Awesome Stuff On Amazon That Seems Expensive But Is Actually Cheap As Hell

Make your home more comfortable, life easier, and skincare routine extra luxurious with this awesome stuff that seems expensive but is actually ridiculously cheap. We’ve sourced the best that Amazon has to offer when it comes to products that punch above their weight, so you can live the fancy life without maxing out your credit card.

Our faves include this rain shower head that’ll totally upgrade your bathroom (and morning shower), and this wireless motion sensor light to light up your closet like a fancy penthouse suite.

The list also features the ever-popular 24K gold eye patches because what could possibly be fancier than rehydrating your skin with actual gold? Or give yourself an at-home facial with this microneedling roller that’ll save you hundreds on a professional treatments and follow it up with a vitamin C serum made with hyaluronic acid that reviewers rave about. For more of this kind of bougie on a budget stuff, just keep scrolling.


A Travel Makeup Mirror That Has A Built-In LED Light

Never apply makeup in the dark again no matter where you are, thanks to this compact mirror that has a built-in LED light. The 10x magnifying mirror is double-sided and the light simulates daylight for easy makeup application. It’s also super sleek and has a glossy case that looks way more expensive than it is. Plus, the compact is thin enough to slip into a little clutch so you can always touch up your lipstick on the go.


These Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls That Come With Airtight Lids For Conventient Storage

Mix, prep and store food in these stainless steel bowls that come with airtight lids for convenient storage. The set includes five different sized bowls, each of which has a flat bottom for stability, and both the lids and bowls nest neatly for space-saving storage. The bowls are deeper than standard bowls, which you’ll definitely appreciate when mixing a big batch of cookie dough, and they are also freezer- and dishwasher-safe. A set like this can be a serious investment, which is why this durable, high-quality, and under-$30 one is an incredible find.


A Set Of Tongs With Heat-Resistant Silicone Heads For Easy Gripping

This set of non-stick silicone tongs comes highly recommended by thousands of reviewers who love the three sizes and high quality. They range from 7 to 11 inches in size, are heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe, and the scalloped silicone heads make gripping super easy. The tongs are comfortable to use and and lock easily, and the silicone heads also ensure that they won’t scratch your pan or griddle.


This Eyelash Curler With Over 24,000 5-Star Reviews

This $14 eyelash curler has garnered a perfect five-star rating from more than 24,000 Amazon shoppers. The angled arc is a universal fit for eye shapes and lash lengths, and the calibrated hinge allows you to get the perfect pressure for curling. The curler comes with two refill pads and a satin carrying case for easy storage.


A Flat-Top Makeup Brush For Buffing & Blending

This Kabuki flat-top brush is the tool you’ve been missing in your makeup bag. At just $10, this foundation brush is firm and soft, has a dense synthetic bristle structure, and it doesn’t shed. It’s great for streak-free blending and buffing and getting that smooth finish whether you’re applying a liquid, cream, or powder product. Get medium to full coverage and a flawless base for the rest of your makeup or finishing touch to get you ready for the day.


An Insulated Travel Mug That Comes With Its Own Pour Over Filter

Make your coffee directly into this thermal travel mug using the stainless steel mesh filter that comes with it. The mug has a leakproof locking lid and a heat-retaining copper lining and insulating vacuum layer that keeps your drink hot for more than six hours and cold for over 20 hours. It also has a non-slip coated finish and is available in black, gray, silver and pink, making it the perfect on-the-go cup that fits in the majority of standard cup holders.


This Sunglasses Storage Case That You Can Hang Next To Your Clothes

Keep all of your eyewear in one place with this sunglasses storage case. It’s made of sturdy faux leather and rolls into a compact hexagon to protect up to five pairs of glasses from dust and damage. If you want easy access to your collection while coordinating outfits, just unfurl the roll and hang it alongside your wardrobe. A microfiber cloth for keeping lenses clean is also included.


