Potential Premiere Date, Cast, & What To Know

Once contestants enter Single’s Inferno, the group of “hot and young” daters can only escape “Hell Island” by coupling up with someone each night. Those who make it to the Paradise City Hotel are given the opportunity to get to know each other better while experiencing luxurious accommodations, while those left behind must fend for themselves on their otherwise uninhabited island off the west coast of South Korea. Following a successful first season, Netflix renewed the Korean reality show for another outing, which premiered in December 2021. Now that the finale has aired, fans are already hoping for a Single’s Inferno Season 3.

Though Netflix has yet to renew the Korean reality dating series, the show’s producers believe they’ve put a unique spin on a familiar format. “Too Hot to Handle was a reference in our recruitment video, so a lot of the candidates thought that’s what it would be like,” Kim Na-hyum told Netflix’s Tudum in 2022. “However, since Single’s Inferno is a completely different show, we needed to explain this during the interviews.”

In fact, several of the Season 1 applicants “were wary” that Single’s Inferno would be too much like Too Hot to Handle. “Though it’s a very interesting and great show, the pace of the relationships came as a culture shock for a lot of Korean viewers,” co-producer Kim Jae-won added. “Koreans tend to spend a lot of time building a relationship with a girlfriend or a boyfriend, and so a lot of time was invested in explaining to concerned participants that our show was not going to be exactly the same.”

While you wait for Netflix to officially announce the show’s fate, here’s everything to know about a potential Single’s Inferno Season 3.

The Single’s Inferno Season 3 Cast

Since the series has introduced the cast’s identities during the premiere episodes, don’t expect to find out who the new singles might be at the same time as a possible renewal announcement. In the previously mentioned Tudum interview, Jae-won and Na-hyun explained a bit about the Single’s Inferno casting process. “We searched hashtags on social media #girlswhoworkout or #guyswhoworkout, which seemed to be trending. I thought they would fit well with the show’s setting on the hot summer beach,” he said. “There were also a lot of people who applied after seeing our recruitment posters. We received recommendations from friends of friends and reached out to PR teams in colleges and companies as well. When we needed something new, we even went out to the streets and handed out flyers.”

The Single’s Inferno Season 3 Potential Premiere Date

Since the show really does play out over the course of nine days, the filming process is relatively quick. The crew shot Season 1 between the end of June and the beginning of July 2021, ahead of a December premiere. After Netflix renewed Single’s Inferno for Season 2 in April 2022, the streamer also dropped that installment in December. Pending a renewal, Single’s Inferno Season 3 is similarly likely to return in December 2023.

This post will be updated as more Single’s Inferno Season 3 details become available.

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