The 10 Best Flat Irons For Curling Hair

I’ve been using a flat iron to curl my hair since the very day I first learned. One of my closest beauty-savvy friends showed me the basics, and I perfected the skill by watching flat iron curling tutorials on YouTube. Yeah, there’s a slight learning curve, but once you know how to use a straightener to get curls, you’ll never go back to curling irons again. No clips, no need for gloves, and one tool covers all your bases. The key is to have one of the best flat irons for curling hair.

What To Look For In A Flat Iron For Curling Hair

When you’re shopping around for a great flat iron that’ll give you perfect waves, you’re essentially looking for three specific qualifications. First, you want something that has 1-inch plates or smaller. Any thicker, and the curls will be so loose they’ll be virtually nonexistent on anyone who has hair shorter than the butt. Secondly, a rounded shape is a must, as you’re wrapping the hair around and through the straightener to create a loose curl. Third, you need something that’s gentle and easy to handle, so your hair won’t snag and break off while you’re curling.

Since a lot of flat irons fit this description, I’ve pored over the reviews and can say that these flat irons below can curl hair beautifully without taking up a lot of your time. Check out these awesome options that make it easy to curl your hair with a straightener.

1. An Iron That’s Made For Both Straightening & Curling

This best-selling flat iron has a super-rounded shape that makes it simple to create curls — not just waves — with ease. Made of ceramic, it heats up in just 15 seconds, has an extra-long swivel cord, and comes with a bonus comb and set of clips. The heat, which goes up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, can be adjusted by simply rotating the base of the barrel, and a shiny gold coating finishes off the sleek design. Over 7,000 reviewers left this a five-star review or rating after purchasing it.

A rave review: “Trying this hair straightener for the first time made my jaw drop! I literally jumped up and down, then called my husband to come see the beautiful straightening job/curls it had made! I thought I had owned quality straighteners BEFORE, but apparently not!”

Plate Material: Ceramic | Temperature Range: 250 — 450 degrees Fahrenheit

2. This Fan Favorite Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

With over 70,000 glowing Amazon reviews, the HSI Professional ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron is one of the best straightening irons you can get — but because of its thin build and rounded plates, you can also use it to curl your hair. It has solid ceramic plates to reduce damage, evenly heat hair, and promote shine. And, if you’re a traveler, it’s a dual-voltage iron that can be used anywhere in the world (though note that you will still need an adapter).

A rave review: “I love that an oil treatment, heat resistant glove, and a storage bag are included with the straightener. […] I am also so excited that this curls beautifully. My old straightener had wide paddles so I have to use a curling iron to curl my hair which meant that I basically had to heat process my hair twice with the straightener and then the curling iron. This one creates very nice loose curls that work beautifully with my length of hair. Very impressed!”

Plate Material: Ceramic tourmaline | Temperature Range: 140 — 450 degrees Fahrenheit

3. A Straightener & Curler With A Twisted Design

This straightener and curler features a unique twisted design, so you can easily switch between both functions with a very little learning curve. It has 11 temperature settings, an LED display, and a quick 30-second heat-up time, so you can have perfectly bouncy curls even if you only have a few minutes to get out the door.

A rave review: “I’ve always wished I could do loose, bouncy curls but they’ve never stayed in. I got this hair tool when I needed a new straightener just to try it out…NO REGRETS! It takes a few minutes to learn how to get the curls but once you get the hang of it it’s easy. I have very thick hair and it takes me about 40 min to do! I get so many compliments every time I do my hair like this too! I also love the lock feature because I’d definitely be changing the temperature accidentally if it weren’t for that! Trust me buy this! Especially for the price you can’t beat it!”

Plate Material: Ceramic tourmaline | Temperature Range: 250 — 450 degrees Fahrenheit

4. This Iron That Uses Negative Ions For Smooth & Shiny Hair

The MHU professional flat iron is great for creating loose curls because it has smooth plates and negative ions that leave your hair soft and frizz-free. The 3-D floating plate allows your hair to glide through without catching or breaking, and reviewers love it because it’s durable, reliable, and works on any type of hair.

A rave review: “I love it! It straightened my hair with ease. My hair is also hard to curl, and after using this product it stayed curled for hours even without hairspray. I would definitely recommend.”

Plate Material: Titanium ceramic | Temperature Range: 250 — 450 degrees Fahrenheit

5. A Flat Iron With Floating Plates To Reduce Pulling

For a sleek straightener that packs a serious punch, there’s this Wazor two-in-one flat iron. It has 3-D floating plates, an LED temperature display, and an ultra-fast heat-up time. And, because the body is so rounded, it allows you to easily create voluminous, bouncy curls that hold all day long.

