All The Clues Brandon & Serene Are Together After ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

While summer may be over, Bachelor Nation is getting ready to spend some time at the beach in Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. Everyone’s favorite Bachelor and Bachelorette alums will head to the beaches of Mexico, and two contestants hoping for another shot at love are Serene Russell of Clayton’s season and Brandon Jones of Michelle’s season. If you’re a fan of the franchise, the prospect of Serene and Brandon getting together doesn’t seem all that farfetched. People were already shipping the couple once Serene was eliminated from Clayton’s season in February 2022.

Once the Season 8 promo was released, fans couldn’t help but spot the budding relationship between Brandon and Serene. In the clip, Serena says, “I really wanna see Brandon from Michelle’s season. I mean, if Brandon doesn’t come down the stairs today, I will be a little disappointed.” Luckily, Serene doesn’t have to worry about being disappointed because all the clues from this promo to an unconfirmed finale leak seem to point to Brandon and Serene becoming one of Paradise’s newest couples.

Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 Premiere

As the promo for the Season 8 premiere reveals, Brandon shows up on the beach and expresses his feelings about Serene, calling her “absolutely insanely beautiful.” He adds, “So I wanna pull her away. Have a nice little talk with her.” The teaser includes more of their banter and flirting, as the two warm up to each other after feeling nervous at first. If this early sneak peek is any indication, things are looking good for the couple. Even Teddi and Genevieve agree, gushing about how Serene already looks like she’s head over heels for the Portland resident in the clip.

During the episode, Serene admitted that she’d be disappointed if Brandon wasn’t in the cast, but thankfully the editors were on their game, and Brandon appeared shortly after. He immediately pulled her to the side, and it took very little time for them to start flirting. They spoke about how excited they were to meet one another, while also admitting to some nerves. Elsewhere, Teddi and Genevieve watched their conversation, excited for their friend’s very immediate connection.

Their Bachelor In Paradise One-On-One Date

It came as a surprise to no one when Brandon and Serene finally got their solo date in Week 3. The duo had spent every moment of their respective screen time kissing, cuddling, or flirting with one another. Finally, the couple got their poolside date, and even though they’d spent several episodes confirming their feelings for one another, they both had the energy of giddy teenagers going into their evening. “I feel like everything is happening for a reason,” Serene told the cameras. “I think we’re both really excited.” Brandon, who was already moved to tears at the sight of Serene, revealed that he was feeling a “whirlwind of emotions.”

When it came time for their dinner conversation, neither party minced their words. “You are truly the biggest, most beautiful blessing, and I don’t know what I’d do without you,” Brandon told her. Through tears, she let him know that he makes her feel like she’s “deserving” of everything, a point that Brandon immediately reaffirmed. In what might be record-setting admission, Brandon then told Serene that he was “falling in love” with her, to which Serene confidently responded, “I’m definitely falling in love with you too.” There’s still a lot of time left in the season, but it seems unlikely that this couple will part ways, especially after Brandon told her, “I’m all yours.”

Brandon & Serene’s Instagram Clues

Brandon and Serene follow one another on Instagram, which is a promising sign that the couple might still be together after filming. On Sept. 11, she posted a photo of herself, grinning against a blue sky with a caption that reads, “and all the pieces f a l l right into place.” It’s not a direct reference to a relationship and may just mean Serene is a fan of autumn. But given the post’s proximity to when Serene appeared on the penultimate episode of this season’s Bachelorette, it could be a hint, especially because Serene was on the episode promoting Paradise. Most couples are overly secretive about their relationship status after the show, so beyond these little clues, there’s not much else than what we’ve seen in the show.

Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 Spoilers

Potential spoilers for Season 8 ahead. It should come as a surprise to no one that Reality Steve already has the goods when it comes to Bachelor In Paradise Season 8. In July 2022, the blogger leaked a long unconfirmed list of Paradise couples who leave the season engaged or broken up. According to the unverified leak, Brandon and Serene leave the beach engaged! Filming for Season 8 reportedly wrapped in late June, so any updates or clues about the current status of their engagement are unknown. Fans will need to wait and see where Brandon and Serene stand today when the Paradise finale airs in November.

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