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What are the Best CrossFit Sites Online?

CrossFit is more than just a form of exercise, it is a community that is built on like-minded people focused on bettering themselves through rigorous full-body workouts that improve the body as well as the mind. Whether you are a beginner looking to join the CrossFit community or an experienced athlete looking to find new resources to take your workouts up a notch we’ve got you covered. We scoured the web to find quality CrossFit blogs that offer relevant information on everything from workouts and nutrition to mental well-being and community events. Check out our top picks for the best CrossFit blogs on the internet below.


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1) Invictus Fitness

Invictus Fitness is a leading CrossFit affiliate gym and online training provider located in San Diego, California. The Invictus blog offers an array of resources for everyone from beginners to athletes looking to improve their fitness levels. The website covers topics such as nutrition, workout programming, recovery tips, Olympic lifting techniques, and more. Additionally, their podcast features exclusive interviews with experts from all sorts of backgrounds discussing their training habits and experiences. Invictus provides readers with everything they need to know about CrossFit while also providing valuable insight into how elite athletes train for success. Check out their holiday gift guide as a great introduction to their site over the holiday season!

2) BoxLife Magazine

BoxLife Magazine is the premier online magazine for CrossFit athletes, coaches, and practitioners. The website covers all aspects of CrossFit from news, to supplement reviews, and training advice to optimize your results. BoxLife is constantly updating their catalog so you can be sure you remain up to date on the latest industry stories, trends, and research so you always remain in the know. We love their 2016 holiday gift guide, which was updated for 2022 and is definitely worth a look if you know a CrossFitter this holiday season. Check out BoxLife for the latest CrossFit information.

3) Boxletes

Boxlets website offers a simple design with great information on all things CrossFit. They are a great resource for finding quality CrossFit gyms around the globe and also offer gear reviews so you can rest assured that you are always buying the best jump rope, kettlebell, or gym bags around. Their simple website design makes it easy to navigate and find exactly the information you are looking for. We highly recommend Boxletes as one of the best CrossFit blogs around. Be sure to check out their best CrossFit jump rope gear review when you visit!  

4)  CrossFit Rebuild

CrossFit Rebuild is an online fitness blog dedicated to providing helpful fitness advice and inspiring stories from the CrossFit community. Founded on the belief that functional fitness is an essential part of health, CrossFit Rebuild offers training programs for all levels of CrossFit enthusiasts Their blog is a great way to gain industry insight, program overviews, and general health advice for all ages. We especially like their article on if you can target fat loss. Whether you’re a CrossFit veteran or beginner be sure to check out CrossFit Rebuild!

5) Driven Mind

Driven Mind is another site that has its roots in CrossFit training programs and coaching. This makes them not only a great resource for CrossFit athletes in need of a new program or coach but also gives them a high-level expert overview for each of their blogs. Their years of experience and dedication to quality content means they can relate to their readers with trustworthy content in a way most other blogs can’t. Check out their story on how to overcome your fears while training to get a feel for their content and take your training to the next level.

6) Four Barrel Fitness

Four Barrel Fitness is a CrossFit training and coaching brand focused on creating the most well-rounded athletes possible with a holistic training approach focusing on training the mind and the body simultaneously to improve the lives of their clients. Their blog is centered around building a community, one of their 5 core values while giving practical tips on performance improvement and nutrition. Check out their athlete nutrition resources post for assistance on how to properly fuel your active lifestyle.

7) Foundation CrossFit

Foundation CrossFit is a great resource for those who are just starting to practice CrossFit or long-time athletes looking to change up their training. Their blog gives workout routines with accompanying Youtube videos to ensure proper form and help make you feel like a part of their community. Memberships to their training program are also listed on their site if you are looking for more in-depth coaching.

8) CrossFit Tyler

CrossFit Tyler is more than just a blog site, it is a full-fledged community of CrossFit athletes inclusive to all ages and body types. The blog itself primarily focuses on WOD’s or workouts of the day so whether or not you are a member of the gym you can still get quality training information to fuel new and exciting workouts. If you’re looking for a new and inclusive CrossFit destination check out CrossFit Tyler!

9) CrossFit Ambition

CrossFit Ambition has long-standing roots in Rochester and has expanded through the years from a 2-car garage start-up to a 4500 square foot location, one of the most prominent gyms in Rochester New York. Whether or not you are based near their facilities, CFA still has resources online that are useful to those of all levels. Their workouts of the day are a great way to vary your training and joining challenges setup by CFA to help build a sense of community and build athletes motivation. Be sure to give them a look and see how CFA can be a part of your training routine. 

11) CrossFit Albuquerque

CrossFit Albuquerque is the last on our list but certainly not the least. If you live in the area CA is a great in person gym option to up your training. If not, their online workouts of the day are a great place to start learning CrossFit or differentiate your training if you are an experienced athlete. Check out their site for new challenges and daily workout routines and enter into a community of all levels of CrossFit athletes and expert trainers.

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