone pretending to be Enid. “What if when we thought that Enid returned in [the] 8th episode it wasn’t her but that stalker?” user Katie_Maximoff wrote. How? Well, the user thinks that the stalker has the same shapeshifting abilities as Principal Weems and even kidnaps Enid to take her place.

The user also pointed out several supporting arguments, including how it’s “strange,” that Enid forgave Wednesday after endangering her life and moved back into their room and how there was “less interaction” between Enid and Ajax, her Gorgon beau, after she gets mauled by the Hyde in Episode 8.

If you’ll recall, Enid is also running the school gossip blog, which means she already knows how to keep tabs on everyone.

The only problem with this theory is Enid morphs into a werewolf during the finale and saves Wednesday from Tyler’s Hyde. That’s awfully risky for any random shapeshifter to do… unless they’re in cahoots with Tyler and know they’ll be safe.

Tyler Is Part Of MorningSong

Viewers already know that Tyler will likely escape the police since he morphs into a Hyde while he’s being transferred to a facility, which means Tyler will likely return in Season 2. But what other role will Tyler play?

Wednesday hints at it towards the end of the finale when she asks, “Are Tyler and Laurel just pawns in a bigger game?” According to Reddit, they could be.

“Tyler mentioned at one point that after he did whatever he did to Xavier on the previous Outreach day … he was ‘sent away to some boot camp, to help him become a better person.’ And later the MorningSong cult is described as a self-help lifestyle coach type thing to help people become better versions of themselves … What if: MorningSong is the boot camp Tyler attended,” a Reddit thread speculates.

The user also pointed out that, when Bianca’s mom shows up, aka the MorningSong leader, she mentions returning home “to where the cult leader is, suggesting that even before they got married they lived in some sort of MorningSong community together.”

The user also posits that the said MorningSong community could be where Laurel was hiding after faking her death. If that’s the case, that could be where Laurel met Tyler and both were sent by MorningSong to the school. The user goes on to speculate that it’s Bianca’s mother’s new husband, the cult leader, who is Wednesday’s new stalker. “He’s got a cult, an invasive smartphone app, and at least one siren, all at his disposal to scrape information and files/photos and exert subliminal influence with or without people’s knowledge,” the Reddit user pointed out.

If you think about it: Laurel supposedly drowned to her death. But MorningSong is run by sirens, so it does seem plausible that the sirens saved her when she drowned and raised her in their commune.

TikTok Thinks Lurch Isn’t Who He Seems

Meanwhile, on TikTok, eagle-eyed viewers noticed a spooky detail about Lurch, the Addams family’s butler. User @stenseeditsz posted a video showing the change in Lurch’s eye color from when he first drove Wednesday to Nevermore to when he’s driving her home. The user’s guess? It could be Weems. (Though she supposedly died at the hands of Laurel, commenters pointed out there was no funeral nor proof of death.) Or it could be another shapeshifter.

The user also pointed out, “Plus don’t you think [it’s] strange the Addams Family didn’t go to nevermore to take Wednesday home?” Fair point, especially since it feels like Morticia and Gomez (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzmán) both love Nevermore so much they wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to return.

Xavier Could Be Part Of This Antagonist Family

The next fan theory focuses on Xavier. In Episode 6, Wednesday sees the Gates’ family portrait when she scours the family mansion for clues — and one TikTok user noticed a few odd details about the painting.

“Miss Gates looks a little pregnant,” the user wrote, noticing a subtle bump in the matriarch’s midsection. The user then noted Garrett’s uncanny resemblance to Xavier, writing, “See how [Garrett] Gates looks like Xavier.” Could Xavier be a Gates?

A quick recap: Garrett Gates attended Nevermore with Morticia and became obsessed with her. After he attacks Gomez in a jealous rage, Morticia defends her boyfriend and ends up killing Garrett. Gomez becomes the main suspect in the murder before he’s finally proven innocent. The rest of the Gates family supposedly died after that incident.

If Xavier is part of the Gates family, that would make him Laurel’s little brother. It could explain why Xavier is obsessed with the Hyde and why he knows who the Hyde will attack next — not because he has some psychic connection to the monster, but to Laurel, the Hyde’s master.

Throughout the series, Xavier alludes to his father, a famed psychic whom viewers never meet but who thinks Xavier’s “mental health is a PR problem.” If Xavier is a Gates’ heir, that would likely mean Xavier’s father adopted him after his entire family died, which could also be why their relationship is so fraught.

Sure, it’s a lot of maybes, but the theory could mean that both of Wednesday’s suitors are not who they seem. A bold twist.

Thing Is From Another Movie

Meanwhile, on the Jumpers Jump Podcast, it’s Thing’s origin being discussed. “In the show, even in The Addams Family, it’s never said where the hand came from,” host Carlos Juico began. Wednesday even pointed out in the series that she doesn’t know where the beloved dismembered hand is from. “Wednesday and The Addams Family is actually owned by the same studio that made this movie Evil Dead. There’s a character named Ash ad what happens [is] his hand gets possessed so he chops it off then he replaces his hand with a chainsaw. But his hand ends up walking away and killing somebody. That’s the last we ever saw of the hand in Evil Dead 2.”

He continued, “The events of Evil Dead 2 took place in 1986 … If the events of the hand came about and the hand found its way to the family, it would’ve been before she was born.”

It seems as though Bruce Campbell, who plays Ash in the Evil Dead franchise, is also buying into the theory. On Twitter, he reposted a meme of Thing and his dismembered character Ash side-by-side and captioned it, “You said it not me.”

Tyler’s Mom Could Be Alive

Another TikTok theory posits that Tyler’s mother, who is also a Hyde, never actually died. The proof? A character people barely see. “Near the opening scene we see this woman. familiar right?” one user wrote. The user is saying that the woman, who drove a passerby to the Nevermore area, has eyes similar to the Hyde’s.

“I think that [Tyler’s] mum never died and she was too ashamed of her outcast ability she went into hiding,” the user added. However, when she realized that Wednesday was “getting too close to the truth,” she started “taking matters into her own hands” as the new stalker.

While these are all speculation, one thing is for sure: Netflix, fans are waiting for a second season.

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