These Remote-Operated Puck Lights For Under-Cabinet Lighting Without Any Electrical Wiring

Give your kitchen an upgrade with under-cabinet lighting in the form of these remote-operated puck lights that don’t require any electrical work. The wireless LED lights come in a set of three and can either be installed with just the provided heavy duty adhesive tape or screws. They are completely adjustable and have a dimmer so you can control brightness and allow you to choose from warm, neutral, or cool white light. The remote also features four auto-off timer options so you don’t have to worry about turning the lights off before going to bed each night.


An Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner That’ll Clean Your Brushes in Seconds

If you’re always putting off cleaning your makeup brushes because it’s such a chore, get this electric brush cleaner that does all the work for you within seconds. It can accommodate eight different brush sizes and is super easy to use. All you need to do is fill the cleaner with water and soap, then press a button and the little machine will clean, spin, and dry the brushes in under a minute.


This Olive Oil Dispenser Set Complete With Pouring Spouts & Labels

This oil dispenser set has it all — stainless steel spouts for easy pouring and measurement labels for convenience, plus it’s stylish enough to leave out on your countertop. The set comes with two flip-top spouts, as well as two sealed caps and a funnel for mess-free pouring. The bottles have push-in, removable plugs for an airtight seal to keep your oils fresh and prevent any unwanted leaks. The set is available in these clear bottles as well as a chic amber brown or dark green option.


A Compact Humidifier That Has A Built-In Light Show

Combat dry air with this portable mini humidifier. The cordless unit gets its juice from a USB cable and runs up to six hours per charge. Choose between two modes — continuous or intermittent mist — and let the auto shutoff function kick in when the water runs out. Users can also choose between multiple colors and light settings for a unit that’s as fun to look at as it is functional.


These Glass Storage Containers That Double As Bakeware

Store leftovers, prep meals and bake dinner all in these affordable glass containers that come with leakproof locking lids. They’re incredibly practical and versatile as they are microwave-, oven-, freezer- and dishwasher-safe. And because of their modular design, they’re easy to stack and store.


An Ultra Thin USB Wall Charger So You Can Charge Two Devices Simultaneously

Charge your phone and tablet simultaneously using the same outlet thanks to this ultra thin flat USB wall charger. It charges at maximum speed and saves up to an hour of charging time, all while allowing full access to the other outlet ports. Its thin profile means it can fit in even the tightest of spaces and is easy to pack for travel. For just $12, get one for each room in your home for quick access charging anytime you need it.


These Aromatherapy Shower Bombs That Make Your Bathroom Smell Like A Spa

Turn an everyday grooming routine into a spa-like experience with this set of aromatherapy shower bombs. Each box comes with six scents (watermelon, grapefruit, lemongrass and coconut, menthol and eucalyptus, and sweet orange) — all of them helping provide a little mood boost as they melt in the corner of your running shower. “I love the steamers,” wrote one happy reviewer. “They smell great, and if you keep them out of the flow of water they last for a full shower.”


These Citrus Juicers That Will Wow Your Dinner Guests

The next time you need a burst of fresh lemon in your tea, do things in dramatic fashion with these manual citrus juicers. These clever acrylic gadgets squeeze individual slices of citrus fruits without getting your fingers messy, and their bird-like silhouettes make for an eye-catching presentation. You can also use it to garnish any number of cocktails and entrees that call for a squeeze of lemon.


A Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag With Clear Pockets & Mesh Compartments

Instead of throwing all your toiletries in your suitcase and hoping for the best, get this hanging travel toiletry bag that’s made from waterproof fabric and has clear pockets and mesh compartments to hold all your essentials. Divide your toiletries among the multiple compartments to protect them from spilling or getting damaged, then when you get to your destination hang up the bag using the built-in hook. This incredibly useful bag comes in 17 different designs, has more than 13,000 positive reviews, and you won’t believe how good it is for under $15.


This Minimalist Cable Management Box To Declutter Your Home From Unsightly Wires

Declutter your floor and desk by hiding unsightly cables in this sleek cable management box that can accommodate a foot-long power strip. The box has a light wood lid that can conceal devices while they charge, and it has multi-directional outlets to accommodate multiple cables simultaneously. It’s also a great way to keep kids and pets out.