A rave review: “I had a straightener I had bought literally 15 years ago and was on the market for a new one. I wanted ceramic … something sleek and functioning for a good price. This is great. I use it at 284 degrees, it warms up literally in a few seconds, no joke. I tried to make a curl with it and oh my, those were the best curls I ever made. […] The buttons are out of the way, the straightener is easy to hold and a good rounded shape to make curls. It’s exactly what I wanted.”

Plate Material: Ceramic | Temperature Range: 285 — 450 degrees Fahrenheit

6. This Flat Iron With Anti-Static Technology

Boasting over 28,000 five-star Amazon ratings, this Remington 1-inch flat iron is one of the most popular hair tools on Amazon. Not only does it heat up quickly, but this ceramic iron comes with an auto-off feature that will turn it off after 60 minutes. With a rounded design and narrow, 1-inch plates, this popular flat iron is perfect for curling hair.

A rave review: “I jumped on the curling with a flat iron late in the game. Being I never had done it before, I decided to try this straightener based off of the reviews. I’m glad I did! I have semi-thick hair and normally my hair does not hold a curl (using a curling iron) within hours my curls go limp. Until now! The first time I used this, my curls held for 3 days. Yes. 3 days! Through heat, humidity, working out, high winds… they held up. I like being able to control the temperature and with some heat protection spray, my hair doesn’t feel fried or burnt at all.”

Plate Material: Ceramic | Temperature Range: 310 — 450 degrees Fahrenheit

7. A Flat Iron With Porcelain Plates For Even Heat

This BaBylissPro flat iron is made with porcelain ceramic, which distributes far-infrared heat evenly across your hair. Not only is it gentler and healthier for your hair, but it can handle wide sections of hair at once because of its long barrel. The shape is rounded and sleek, so it’s ideal for curling, and it won’t catch or knot while you’re curling.

A rave review: “Love this flat iron! […] I can quickly curl my hair, [and] my curl hold for days, no roller setting.”

Plate Material: Porcelain ceramic | Temperature Range: 235 — 450 degrees Fahrenheit

8. This Flat Iron With Argan Oil-Infused Plates

This Nition straightener is a great option for curling your hair because of its floating, 1-inch tourmaline ceramic plates, an adjustable temperature that heats up in seconds, and a 360-degree swivel cord that won’t get tangled. The best part? The plates are infused with argan oil to keep your curls moisturized and soft.

A rave review: “I have used so many hair straighteners and paid a lot of money in the past for them. This works better than ALL of them combined. The shape of the straightener is a little bit curved so I can easily add curls and waves in literally ONE attempt. My other straighteners are flat on the plastic part so it takes a lot more effort to make a curl. This has a curved outside so it makes beautiful curls. I always put loose waves in my hair with my straightener and I’m so pleased that it left my hair soft and shiny.”

Plate Material: Ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium | Temperature Range: 265 — 450 degrees Fahrenheit

9. This Flat Iron With A 15-Second Heat-Up Time

This hair straightener and curler boasts over 7,000 five-star ratings on Amazon and features floating plates, a rounded design, and a 15-second heat time to make curling your hair easy. The back of the plates boast a cylindrical shape that lets hair easily glide around the barrel, while fast-heating aluminum plates work to distribute heat evenly. There are five heat settings to choose from, and the iron will automatically power off after 30 minutes. Plus, it comes with a travel bag, protective glove, and a variety of hair accessories to help with styling.

A rave review: “I have very fine hair and this flat iron was great for lifting and curling my hair. I’ve had flat irons with the controls on the outside of the handle so when I used it I would hit a button and it would lower the heat, make it hotter, or shut it off. So frustrating! The control is on the inside of the iron which I love. It also has a locking feature so I can lock it and put it on the shelf while it cools. The Velcro strip helps keep the cord nice and tidy and all the extras that came with the iron was an added bonus.”

Plate Material: Ceramic aluminum | Temperature Range: 320 — 460 degrees Fahrenheit

10. This Mini Flat Iron That’s Great For Creating Curls In Short Hair

If you’re looking for a smaller, travel-friendly flat iron that will give you bouncy curls, the AmoVee Mini Flat Iron is a great choice. It’s less than 8 inches long, so you can easily stash it in your bag, and it can reach temperatures up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit in under three minutes. The curved body and nonslip surface make this easy to use, and its smaller size is not only great for curls on the go but is ideally suited for shorter hair and bangs, too.

A rave review: “Great travel straightener. Has a nice soft, buttery feel when moving through hair. Circular joint where cable attaches to straightener is very flexible, allowing you to do curls and twists with ease. Has a switch on the back to lock the blades in closed position, which saves space when traveling (and spares you having to wrap the cable around the outside to keep it closed.”

Plate Material: Ceramic tourmaline | Temperature Range: Fixed at 410 degrees Fahrenheit

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