January 2023’s Full Wolf Moon Least Affects 4 Zodiac Signs

Ready or not, the first full moon of 2023 is here — and it’s about to pull on our proverbial heartstrings. The January 2023 full Wolf moon adorns the skies on Jan. 6 in warmhearted Cancer, prompting us to confront our emotions and let go of any uneasy feelings and unwanted energy in 2023. While most of us will experience the brunt of Mercury retrograde during this lunation (it stations direct on Jan. 18), a few lucky zodiac signs least affected by the January 2023 full Wolf moon will find themselves coasting through this dramatic luminary moment amid all the celestial drama.

The full moon is a time of completion and release, according to astrology. It’s always the ideal time to check in on our emotions, but especially so now: La luna is sitting in intuitive Cancer, which happens to be ruled by the moon. But instead of being overwhelmed with their emotions or feeling restless, a select few will feel extra support as they try to make sense of things. Since we’re still in Capricorn season, themes of career and public image will be highlighted, so these signs may feel a burst of energy to bring projects and situations to completion.

“La luna is the great Mother, and with a full moon in her home sign, our emotional needs will rise to the surface of our awareness,” Erin River Sunday, resident astrologer for Birthdate Co. tells Bustle. “This lunation is an opportunity to review what’s nourishing us and release the rest.”

Along with Mercury retrograde unleashing miscommunication galore, Mars retrograde will also be in its retrograde phase, causing slowdowns and enough lethargy to make anyone want to hibernate until Jan. 12. For a few signs, this lunation is a lot more cathartic than it is anxiety-inducing.

The first major lunation of 2023 is undoubtedly a shaky one, but despite the chaos in the cosmos, some will find it easier than others to navigate the waters. Read on to find out if you luck out as one of the zodiac signs least affected by the January 2023 full Wolf moon.

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Although Mercury retrograde is messing with our communication, the full moon’s support is boosting clarity these days by sharpening your intuition. This is a good moment to pause and remind yourself to communicate kindly and with compassion. Sunday says that since this lunation is lighting up in the bull’s third house of communication and local community, “especially because of the aspect to a retrograde Mercury, this lunation would be a great moment to catch up with an old friend.”

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Need a moment to arrange your thoughts, Leo? The full moon is moving into your subconscious, so your any ideas or emotions you’ve kept under wraps will come bubbling to the surface. This new mindset will give you a totally new perspective on a situation that has been bothering you — but don’t overwhelm yourself trying to make sense of it all.

“This lunation should feel like a warm hug to the lions among us,” explains Sunday. “It’s a beautiful moment to escape reality through film, meditation, or just hitting the snooze button,” says Sunday.

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You’re going places, Scorpio. If you’re not embarking on your ultimate dream vacation, then you’re expanding your knowledge and experiences somehow. Maybe you’re coming back from a life-changing trip that’s equipped you with newfound compassion for others and yourself. Nevertheless, since travel is a huge theme, “it’s a great time to integrate the lessons of previous journeys,” explains Sunday.

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This compassionate full moon is sprinkling some magic in the mundane. It’s a reminder that breaks are a necessity, and you can lean into your own intuition for answers that might have been extra fuzzy lately. Sunday explains that this lunation is teaching Aquarians how their daily rituals can inform their dreams, making this “an opportunity to witness what’s working in their daily life and to release what’s no longer supportive.”


Erin River Sunday, astrologer

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