This Mini Electric Milk Frother To Unleash Your Inner Barista

Whip up a perfectly frothy caffeinated beverage that will keep you going all day long thanks to this affordable mini milk frother that comes with its own metal stand for convenient storage. It’s super simple to use — all you have to do is push one button to get that perfectly creamy layer of frothed milk in just 15 seconds. It’s easy to use and has an ergonomic rubber handle for added comfort, so you’ll be whipping up homemade cappuccinos for the family in no time.


A Macrame Armrest Organizer You Can Attach To The Side Of Your Sofa Or Bed

Store books, magazines, your phone, and other essentials that would otherwise clutter your home in this beautiful handmade macrame armrest organizer. It has an artisanal quality to it that makes it look like you spent much more on it, and it’s one of those items that you never knew you seriously needed. The organizer is made from a high-quality canvas that can fit any sized sofa or bed and features a beautiful woven pocket with oversized tassels for added visual interest. Storage has never looked better.


These Flameless Flickering Tea Lights That Provide More Than 100 Hours Of Warm Glow

Create a cozy ambience without the constant relighting using these flameless tea lights that give off a warm glow and even flicker for a realistic look. The LED lights have an on/off button for easy operation with batteries that last for over 100 hours of light time. These candles are a great alternative if you have kids or pets and when you want a more long-lasting candle glow that still looks incredibly real thanks to the waxy texture and uneven sides of the tea lights.


A Set Of Airtight Food Storage Containers With Cute Chalk Labels

Make your pantry look like a professional organizer stopped by thanks to this seven-piece food storage container set. It’s under $20, which is obviously way less than what you’d pay for an organizer’s services. The set comes with different sized containers that are airtight and leakproof to ensure freshness and include cute chalkboard labels and markers. The square design makes them easily stackable to save space and you’ll love that you never have to look through a bunch of lids to find the right one because these are a one-fits-all size.


This Rain Shower Head For A $21 Bathroom Upgrade

Give your bathroom an upgrade and feel like you live in a fancy hotel every time you turn on this rain shower head that delivers high pressure and has chrome plating for a modern look. Small, inexpensive home updates can make a world of difference, and this is one of them. Get ready for a spa-like shower with this pick backed by nearly 7,000 five-star ratings.


The Cold Brew Pitcher That Makes Coffee In The Fridge Overnight

Want to save some money on your caffeine habit? Make your own chilled java at home with this cold brew coffee maker. It’s a super easy process — just fill the shatter-resistant glass pitcher with grounds and water, then chill in the fridge for 12 to 24 hours. The markings on the side make measuring a piece of cake, and the tight-fitting seal helps preserve freshness.


A Foodie Dice Game That Sparks Creativity In The Kitchen

If you consider meal planning a chore, perhaps these Foodie Dice will literally shake things up in the kitchen. Each pouch contains five primary dice (protein, cooking method, grain/carb, herb, bonus ingredient) and four seasonal veggie dice. Roll the five primary dice with one seasonal veggie dice to come up with more than 186,000 possible combinations for your next meal. You’ll feel like a fine dining restaurant chef with every roll.


A Microneedling Facial Roller For An At-Home Facial To Give You That Spa-Like Glow

Treat yourself to an at-home facial with this microneedling facial roller that’s way more affordable than what you’d pay for a professional treatment. Use the roller to exfoliate skin or before applying a facial serum to help it absorb better. More than 17,000 shoppers give it five stars.


These Pillar Candles That Add Elegant Mood Lighting

Nothing will make your space feel more luxe than some pillar candles to add some mood lighting. This set of three provides a burn time of 55 hours, and comes in classic shades like ivory as well as more bold colors like turquoise and gold. Group them together in your fireplace or on your table, or scatter them around your living room.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 8


An Elegant Jewelry Case That’s Compact And Easy To Pack

Whether your travel with jewelry or keep your collection of baubles on the small side, this compact jewelry case is a great storage solution. Made of synthetic leather and lined with velvet, the tube-shaped case unrolls to reveal three separate compartments. It secures with a quick-release button, and it comes in multiple colors and patterns to suit different tastes.


