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At Today’s Business,  we like to do our research when it comes to working with brands we believe in. Much like the researchers on our team, these health and fitness writers and editors also take a lot of pride in doing their own research before publicizing their articles. All of the following writers have one thing in common, they know what they’re talking about. So if you’re asking the question “Who can I trust for health and fitness advice?”. You’ve come to the right place! Check out some of our favorite health and fitness writers below!

Isadora Baum

Isadora Baum is a writer Today’s Business has had the pleasure of working with many times. Her extensive knowledge of health and fitness has built trust and dependability amongst her readers. Articles such as “2 Epic Reasons Why Cold-Water Therapy Is So Damn Good for You” and “Which Is Better Immediately After an Injury: Cold or Heat Therapy”, which feature our client Plunge, manage to educate readers both honestly and extensively about one of the industries newest trends, cold-water therapy. Isadora has worked with 100’s of publications including Men’s Health, Huffpost, and Well+ Good covering a range of different health-related topics.

Chris Illuminati

Best Health and Fitness Writer, Chris Illuminati

Another expert writer and editor Today’s Business has thoroughly enjoyed working with is Chris Illuminati. Chris’s review of the men’s clothing subscription box brand Menlo Club shined a light on his experience building honest connections with his readers. Chris’s ability to articulate his thoughts and experiences with his readers has made him a trustworthy source for all types of lifestyle advice. Chris is a 5x author and has worked with many different publications on topics such as humor, lifestyle advice, and health.

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Articles such as “14 Best Leggings for Women, According to Amazon Shoppers” and “103 Unique Gifts for People Who Are Impossible to Shop For” have helped Bryce build a reputation as one of the best writers for those looking to make a purchase decision! Bryce’s in-depth research and engaging writing style allow her to speak at length on any given topic while maintaining the reader’s interest. She has also had articles featured in MSN, INSIDER, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Susan Brickell 

Susan Brickell, Best Health and Fitness Writers

Susan Brickell’s unique writing style builds connections with those who follow her work. Articles such as “The 10 Best Lululemon Dupes on Amazon” or “The 12 Best Cooling Pajamas for Hot Sleepers” display a passion for authenticity and the lifestyle industry. Focused on giving the best advice to her readers Susan has established herself as one of the most reliable sources for up-to-date information on the best brands and products in the health and fitness industry. She has also written for Shape, Health, and Travel + Leisure for quite some time covering topics such as health, beauty, retail, and more.

Nora Horvath

One of the best health and fitness writers, Nora Horvath

Nora Horvath is one of the best list article writers in the industry, she has written posts including “25 Best Sunglasses for Women to Look Cute All Year Long” and 20 Best Leggings with Pockets That Are *Beyond* Comfy”. Nora has a natural writing style which allows her to write as if she was directly talking to the reader. She is honest, concise, and knowledgeable, mainly focusing on healthy eating,  Nora also delves into fitness and fashion now and then. you can find more of Nora’s work in magazines such as Weber Shandwick, Yahoo Life, Food Network, The Pioneer Women, and more!

Victoria Giardina

One of the best health and fitness writers, Victoria Giardina

Another industry expert, Victoria Giardina,  we took notice of after her NY Post Spring Shopping round up included our clients Plunge, Organifi. Victoria’s writing style allows her to explore the in’s and out’s of supplements,  makeup brands, and fitness-related content. She specializes in many different areas of content such as Beauty, Health and Wellness, and lifestyle. She is always finding deals for her readers! Whether you’re looking for skincare specifically for sensitive skin, multivitamins that work, or the best gift-giving deals, Victoria has you covered! While consistently writing for the New York Post, she also has features in Business Insider, CNN, Her Campus, and many more!

Jon Adams

Top health and fitness writer, Jon Adams

Jon Adam’s work on this Rolling Stone article features Today’s Business client Plunge and showcases his extensive knowledge and why he is on this list of best writers and editors. Jon has a unique writing style and is able to expertly explain fitness related content and how to care for your body after working out. Not only does he expand in detail on the benefits to ice baths but also explains how you should approach taking ice baths. If you’re into movie reviews and film, Jon also works on articles in reference to film and entertainment, lifestyle, and movie reviews.  His work is featured in Rolling Stone magazine and more!

Adam Wright 

Top health and fitness writer, Adam Wright

Adam Wright is an expert writer who not only does freelance writing but created his own blog and consultancy business. His article “Organifi Green Juice Review: Benefits, Drawbacks, And Comparison” highlights the benefits of the plant-based supplement company Organifi. Adams’ writing style Is research and detail-oriented which has helped him to establish credibility with his readers throughout his many years of writing! Adams’ work encompasses all aspects of healthy living from diet and exercise, to goal setting, and even finance. Adam is the owner of The Lifehacker Guy blog and most of his work can be found there.

Amy Schlinger 

Amy Schlinger, one of the best health and fitness writers

Looking for the right accessory to up your travel or fitness game, Amy Schlinger is the expert writer to follow. Her article “12 Expensive Men’s Activewear Brands That Are Worth the Price Tag, According to Trainers” featured Today’s Business client WOLACO and put her on our radar. Amy’s content mainly focuses on fitness and health. Along with being one of the best fitness editors, she is also a Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and often interviews health professionals as well as athletes and nutritionists. Amy’s casual yet informative work is worth the read even if you’re just getting into fitness! You can find her articles in the New York Post, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Huffpost, and many more!

Paula Lee

Best health and fitness writer, Paula Lee

 Paula Lee is a Senior fashion and accessories Editor who featured WOLACO, a Today’s Business client, in her article “15 Best Plus-Size Leggings for Working or Working Out”. Paula’s content mainly focuses on fashion for those with active lifestyles. Her fashion articles are well-researched to give readers the best possible options on the market so her readers never waste their money! While a good portion of her content can be found on Oprah Daily, Paula has also been featured in the Atlantic, MSN, Huffington Post, and many more!

Amber Smith

Over the years Amber Smith has developed a reputation as one of the most trustworthy writers in the health and fitness niche. Articles such as “Best Testosterone Booster Supplements [2022 List]” display Amber’s detail-oriented and fact-driven writing style, making her a popular go-to source for fitness enthusiasts. Interested in all aspects of health Amber has also written many articles on healthy protein powders, supplements and canine health and her work has been featured in publications such as Discover Magazine and Garden Center Magazine.

Cory Smith 

An entrepreneur and fitness expert himself, Cory Smith is one of the most knowledgeable health and fitness writers. Some highlights of Cory’s in-depth, research-heavy writing include “The Best Home Gym Machines of 2022” and “The Best Men’s Workout Clothes’. Articles like this give a first-hand look at Cory’s passion and knowledge. His consumer focus and dedication make his writing instantly trustworthy and anyone focused on health or fitness will greatly appreciate his opinions. Most of his work can be found on Gear Patrol!

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