Are Logan & Kate Still Together After ‘Bachelor In Paradise’?

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 cast shake-up promised to deliver drama, and that proved especially true during the Oct. 24 episode. Newcomer Kate Gallivan and Logan Palmer paired up this week, though they both had preexisting connections with other people — Kate with Jacob Rapini and Logan with Sarah Hamrick. The love quadrangle complicated things (as Johnny DePhillipo put it, it’s Geometry Beach!), but Logan and Kate quickly decided to end their respective flings for each other. “After our talk, like, I’m sure of it,” Logan told Kate. “I want you … [I’m] ready for, like, whatever comes with that.”

Kate agreed, saying they were “on the same page.” Once she received a date card that told her to “follow your heart,” she did just that and took Logan on a romantic massage outing, but not before ending things with Jacob. “Ever since last night, I’m feeling like there might be a stronger connection with someone else,” she said. “And that someone else is Logan.” Jacob said he had “so much love for Logan” and received the news well — acknowledging that “it sucks in the moment.”

After accepting the date, Logan took Sarah aside to break off that relationship, too, but she said she felt “blindsided” by the news. “You don’t get to literally just walk all over me,” she said in an interview, adding that “karma is real.”

During their massage date, Logan said he hadn’t “felt something like this in a long time,” adding that he felt like he knew Kate for longer than he did. “This is, like, the biggest flame I’ve felt, and I think it could end with some sort of commitment and some sort of closure of any other doors.”

So, was the Paradise quadrangle worth the trouble? And are Logan and Kate still together today?

The pair do follow each other on Instagram, but that isn’t necessarily the most conclusive clue, as both Logan and Kate get lots of love from their fellow Paradise contestants on social media. However, if you don’t mind Bachelor in Nation spoilers giving away the season’s surprises, Reality Steve has reported on Logan and Kate’s relationship status. Spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 ahead!

According to Reality Steve, Logan and Kate are not one of this season’s successful couples, and they ultimately break up. However, they don’t seem to split to pursue other people. According to the Bachelor Nation commentator, at one point in the season, Kate actually tells Logan she doesn’t want him to go on a date with another Paradise newcomer. Whatever leads to their breakup, fans will need to wait and see how it all unfolds this season.

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