These Satin Hair Scrunchies That Won’t Snag Your Hair

This gorgeous satin hair tie set comes in stunning neutrals that include a deep maroon, a glossy Champagne and a rich gold color. The best thing about these is that they don’t pull on or snag your hair thanks to the soft satin material they are made from, and they don’t leave those annoying kinks in it like classic hair ties do. Oh and they’re only $6 for a set of six, so there’s also that.


A Set of 24K Gold Eye Masks To Reduce Puffiness And Dark Circles

Pop a pair of these 24K gold eye masks in the fridge, then place them on your under-eye area and enjoy 20 minutes of skin boosting rejuvenation that’s designed to reduce puffiness and dark circles. For best results, use the eye masks three to four times a week and feel them brighten and smooth the area under your eyes to make it look like you got those blissful eight hours of sleep even though you just pulled an all-nighter.


The Moscow Mule Mugs Made From Hand-Hammered Copper

No bar setup is complete without these Moscow Mule mugs made from hand-hammered copper. The proper drinking vessel for your vodka and ginger beer cocktail, the handled mugs come with a matching jigger, matching straws, and scrubbing brush. Plus, they look so good, you might just find yourself drinking water and juice out of them, too.


A Giftable Glass Mug With Colorful Enamel Designs

This ornate glass and enamel mug is a colorful way to drink your coffee and tea. It’s made with lead-free glass and is covered in enameled embellishments, including roses and butterflies. A matching spoon is included with the set, and it makes a great gift for the maximalist in your life. Multiple Amazon reviewers wrote that they were so charmed by the mug that they immediately bought more.


A Pair Of Silky-Soft Pillowcases

Give your bedroom a luxurious update and protect your hair and skin at the same time with a set of these satin pillowcases. Unlike cotton or microfiber pillowcases, the silky texture of these satin pillowcases is gentler on your face and hair. The pillowcases have an envelope closure to keep pillows in and are available in 22 colors and four sizes.


This 14-Piece Cocktail Shaker Set Made From Sleek Stainless Steel

A full bar setup will make you feel like you’ve finally reached adulthood (regardless of whether you feel like an adult at all). This cocktail shaker set can help you get there without breaking the bank. Besides the shaker itself, it comes with a jigger, strainer, stirrer/muddler, liquor pourers, bottle opener, and shot glasses. The stainless steel finish is totally timeless and will add polish to your bar cart.


A Copper Measuring Cup Set That’s As Beautiful As It Is Practical

Measure all your ingredients accurately using this copper measuring cup set that has soft-touch pink silicone handles. The set includes measuring cups and spoons that nest for easy, space-saving storage but also come with removable rings so you can hang them up. The measuring tools are suited for wet as well as dry ingredients and should be hand washed to maintain the rose gold color.


These Floating Shelves That Have The Look Of Marble And Brass But For Way Less

Get the look of marble and brass without the high price tag thanks to these beautiful floating shelves that’ll dress up any bare corner or wall. The triangle brackets have a glossy finish that adds a touch of luxury, but they also provide additional support to make the shelves extra sturdy. Use them to hold towels and toiletries in the bathroom or hang them up in the kitchen and fill them with spices, storage canisters, or your growing mug collection.


A Stackable Bento Lunch Box With A Built-In Utensil Set

Store and carry prepared food and snacks in this stackable bento lunch box that consists of two containers and a built-in utensil set. It is designed to hold an entrée in one container and two sides in the second container that features a handy divider. The set come with a knife, fork and a spoon, as well as a sealing strap to secure the lunch box. The containers are safe to use in the dishwasher, microwave and freezer, and they come in eight different colors, including a cute dusty pink and marble version.


