Experts Say These 35 Cheap Beauty Products Actually Work As Well As Expensive Ones

Tatyana Franklin, a professional pharmacist, founder, and owner of Skin Rx-Pert LLC, tells Bustle she has been trying these acne patches out for about a month and a half now, and she’s completely smitten. “Twice I have accidentally stepped out into public while still wearing them, since my quick mirror check before exiting the vehicle revealed no signs of their presence,” Franklin said.

“The main benefit for me is that they prevent me from touching my face, which is a major contributor to breakouts. When I’m anxious, I have a habit of absentmindedly rubbing my jaw and face. When I catch myself doing that, I immediately go into the bathroom to apply them to any acne. I can now stop touching my face and just let them alone since they are so thin and stick so beautifully.”

The patches contain natural hydrocolloid that helps reduce inflammation in your pimple and treat it fast. Each set comes with 40 patches.

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