The 10 Best Alarm Clocks With USB Ports

To save space next to your bed, an alarm clock with built-in charging ports is a great multitasking solution. Not only do the best alarm clocks with USB ports charge one or more devices on your nightstand — ranging from a single USB-A port to models with wireless charging surfaces, USB-C ports, and even AC power outlets. The alarm clocks on this list also boast customized alarm and display settings, stylish designs, and unique features to make waking up more fun.

What To Consider When Choosing An Alarm Clock With USB Ports

First, determine the charging capabilities you’d like your alarm clock to have. Some models offer a single USB-A port for charging one device — and if your device has a Lightning or USB-C charging port, its charging cable will likely plug right into your new clock. Other alarm clocks boast multiple USB ports and even wireless charging docks to accommodate two or more devices. For even more charging capability, look for an alarm clock with traditional outlets in addition to USB ports.

You’ll also want to consider extra features and customization settings. Most clocks allow you to dim the brightness, choose an alarm sound, and have a snooze button, but unique features such as gradual sunrise wake-ups, vibrating bed shakers, and glowing nightlights can help enhance your bedtime and morning routines. The design of the alarm clock is essential too, and there are some cool retro, modern, and traditional options available.

Scroll on for the best alarm clocks with USB ports on Amazon to declutter your nightstand.

1. This BestSelling Alarm Clock That Doubles As A Mirror

This alarm clock with dual USB ports is a best-seller on Amazon for good reason. The modern design boasts a sleek metal finish and a reflective background that looks cool and can be used as a mirror in a pinch. Three brightness settings offer a customized glow, the time can be set to 12 or 24 hours, and the snooze function is adjustable between five and 60 minutes (or you can leave it on the default of two minutes.) If you’d prefer to wall-mount the clock, there’s a hook on the back, and the stand is detachable. A backup battery is included and there are a bunch of colors to choose from. One detail worth noting is that this clock is powered via the included USB cable, but it doesn’t come with a USB wall adapter, so you may need to pick one up separately.

One reviewer wrote: “SO cute, SO sleek, it looks so good in my room. The cord is long, and there’s USB ports to plug your phone into!”

Ports: 2 USB-A | Dimensions: 6.2 x 0.55 x 3.1 inches (width x depth x height) | Colors: 12

2. An Alarm Clock That Lets You Know What It’s Like Outside

This multi-tasking alarm clock serves double duty as a weather station to provide you with real-time information on the temperature, humidity, projected forecast, and more — helpful for deciding what to wear each morning. It uses a wireless sensor (placed inside or outside) to transmit weather data to your station up to 200 feet away and displays it all beautifully on the 7.5-inch color screen. A USB-A port on the side of the unit is handy for charging your phone or tablet, two AA batteries (not included) provide power backup, and the four brightness modes let you customize the glow. The clock displays 12-hour time and while the listing doesn’t indicate whether or not there’s a manual snooze function, there is an automatic snooze function that’ll snooze the alarm for 10 minutes if not turned off.

One reviewer wrote: “Love this weather station! It has a 7.5″ large-screen display that allows one to clearly read the indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity information from different areas of the room. I have this set up in the Living Room and can view this clearly from the kitchen.[…] I love the built-in USB port on the side that allows me to charge the mobile phone quickly.”

Ports: 1 USB-A | Dimensions: 8.86 x 2.91 x 6.02 inches (width x depth x height) | Colors: 1

3. This Wooden Alarm Clock With A Wireless Charging Pad

As one of the more rustic options on the list, this wooden alarm clock features a wireless charging pad on top and a USB-A port in the back for simultaneously charging two devices. The charging pad has a nonslip base and is capable of fast-charging iPhones 8 and later, as well as a wide variety of Samsung models and other devices. This alarm clock has five brightness settings, the option to wake up to a buzzer or FM radio, and an impressive speaker in the back for quality sound. You can choose between a 12- and 24-hour time format, hit the snooze button for an extra nine minutes of sleep, and two AAA batteries (not included) provide power backup if needed.

