9 Spring 2023 Tattoo Trends To Add To Your Body Art Collection

This year has a swoon-worthy assortment of tattoo trends to take body art inspo from, including ignorant tats, hand poke, and micro realism. But, as the warm weather begins to tease its return, you’ll see that spring 2023’s tattoo trends offer even more reasons to expand your ink collection.

In fact, according to Sam, a tattoo artist with High Hopes Tattoo, the spring is often the busiest time in tattoo studios. “People start shedding their winter clothes and ultimately realize how much space they have available,” she tells Bustle. In other words, it’s the moment when you realize your tattoo Pinterest board absolutely needs to come to fruition, whether that means getting your first tattoo or your 10.

The spring is also when people realize they need to get their ink done stat before beach season. “The early spring is a smart time to get tattooed since the cooler weather means no sweat and no direct sun exposure,” says Reena, an artist with Fleur Noire Tattoo. “The timeline is great if you want to have a fully healed tattoo in time for your summer beach vacation.”

For some tattoo inspo, you can look to Instagram, TikTok, or pop culture to see popular styles. “Social media has really helped to circulate many trends,” Reena tells Bustle. “The pull that influencers have can really put focus on certain imagery and placements.” For a peek at spring 2023 tattoo trends, keep scrolling for the designs you’re about to see everywhere.


Embellished Florals

Floral tattoos for spring? Groundbreaking. Actually, though — they’re a classic. “Florals are always trending,” Sam says. This spring she predicts a lot of art deco-inspired floral designs, as well as folks using flowers to embellish or layer on top of another image. Perhaps the best part of opting for a floral tattoo is that they’ll never go out of style, says Sam.



Surrealism has been big for a while now, and will still reign supreme come spring. “The way they capture the dream world really provides endless inspiration for artists who want to create designs that clients can relate to on another level,” Reena tells Bustle. “People seem to just like weird imagery that makes you think a little bit.”



According to RK, a Mad Rabbit partner and resident artist at Atelier Eva, spring will see lots of squiggly tattoos that portray movement. “Think designs that use the unique curvatures of one’s body and create movement and contours — things that are very harmonious between design and body,” she tells Bustle.


Patchwork Sleeves

Patchwork sleeves, where you get all sorts of designs on your arms, are also having a moment. “I think patchwork tattoos are going to maintain their relevance, with people collecting different art styles that mesh well together to have a truly personalized sleeve,” Reena says


Negative Spacing

RK also predicts that you’ll see a lot more negative spacing — or less density — between tattoos. “Whether it’s large botanicals that use the back and legs or lines that drape around the whole arm, these designs all complement the body as a whole image, rather than the tattoo itself being the sole visual impact,” she says. The negative space also gives each tattoo room to breathe.



Spring 2023 will see a boom in geometric designs, too, especially ones that use flowers as inspiration. “My clients have been liking tattoos that are more saturated with details, and more ornaments and decoration,” says Lorena Lorenzo, a tattoo artist and owner of Indigo ArTattoos.


Sternum Tattoos

As far as placements go, Lorenza predicts the sternum will be the it-spot for spring, especially if Rihanna shows off her signature sternum tat during her Super Bowl Halftime Show performance in February. She envisions people flocking to get similar ink of their own.


Full Color Pieces

Prepare to see a rise in colorful tats, says Lorenza. “More and more clients are experimenting by adding color to their new pieces or even adding accents of bright pigments to give more life to their old tattoos,” she tells Bustle. Colorful ink can help your ink collection pop — and it’s just so spring-y.


Floral & Animal Pairings

According to tattoo artist Cassie May, nature-inspired tattoos that feature florals and animals will be super popular. “They represent rebirth,” May tells Bustle. “Spring is a perfect time to ink this flourishing feeling.” Go for hummingbirds, butterflies, botanicals, or whatever feels fresh.


Sam, tattoo artist with High Hopes Tattoo

Reena, artist with Fleur Noire Tattoo

RK, resident artist at Atelier Eva, Mad Rabbit partner

Lorena Lorenzo, tattoo artist, owner of Indigo ArTattoos

Cassie May, tattoo artist

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