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Why Every Zodiac Sign Should Be Pumped For October’s New Moon Solar Eclipse

Scorpio season starts this weekend, and true to form, we’re kicking off with some cosmic chaos. New moons are typically a time for new beginnings and setting fresh intentions, but because this particular lunation is *also* a solar eclipse, things are a little more complicated. Basically: Expect the unexpected (more celebrities getting banned from restaurants?) as we head into the weekend. Read More

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James Corden Has “Apologized Profusely” After *That* Scathing Restaurant Ban

So, yes, as mentioned, yesterday the owner of a scene-y NYC restaurant called Balthazar very publicly banned the talk show host from the establishment, citing multiple instances in which he was incredibly rude to the wait staff (which, as we all know, huge red flag). But Corden called the owner personally and must have delivered quite the apology because apparently, “all is forgiven” now. But after reading this Reddit thread… I’m not convinced this is the last place he gets 86’d from. Read More

Every Single Muscle You Work When You Do Pilates

If you have, like me, ever been so sore the day after a Pilates class that you called out of work the next day, your gut answer is probably “IDK, all of them? Including the ones I never cared to know existed?” And you know what, you’re not totally wrong, which is why the fitness method is in the middle of a celebrity-fueled renaissance at the moment. Read More

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8 Halloween-Themed Manicures To Pair With Your Costume

Some of these are bold enough to base your whole outfit around, others will just add a dose of festiveness to your costume. And if you still need ideas, may I humbly suggest a group costume consisting exclusively of Jennifer Coolidge characters? Read More

Everyone On Twitter Hates The Waspy Outfits From Netflix’s The Watcher

Even more than they hate the semi conclusion-less ending, which is really saying something. But as one person put it, “just for the outfits they were wearing in the first episode, this family deserves everything that’s happened to them so far.” Tough, but fair. This show might constitute the one Jennifer Coolidge performance that isn’t worthy of a Halloween costume homage. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

Incoming: your good mood. Read More

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