One reviewer wrote: “Perfect alarm clock! Easy to set up. USB plug in in back, wireless charger on top, both work great! Radio sounds great. Love that I can set alarm to radio. Set volume however loud you want, but it starts out quiet and gradually gets to the preset volume you set. […] Love love the dim set. My old alarm was so bright at night I had to turn it facing away. This one can be set to 4 settings.”

Ports: 1 USB-A, 1 wireless charging dock | Dimensions: 6.4 x 4 x 3.2 inches (width x depth x height) | Colors: 4

4. This Clock That Gradually Wakes You Up

For a pleasant and gradual wake-up, consider this sunrise alarm clock that uses soft nature sounds and warm glowing light to pull you out of your slumber. The light can be set to one of seven colors and gradually begins to increase in brightness before your alarm is set to go off. Once it’s finally time to wake up, FM radio, standard alarm beeping, or a selection of nature sounds — including birdsong, ocean wave, and soft music — can be set to play. It features a USB-A port in the back for charging your devices, is bright enough to be used as a bedside lamp, and has a backup battery included. Other helpful features include a dual alarm function, a snooze button for nine extra minutes of sleep (up to five times), and the option to set the clock to either 12- or 24-hour time according to reviewers.

One reviewer wrote: “I eyed this clock as my last hope for waking up on time. I am thrilled with the results. I wake up to gentle, natural light and I don’t even need to use the snooze button. It’s bright enough that I don’t fall asleep again, and the assortment of sounds and colors provide wonderful variety. My favorite feature is the slow sunrise, which is perfect to wake me up naturally and keep me awake. The USB charger is fantastic, and I treasure the dual alarms. The instructions were easy to understand, and the clock is simple to use.”

Ports: 1 USB-A | Dimensions: 7.2 x 3.5 x 7.2 inches (width x depth x height) | Colors: 2

5. An Alarm Clock For Those Who Have A Hard Time Waking Up

If mornings are just not your thing and you’ve been known to sleep through an alarm or two, consider this extra-loud alarm clock with a vibrating bed shaker. The dual alarms have three sounds to choose from (music, buzzing, or birds) and have seven volume settings of up to 110 decibels — as loud as a chainsaw three feet away — to wake even the deepest sleeper. Fans of this clock love the bed shaker that you can place under your pillow or beside you at night, and it has three vibration settings to choose from. The retro design adds a touch of vintage flair to your decor but don’t let the bells on top fool you — they are actually knobs and buttons used to set the alarm and snooze. The back of the clock has a USB port and dimming options and houses two AAA batteries for backup (not included), and you can choose between a 12- or 24-hour time format, according to the brand.

One reviewer wrote: “I’m a heavy sleeper & the bed shaker is a great idea. It vibrates enough to make sure I will wake up & not be late for any important event. […] I also really love having the built-in USB charger on the clock. I can charge my phone at night and one less cord to have to plug into the wall.”

Ports: 1 USB-A | Dimensions: 4.27 x 4.12 inches (width x height) | Colors: 4

6. A Clock With An Extra-Large Snooze Button

If you want to sleep in as long as possible, check out this alarm clock with an ample snooze button that makes it easier to tap (or smack) without even lifting your head. In addition to the two conveniently placed USB-A ports in the front, reviewers also love the zero to 100% display dimmer, with one reviewer writing, “I like to have a room completely dark at night and this clock makes it really easy to control the amount of light it emits.” This alarm clock gives you the option to set separate alarms for weekends and weekdays, has an inside temperature display, and when it’s time to wake, choose from either FM radio or six sounds including birds, piano music, and beeping. Choose from a 12- or 24-hour time display, and don’t forget to grab the three AAA batteries needed for backup.

One reviewer wrote: “This thing has everything – dual alarms with days of the week and weekend settings, FM Radio with an adjustable sleep timer, headphone outlet, room temperature, infinitely adjustable display brightness, 2 USB-A outlets and battery backup! Way more than I was expecting to be able to find, especially at the sub $30 price. I like that the important settings are able to be adjusted via the top-mounted buttons and the wheel.”

