Michele Hatchette From NXIVM & ‘The Vow’ Still Supports Keith

In the first season of The Vow, the HBO documentary series peeled back the curtain on the secret group NXIVM led by founder Keith Raniere, who was convicted of criminal charges for his involvement in the group, including racketeering, human trafficking, and sex offenses. The alleged cult has maintained many supporters since the series premiered in 2020, including actor Nicki Clyne and high-ranking members like Michele Hatchette and Clare Bronfman.

Hatchette appears in Season 2 and immediately rejects the idea that the members are “brainwashed bitches doing Keith’s bidding,” calling that characterization “insulting.” Hatchette shares the origin story of her involvement in the NXIVM and DOS groups, saying that she found the group after going through a particularly hard breakup that left her suicidal. Mack recruited Hatchette into the group, outlining that NXIVM was just for women and would help her out of her distress. DOS (Dominus Obsequious Sororium) became the nucleus for the sex trafficking charges as members were encouraged into a master/slave relationship and were allegedly branded with Raniere’s initials.

Hatchette’s brief appearance in the first episode solidifies her stance as a supporter of Raniere and NXIVM, and she recently made headlines after saying she wanted to publicly out 12 anonymous people who are suing Raniere in a federal court case. In a video posted to Instagram, Hatchette said, “For those of you who are Jane and John Does watching this, this is your last opportunity to come forward and put your name to your claims. If you don’t, it is my moral obligation to name every single one of you. The clock starts now.”

The video was also posted to The Dossier Project’s social media accounts and website, which is associated with DOS. The plaintiffs in the case compared Hatchette’s video to extortion. According to the Times Union of Albany, Clyne supported Hatchette’s statement saying, “Women accusers who hide behind anonymity further the paternalistic idea that women need to be babied and are too weak to put their name to things. Women in the NXIVM case have hidden behind their anonymity long enough. With equal privilege comes equal responsibility. Time’s up!”

Hatchette is active on her social accounts, regularly tweeting updates to Raniere’s case and rallying behind a theory that the FBI planted evidence in the case. Her appearance on The Vow makes one thing clear — she’s not changing her tune.

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