Contractors Say You’re Wasting Money If You Aren’t Making Any Of These Easy Upgrades Around Your Home

If you’ve noticed your energy bills are on the higher side, Evans has some easy-to-implement advice. “My next tip is to insulate wherever you can,” he explains. “This includes but is not limited to water lines, refrigerant lines from indoor units to outdoor units, garage doors, garage walls, and attics. Insulation helps to keep water and air the ideal temperature, helping you to avoid frozen pipes, costly water damage from burst pipes, and increased energy consumption and higher monthly bills from an overworked system.”

But if you aren’t sure how to get started? He tells Bustle, “For pipes, we recommend using foam insulation tubes, which can be purchased on Amazon as well as your local home improvement store.” Speaking of foam tubes, these ones are available for pipes up to .5 or .75 inches in diameter — and they’ll work regardless of whether the air pumping through is hot or cold. The best part? Each one has already been sliced open, making it easy to squeeze them onto your pipes without any adhesives or tools necessary.

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