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Between the limited comforts and the constant question of who’s going to Paradise, life on Single’s Inferno keeps contestants on their toes — even more so when new arrivals show up on the beach. Kim Se-jun was one such newcomer in Episode 6, and it’s safe to say that his presence made waves. Both the hosts and the beach dwellers were into Se-jun’s height and good looks, and even one of Se-jun’s fellow men said he looked “cool” even though they were competing for the same pool of women.

Despite first wooing the beach with his looks, Se-jun said kindness toward others was his most attractive quality. “And I think I’m cute in my own way,” he added in his introduction video. Se-jun also explained that he was looking for someone similarly kind with a “bubbly personality.” However, his friendly demeanor won’t preclude him from making bold moves on the beach. “I’ll go out of my way to win her over regardless of the circumstances,” he said of his approach to courting women.

As we wait to see how the rest of Se-jun’s journey unfolds, here’s everything you need to know about the new contestant.

Kim Se-jun’s Job

Upon Se-jun’s arrival in Episode 6, the Single’s Inferno hosts remark that “he looks like an actor.” They made the assumption based on the latecomer’s style and statuesque vibe — but in reality, Se-jun’s job is actually that of a tailor with the fashion brand Ascottage, according to his Instagram bio.

“I think I look and feel the best when I wear a suit, so I thought about making suits myself,” Se-jun explained during his date with Lee So-e.

Incidentally, Se-jun has a major connection to a fellow Single’s Inferno contestant: Jin-taek from Season 1. Jin-taek is the co-founder of Ascottage, and the pair seem to be close — having posed in many photos together.

Kim Se-jun’s Instagram

Se-jun often shares photos and videos of him working with clothes at the fashion brand. However, as you’ll see through a deep dive of Se-jun’s Instagram profile, he spends plenty of time modeling Ascottage’s wares, too.

According to Se-jun’s Instagram, he is also a member of the ACTG Tennis Club. The club writes that he’s been playing for more than a year. Until late 2021, he paired his signature style with long, wavy hair — but as he put it in one post, “I was bored so I cut it.” A mood!

Kim Se-jun’s Age

As So-e correctly guessed during her Episode 7 date, Se-jun’s age is 27 years old (at least, at the time of filming).

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