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Will the third time be the charm for Kariselle Snow? Having already searched for love on Are You The One? in 2019 and Sexy Beasts in 2021, the 27-year-old returned to the reality TV dating scene in Netflix’s Perfect Match. As she joked when announcing her casting in the new streaming series on Jan. 17, her first “15 minutes of fame” were so great, she decided she’s “going for 30!”

Viewers first met Kariselle during MTV’s Are You The One? Season 8, which featured a cast who all identified as sexually fluid. (She went by “Kari” at the time.) She didn’t find “the one” though, and since then, her dating life provided her with plenty of lessons she brought to Perfect Match. Kariselle, who recently said she identifies as bisexual, came out in 2008. “I was really anxious at first about being so public with my sexuality, but I am so happy that I did,” she told Infecta Magazine in February 2021. “The amount of love and support I’ve gained is so fulfilling, and I am proud to give others like me someone to relate to.”

At the time, Kariselle referred to herself as an “old-fashioned romantic” who will not settle down until she knows she’s found the one. While you wait to see if that happens on Perfect Match, here’s what to know about Kariselle.

Kariselle’s Instagram

In her Instagram bio, Kariselle calls herself the “professional life of the party,” and she certainly seems to love a good costume (and Halloween, of course). In addition to her cosplay as Harley Quinn, she’s also shared photos of herself dressed as Marilyn Monroe, Batman’s the Joker and Poison Ivy, Medusa, Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, and Elsa from Frozen, to name a few. She’s no stranger to dressing up in formal attire either, as a pageant competitor who was crowned Miss New Jersey in 2020 and went on to represent the Garden State in the Miss United States pageant. “It is such an honor to not only represent my home state, but also the LGBTQ+ community with my platform & as an openly bisexual woman,” Kariselle, whose favorite movie is the Sandra Bullock-led Miss Congeniality, captioned an August 2020 post.

Kariselle’s Job & Advocacy Work

Though she had aspirations of becoming a lawyer in her pre-teens, Kariselle wrote on Instagram that she “ended up not being able to even finish a communications degree.” In her Infecta interview, she shared that she was previously “in a toxic work environment” that she thought she would be stuck in forever. “One day, I just had enough and quit without a backup plan, applied to a TV show, and the odds were in my favor,” she explained. “I was on a plane a month later to start filming.”

Since then, she’s worked as an influencer, nightlife host, and NFL dancer on the Playmaker Squad throughout the Baltimore Ravens’ 2021-2022 football season. Kariselle also plans to release music sometime in 2023. “Singing is literally my therapy,” she captioned a Jan. 4 Instagram video of herself belting Demi Lovato’s “Stone Cold.” She’s also shared performances of covers, including “Zombie” by The Cranberries, “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri, and “Say Something” by Great Big World.

Kariselle has also been open in sharing her experience as a domestic abuse survivor, including on her YouTube channel in 2019. While speaking to Infecta in 2021, she talked about how she’s “so passionate about domestic violence and LGBTQ+ issues” and was able to combine the two by starting her own chapter of The Price Center of Jersey, through which she hosts a domestic violence support group for members of the LGBTQ+ communities.

“After my abuser was arrested, I had time to really focus on detaching and building a new life for myself,” Kariselle added. “I was able to overcome this dark past by volunteering and becoming certified as a Domestic Violence Advocate in the state of New Jersey. My best advice to anyone who was a victim is that helping is healing. The best way to heal from the past is to help others.”

Kariselle’s Sexy Beasts Updates

Premiering in 2021, the Netflix series transforms singles with prosthetics and makeup for a true blind dating experience. Kariselle dressed as a panda in Season 1’s third episode, and she eventually chose Tyler Smith, who was costumed as an alien, as her final pick. In July 2021, she updated fans on Instagram that though she and Tyler tried their best, living on opposite sides of the country during the pandemic ultimately doomed their relationship. “But the important thing is, we’ve stayed in touch constantly since filming and speak almost daily, and continue to be extremely close,” she wrote in her caption.

Afterward, she also shared “what happened after filming” with her runner-up, Josh Kuza, aka the Tin Man, after dating rumors surfaced. “Eventually I was able to do what I do best, tracked him down, and reached out,” Kariselle explained. “We’ve been best friends ever since. Josh and I are NOT dating but we DO have a pact that if in about ten years we’re both single, we’re gonna say screw it and go get married to each other. Sooooooo MAYBE THE PSYCHIC WAS RIGHT?!”

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