Designers Swear By These Cheap Home Upgrades On Amazon

While it may be tempting to buy completely new furniture when decorating your home, Jeanette Fusco, the interior designer at HiHomePicks, suggests checking out the thrift shops first. “Upgrading your home doesn’t have to mean buying all new furniture and decor,” she tells Bustle. “Shopping around for secondhand and vintage items can help you find unique pieces that add character and charm to any room.” But if the thrift store is a bust? “You can also shop for affordable furniture pieces and affordable decor items to achieve a chic, modern look without breaking the bank.”

Speaking of affordable, these end tables are available for less than $55, and even come in three finishes: white, grey, or white/grey. They’re the perfect size for small apartment balconies, as well as made from a combination of eco-friendly bamboo and MDF wood. And since the small table fits underneath the larger one, they can even be nested together to save space when not in use.

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