This Travel Jewelry Organizer To Keep Your Necklace Collection From Becoming A Tangled Mess

Keep your favorite necklaces, earrings, and bracelets safe on your next trip and store them in this travel jewelry organizer. The foldable pouch has four pockets (including clear ones) two ring rolls, four necklace clips, and an earring grid. The soft, quilted material and sleek envelope design make it into such a chic travel accessory, and the magnetic closure ensures it stays shut. The organizer is available in two sizes and nine colors and patterns.


A Glass Monitor Stand For A Stylish Workspace And Better Posture

Declutter your desk and raise your computer to prevent slouching and improve posture with this stylish glass monitor stand. You can adjust its height to what’s best for your eye level and store desk items such as a notepad and pens underneath it. The tempered glass will keep your desk looking light and airy, and it can hold up to a 55-pound computer monitor. To assemble the stand, just screw in the four legs and it’s ready to be used.


This Microfiber Hair Towel That’ll Dry Your Hair Faster & More Gently

Feel like you’re at an upscale salon every time you use this microfiber hair towel that’ll dry your hair faster while locking in moisture and preventing frizz. It’s made from a very absorbent and breathable fabric with an elastic loop to hold it in place while you’re drying your hair. Thousands of reviewers say it’s large enough for long and thick hair while being super lightweight. The hair towel is available in pink, gray and white, and is a total steal that’ll majorly upgrade your hair-washing routine.


A Two-Tier Counter Shelf For Sleek Additional Storage

Maximize counter and desk space using this two-tier shelf made from stainless steel and shatterproof plastic. Create vertical storage that’s as functional as it is beautiful, and that’ll help you declutter your surfaces and stay organized. It’s easy to assemble by just snapping the shelves onto the metal construction (no tools needed) and can be fully disassembled if you need to store it or pack it for a move.


This Insulated Bamboo Travel Mug With A Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

Travel mugs don’t have to look totally utilitarian — this travel mug features an organic bamboo shell that gives it a natural, upmarket vibe. Of course it does have utilitarian benefits, too. The built-in strainer and infuser lets you brew loose leaf tea on the go, and the insulated stainless steel lining helps keep your drink piping hot for up to 12 hours (or, if it’s filled with something icy, chilled for up to 24 hours).


A Vitamin C Serum With Hyaluronic Acid To Brighten & Hydrate Your Skin

Brighten and rehydrate dull skin by applying this vitamin C serum that’s packed with antioxidants and made with hyaluronic acid and aloe to restore moisture and gently tone your complexion. Save on expensive facials and get this $15 serum instead — you’ll love the lightweight formula that’s designed to reduce pores and blemishes while helping your skin feel smooth. For best results, apply two to three drops of the serum onto your face and neck after prepping your skin with a microneedling roller and before using a jade or quartz roller.


A Wireless LED Closet Light That Has A Motion Sensor

Feel like you’re stepping into a fancy penthouse walk-in closet every time you go to grab your morning outfit thanks to this cheap lighting upgrade: an LED motion sensor closet light. You can either use batteries or a USB cord to power the light — no electrical wiring or installation needed. The light swivels so you can adjust the beam’s direction, and it can be installed both vertically and horizontally. The motion sensor sensitivity is also adjustable, and if the light is used 10 times a day, the average battery lifespan will be six months.


A Wearable Blanket Made From Warm, Cozy Fleece

Slip into this wearable fleece blanket and you may never take it off. It’s made of ultra-soft microfiber polyester and has plenty of details to keep you warm from head to toe: a slouchy cozy neckline, kangaroo pockets for your hands, and even hidden built-in socks to cover your feet. “This product is surprisingly well-made, comfortable and useful,” wrote one happy Amazon reviewer. “If you are a reader or work a lot on your computer, the extra coverage over your arms makes a real difference.”


An Eyelash And Eyeliner Set That Uses Magnets Instead Of Glue

Even the steadiest hands will appreciate the convenience of this glue-free eyelash kit. It comes with five pairs of lashes in different lengths, fullness, and styles — all of which attach to your eyelids using a swipe of magnetic eyeliner. When you’re done with them, simply use a makeup remover to take them off. The set has more than 26,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, with one happy customer declaring, “These awesome lashes are staying in my makeup box.”

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