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The Year I Decided To Dress Like Myself

The people who hate New Year’s resolutions are ignoring one simple thing: You can pick something fun. You don’t have to make a resolution to eat healthier or run a half-marathon or clean out one room of the house every month. And writer Sophia Benoit decided to do just that. Read More

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Ghost You

While some people are strongly against ghosting and would rather be honest and upfront, others prefer to let things be. To be fair, everyone has their reasons for why they ghosted, but for these signs, ghosting just might be in their nature. Read More

All The Best Red Carpet Looks From The 2023 Golden Globe Awards

After a hiatus, the Golden Globes are back for 2023. As the first award show of the new year, celebs were itching to show out in their best formal looks. The night included exposed thongs, sheer and lace moments, and an appearance from Rihanna. Read More


Hailey Bieber Just Brought Back This Millennial Athleisure Fave

Hailey Bieber is back to her regularly-scheduled model-off-duty looks. After enjoying the holidays in Aspen with Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the beauty mogul went back to basics, including this flared nostalgic piece that Bella Hadid has *also* been sporting lately. Read More

The Worst Things About 2023 So Far

The year may be young, but comedian Ginny Hogan already has some gripes with 2023: “I believe this could be the year the universe sees fit to give me a boyfriend, or a one-month break from a major crypto scandal, or perhaps a retirement fund.” Now that we’re two weeks in, it’s about time we got back on track. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope For January 11

Ready for your aha moment? Read More

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