Real Estate Brokers & Contractors Say These Cheap Things Make Your Home Look 10x Better

“Most of the time, our homes appear somewhat ragged and out of date because our furniture is dirty and has obvious markings on it,” Kris Lippi, real estate broker and CEO of ISoldMyHouse, points out. So, he recommends reaching for beeswax, because it quickly fixes up scuffs and discoloration. The unscented beeswax is simply paired with olive oil and carnauba wax, so this non-toxic salve fixes finished and unfinished wood, while leaving behind a water-resistant and matte finish that looks so nice.

As for where to use it around the house Lippi says it “keeps steel appliances fingerprint-free, leather furnishings clean, granite countertops well-kept, glass windows and mirrors stain-free, and wood surfaces rich.” So basically, this works everywhere.

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