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What are the Best Men’s Fashion Blogs?

At Today’s Business we’ve provided affiliate marketing & PR services in the men’s fashion industry for over a decade, so it’s safe to say we have done our fair share of research. Considering our founders, Tom Ottaiano & Billy Ash, are both guys it makes sense why this was one of the first industries we dove into. If you’re looking to get involved in the men’s fashion industry then you’ve got to check out the list we compiled below with some of our favorite men’s fashion bloggers and writers!

#1 The Adult Man

When it comes to men’s fashion blogging there is nobody that does it better than The Adult Man. The Adult Man brands themselves as “The no BS guide to adulthood for men”. They give you their true authentic take on how guys should dress and present themselves and they utilize thorough research plus personal experiences to do so. We really love their writing style and how they describe fashion trends and products. Plus, the quality images that they use give you a great look at the outfits and products they recommend. Also, as SEO experts, we have got to throw them credit for the quality user experience and page designs. Overall, The Adult Man gets an A+!

#2 Irreverent Gent

Are you a fan of Mark Twain? Because we sure are and so is Dave Bowden the founder of Irreverent Gent. We love Dave’s take on men’s fashion. The style recommendations you’ll find on the Irreverent Gent are the perfect mix of classic and modern trends. Whether you are needing help with wrinkle free dress shirt recommendations, affordable watch brands, or stores similar to Nordstrom Rack; the Irreverent Gent will point you in the right direction. And you’ll enjoy your time reading these recommendations as Dave adds the perfect touch of witty humor throughout his writing. If you’re a gentleman who wants quality style recommendations paired with great writing then you must check out Irreverent Gent.

#3 ClothedUp

Why waste time reading articles from writers who are not fully knowledgeable within the field they are writing in? At ClothedUp, their writers only write about what they are experts in. They will help solve problems specific for you using the best research on the market. ClothedUp also offers some of the most comprehensive and thorough reviews about brands and products in the industry, helping any customer find their desired product.

#4 Effortless Gent

Does taking long every morning getting dressed bore you or cause you to be late for important duties? Effortless Gent gives the regular guy trying to have a flexible style what they need to build a closet of amazing clothes that match and will make getting dressed in the morning a thoughtless breeze! If an easy and flexible style is just the beginning, Effortless Gent understands those who want to take their style to the next level with articles specifically helping out men trying to improve every aspect of their personal style. 

#5 Gear Patrol

Are you looking for the best blog for Men’s Fashion? You can stop your search here because Gear Patrol is the place to be! The Gear Patrol website is a perfect mix of fashion for a man of any age. It features reviews on products, has affordable options and gift ideas for those at a loss in what to get for someone special. You can find anything you need at Gear Patrol from clothes, accessories, at home workout equipment, home decor and so much more. If you are someone in need of a new style check out Gear Patrol for some fresh ideas!  

#6 GearMoose

There are many Men’s Fashion blogs,  but GearMoose is by far the best! As soon as you go onto the GearMoose website you can see that they mean business. With the sleek layout of the website you can easily navigate to pages that befit you. You can find anything from fashion advice, gift ideas, how to ride in style, fabulous deals, the list just goes on! Check out GearMoose if you are looking for a fresh style in 2022, you will not be disappointed! 

#7 ModernFellows 

After years of research around message boards, walking around department stores, getting to know online brands and reading books and magazines, Jake decided to start Modern Fellows in 2012. His mission is “dedicated to getting to know the entrepreneurs and innovative brands who are helping professionals dress sharp and live well in the digital age.” His page is a resource to all entrepreneurs and professionals who want to dress trendy, develop a professional wardrobe and sense of style without breaking the bank.

#8 The Quintessential Man

The Quintessential Man, as the name suggests, covers all essentials a man needs to live and look better. QMan has plenty of recommendations for purchases such as watches, suits, sneakers, or bags. QMan even helps you find the right at-home gym equipment, home essentials, and so much more! This quote from their About page really sums up the value they provide, “For some confidence comes from within while others need a little push. We’re here to give you that nudge so you can be an all-around good person.” If you’re a man looking to build confidence, become a better person, and get tips on meeting Mrs. (or Mister) Right then we would definitely recommend checking out

#9 Tools of Men 

When it comes to finding the perfect blog on men’s fashion, look no further than Tools of Men! Tools of Men offers a lot of insight on how to have the best style around! Their mission is to “provide trusted information to men to improve their daily grooming & style habits.” We love that this blog portrays all of the information in not only articles but buying guides and reviews. The website is so easy to navigate that you can find all of the information within seconds! Definitely, check out Tools of Men if you need some style guidance, grooming tips or product recommendations!

#10 The Modest Man

Are you a man of modest height and struggle finding clothes that fit well and make you feel confident? The Modest Man is here to help! Brock McGoff created this blog to show that you are not alone and that he himself was faced with similar challenges! This blog offers outfit ideas, as well as guides and reviews to make you feel much more confident! We love that Brock has offered a lot of style advice,reviews and articles to help men of modest height to improve their style. The Modest Man will have you looking your best for any occasion!

#11 BootSpy

For the best advice on men’s footwear, look no further than BootSpy. Not only do they have hundreds of hands on boot reviews, but they also test each boot they put in their extensive roundups. Whether you’re looking for the best Chelsea boots on the market or for an in-depth review of the best boots under $100, you’ll find it here. We love that William actually owns the boots he reviews, and how you can see how he styles all of them on the BootSpy YouTube channel.

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