Designers Call These The Cheapest, Most Clever Home Upgrades On Amazon

You may have the most brilliant idea for making your walls look artsier — but without the right materials and tools, you might feel frustrated at the results. “One of the most frustrating things is a gallery wall that takes hours to hang, yet never truly lines up the way you want,” Kristen Reyes of Sey Interiors tells Bustle. “Gravity, crooked construction, or a breeze can shift your artwork ever so slightly, creating an annoyance that takes all of the joy out of your hard work.”

Reyes considers this product a perfect solution: Earthquake putty. “Simply add it to the bottom corners of your frame, level it, and press firmly on the wall,” Reyes says. “You will no longer have to deal with tilted artwork and it is easily removed if you ever change up your decor.” The putty itself is nontoxic, removable, and reusable for securing more than just art — use it to keep lamps, candlesticks, and other collectibles stable in the event of an actual earthquake or just the occasional bump or run-in.

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