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5 Fall Jewelry Trends That’ll Spice Your Wardrobe All The Way Up

As we discussed yesterday, the major fall trends this year are all about embracing a “bigger is better” approach to dressing — and jewelry is no exception. Whimsical heart pendants, bulky baroque crosses, and in-your-face chunky ’80s gold will be all the rage. It’s definitely a pivot from the “clean girl” dainty minimalist jewelry that has dominated Instagram and TikTok aesthetics in recent seasons, but who’s to say you can’t just wear everything all at once? Layering, not just for sweaters anymore! Read More

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PSA: Mercury Retrograde Is *Not* The Time To Have The DTR Talk

Or make any big relationship decisions really. We all associate Mercury retrograde with communication mishaps and logistical issues, but it also shines a spotlight on hidden feelings and tensions within relationships. Thanks to all the cosmic chaos, however, it’s not a good time to make sweeping, big picture changes. So whip out those journals, acknowledge the feelings, and make a plan to talk to bae in a couple weeks. You’ll need something to do while you wait for your flight at the airport anyway because you *know* now is not the time to cut it close with your travel plans. Here’s a bunch of other do’s and don’ts to help you make it to the other side unscathed. Read More

Hannah Brown’s New Sister-In-Law Is… Her Ex’s Ex

Mess after celebrity mess this week! So, a few Bachelorettes ago, Brown got engaged to Jed Wyatt, only to learn via People that he had been in a relationship with a fellow musician named Haley Stevens during his time on the show. Shortly after, Brown’s brother and Stevens started sliding into each other’s DMs, and well, now they’re married. To her credit (and she’s been through a few PR sh*tstorms herself at this point), Hannah seems to be taking any awkwardness in stride. Read More

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What It’s Like To Wear Low-Rise Jeans As A Size 20 Woman

“I grew up in the era when this cut was only for the thinnest of thin,” writes Bustle contributor Sarah Chiwaya. “In hindsight, it feels obvious that the trend was more about body checking than clothes. It doesn’t have to be that way now. Creating a low-rise look that I legitimately love has been healing to teenage me.” Here’s how her search for the perfect pair led her to the formerly exclusionary mall brands of her youth. Read More

Karlie Kloss Is “Nerding Out” & Loving It

Look, say what you will about celebrity activism and the motivations behind it, but the fact remains that since 2015, Kloss’ tuition-free coding camp has grown from 21 to 12,000 scholars across 99 countries today. That’s nothing to sneeze at! Plus, the kids who participate seem to get a lot out of it. Here, the model talks to Bustle about the future of Kode With Klossy, learning from the students, and the rabbit holes she’s been going down lately. Read More


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It’s a day for connection. Read More

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