Ports: 2 USB-A | Dimensions: 4.25 x 3.27 x 2.56 inches (width x depth x height) | Colors: 5

7. This Pod Alarm Clock With A Halo Glow

Create a cool glow in your room with this little alarm clock that features a glowing ring light on the top, which can be set to one of seven different color options. A dimmer with five brightness options lets you customize the glow (which can also be turned off completely) and a USB port in the back is available for charging your device. This clock has dual alarms that can play FM radio, beeping, or birds chirping at the desired time, has a handy nap button that sets the alarm for 10 to 120 minutes without having to reset your regular alarms, and uses three AAA batteries for backup (not included). Plus, there’s a convenient timer for both the night-light and radio and you can choose from either a 12- or 24-hour time display according to a reviewer.

One reviewer wrote: “This Housbay Glow is leap years ahead of my old alarm clock! This clock has superior features including: FM radio, dual alarm, usb charger, nap mode, dimmer, soft button controls, 3 alarm sounds, and a 7 color night light. My favorite feature is the night light. It’s priceless in my opinion because it sets an incredible ambiance for my bedroom. I can change it to any color I want on any day. Also this clock has a realistic bird alarm which sounds way better than other bird alarms I’ve heard.”

Ports: 1 USB-A | Dimensions: 4.8 x 2.44 x 2.44 inches (width x depth x height) | Colors: 3

8. A Clock That Projects The Time Onto Your Ceiling

Some reviewers note that this projection clock has helped them get a better night’s sleep; one shopper wrote, “I wake often at night and I can never resist the temptation to look at the clock so I put on my glasses and look, by then I’m wide awake. Now I just glance at the ceiling and fall right back asleep.” The 350-degree projector can clearly display the time up to 9.8 feet away, while the 12- or 24-hour clock features five brightness levels for your ideal glow. A USB port on the back helps charge your device and dual alarms with five volume settings (and a snooze option) can be set to wake you up. Two AAA batteries are required for backup (not included).

One reviewer wrote: “I have really enjoyed this clock! I have it set to show the time on my wall and it is totally working out great for me!!! And the added USB port is a great addition for what I need!!”

Ports: 1 USB-A | Dimensions: 7.87 x 1.18 x 3.15 (width x depth x height) | Colors: 2

9. This Alarm Clock USB-C & USB-A Ports, 2 AC Outlets, & Bluetooth Speakers

Discovered by many while staying in hotels and resorts, this alarm clock is a fan favorite. One reviewer wrote, “I saw it at my hotel room and it was love at first sight.” It has everything you need to charge a wide variety of devices and even comes with a coveted USB-C port, USB-A port, and two traditional power outlets. The snooze button on top provides nine extra minutes of rest (according to reviewers), the clock light is dimmable to your preference, and a Bluetooth speaker lets you easily play music from your phone or laptop. According to the brand website, you can set the clock to either 12- or 24-hour time and the two AAA batteries needed for backup are included.

One reviewer wrote: “The alarm / charging station is perfect for placement in bedrooms. The alarm works perfectly and the multiple charging ports are great. It is perfect in quest bedrooms. Visitors can just plug in their devices to charge without locating a plug behind a dresser or nightstand.”

Ports: 1 USB-A, 1 USB-C, 2 tamper-resistant power outlets | Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches (width x depth x height) | Colors: 1

10. A Charging Station With A Built-In Alarm Clock

For an alarm clock that can charge a bunch of devices at once, consider this charging station/alarm clock combo. It has wireless charging docks for your phone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, plus a USB-A port on the side. There’s also a dimmable light and an alarm clock with a five-minute snooze function. The wireless charging is compatible with iPhones 8 and up, as well as a variety of Samsung models and other Qi-enabled devices, and the unit features over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection. You’ll get everything you need, including a USB-C cable, two USB-A to USB-C adapters, an adapter to plug into the wall, and a mobile charging case cover. Choose from four colors.

One reviewer wrote: “Literally the most functional 3 in 1 charger I’ve ever used! The phone charger charges my phone pretty quickly, and the airpod and watch charger can become portable which is an added bonus for me. I love the alarm clock and light features so much too. All in all this is the best multi use charger I’ve ever owned and it looks super cute in my room!”

Ports: 1 USB-A, 3 wireless charging docks for a phone, earbuds, and Apple watch | Dimensions: 6.8 x 6.3 x 7.8 inches (width x depth x height) | Colors: 4

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