Beauty Experts Say You Can Save A Sh*t Load Of Money With Any Of These Genius Tricks

Foundation is the, well, literal foundation of a makeup routine. But you may be using more than you need. Makeup Artist Linda Granillo of the makeup line BeautieSocial suggests easing up on the amount of foundation you use on your face. “For those with typically normal skin or not many problem areas, many women use much more foundation than they need,” she explains. “Too much foundation might cake up and settle into fine lines. Not to mention, foundations can cost a pretty penny, and that’s just throwing away good money. Instead, try using about half of the foundation you normally wear. Apply from the center of the face out, then spot-check with more foundation if needed.”

The flat head of this kabuki brush is densely packed with soft, quality synthetic fibers, so whether you wear mineral, powder, liquid, or cream foundation, this is the perfect brush for buffing and blending. As a bonus, every brush goes through a seven-step process to ensure it won’t shed.

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