The 11 Best Romantic Board Games For Couples

Whether you want to turn up the heat with a long-term partner or are getting to know a new love interest, board games are a great way to connect. Depending on what kind of evening you’re in the mood for, the best romantic board games for couples range in style from meaningful question cards designed to deepen emotional intimacy, to racy dare games that may take you to the bedroom (or to the hallway, or dining room table, or… you get the drift).

What To Think About When Shopping For The Best Romantic Board Games

Comfort Level & Stage Of Relationship

Picking out a romantic game takes a bit more thought than choosing your run-of-the-mill two-player board game. For example, you’ll want to keep in mind how long you and your partner have known each other, and what your comfort levels are with both physical and emotional intimacy. Earlier on in dating, you may not want to dive into heavy topics like ex-partners, emotional triggers, or how to improve your communication. Games with lighter topics that emphasize the playful aspects of dating — silly dares that get your partner laughing, for instance — might be a better fit at that stage.

Of course, the same goes for games in the “How well do you know me?” genre. These typically require in-depth knowledge of the other person that might take a few months — or years — to gain. So if you don’t yet feel qualified to answer questions about their first crush, favorite drink, or most embarrassing moment, you might want to skip this category.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re currently wading into the physical aspect of a relationship — or are choosing not to be physical — you may feel more comfortable steering clear of any games that are more sexual in nature.

Game Focus: Physical Or Emotional?

While physical and emotional intimacy can go hand in hand, romantic games sometimes focus on one over the other. If you’re wanting a game that strengthens your heart and brain connection, shy away from X-rated options or even those in the PG-13 range. Instead, opt for card decks with prompts that encourage deeper conversation and vulnerability. Or, if you’re longing for a lighthearted option, look for games that cultivate a fun evening, whether that’s owning up to embarrassing middle school moments or saying yes to dares that are downright ridiculous.

Another element to weigh is how much physical contact you want the game to involve. If your whole goal is to find sexy new ways of getting down, then choose games with racy dares or suggestive cards to put you in the mood. Just be sure to consider your partner’s comfort level as well as your own; communicating ahead of time and getting consent before and during game play will be key to ensuring that everyone is on the same page, so you can turn up the spice factor in a way that feels great for both of you.

Where You’ll Be Playing

Lastly, think about the setting. If you’re planning to cuddle up in front of a spacious fireplace or sit at the dining room table, then regular board games with dice or playing pieces are fine. But if you’ll be playing in the car on a road trip or heading over to their place for a sleepover, a portable deck of cards might make more sense.

Now that you know what to consider, check out the best romantic board games for couples in a variety of styles and levels of “spiciness.”

Shop The Best Romantic Board Games For Couples

In a hurry? These are the best romantic board games for couples:

  1. A Lighthearted Game With Question Cards That Aren’t Too Serious: The Couples Game
  2. A 3-In-1 Game That Mixes Humor & Spice: Humor U, Know U & Entice U
  3. A Board Game That Conjures Old-School Romance: An Enchanted Evening
  4. A Deck Of Cards To Deepen & Strengthen Your Relationship: BestSelf Relationship Deck
  5. A Sensual Poker Game That Turns The Heat Up: Poker For Couples
  6. A Competitive Strategy Game With Bedroom Dares: Bedroom Battle
  7. A Dice Game That’s Like Intimate Yahtzee: Luck & Love
  8. A Word Game That Creates Sexy Dares For Your Partner: Dare Duel
  9. A Card Deck That Deepens Your Bond With Challenging But Meaningful Questions: Love Lingual
  10. A PG-Rated Game That Combines Dares With Conversation Starters: Talk Flirt Dare
  11. A Strategy Game That Challenges You To Live Out A Fake Relationship: Fog of Love Board Game


A Lighthearted Game With Question Cards That Aren’t Too Serious

Best for: Newish couples who want to keep it light

Spice level: Mild

What’s great about it: This romantic games for couples is a great choice for folks who don’t want to get too serious, either mentally or physically. The deck of 150 cards includes fun, silly questions across three different categories, like “If we switched bodies like in Freaky Friday, what’s the first things we’d do?” or “What would our celebrity couple nickname be?” The game is specifically designed not to be “lovey-dovey” and doesn’t involve physical dares, so sexy time isn’t a factor. And, as a bonus, you can play it with other couples too.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought this to use on a road trip with my wife. The cards were fun to read. We laughed at some and some created great conversations. We did not sit down and play the game, we just had fun answering the questions during the drive.”


A 3-In-1 Game That Mixes Humor & Spice

Best for: Outgoing partners seeking a date night that covers all the bases

Spice level: Medium

What’s great about it: The best part of this couples’ board game is that the cards are divided into three different categories according to theme, so it covers various aspects of your relationship. The “humor” cards feature casual questions and dares meant to elicit jokes or make you laugh. The “know” cards encourage more meaningful conversation, with questions aimed at strengthening your mental and emotional connection. Last, the “entice” cards are the frisky ones that get you into the bedroom. Shuffle them up, or pick a category and stick with one theme for the evening.

One reviewer wrote: “My wife and I brought this game with us on our weekend getaway, and really enjoyed it. The Humor U cards made us laugh and the Know U cards sparked some great conversation on our way to our destination. We left the Entice U cards for when we arrived… very spicy!”


A Board Game That Conjures Old-School Romance

Best for: Romantic couples desiring intimacy

Spice level: Medium

What’s great about it: As far as romantic board games go, An Enchanting Evening is equal parts cerebral and sexy. And although the aesthetic design of the game definitely has a retro vibe, reviewers have reported it’s surprisingly fun. It has a regular playing board with dice and game pieces. At the start of the game, you’ll jot down a secret wish, and whoever wins the game gets their wish granted.

Like with the previous selection, the cards are broken down into different categories — options include: telling your partner things you like about them, telling them your fantasies, engaging in non-sexual physical contact, and initiating steamy, foreplay-style contact. You’ll also get suggestions for setting the mood with lighting, food, and music.

One reviewer wrote: “I was a little worried that it would be too cheesy because the cover of the game looks like something from an 80s soap opera. That said, the game was hilarious and fun. […] We liked the cheesiness of the game, as there were moments where we were trying to figure out what the card was asking us to do and could not stop laughing. Examples include staring sensually into your partner’s eyes or asking your partner to close their eyes, so that they can smell a romantic smell. Some of the suggestions were really sweet and I enjoyed them more than I thought (such as slow-dancing in the living room).”


A Deck of Cards To Deepen & Strengthen Your Relationship

Best for: Longer-term partners ready to dive deep

Spice level: Mild

What’s great about it: With a 4.6-star overall rating after more than 8,000 reviews, this popular set of cards is one of the best games for couples looking to strengthen their relationship. The meaty prompts are backed by relationship coaching techniques and designed to provoke conversations that do away with assumptions and weak spots in your communication.

The cards are split up into six categories: health, finances, work, relationships, mindfulness, and personal growth. Each question asks you to think about yourself, your relationship, and each other in new ways. While it’s less lighthearted than some other options on the list, it’s a great way for long-term couples to cultivate closeness and understanding.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought this thinking we might have some interesting conversations and a few laughs, BUT to my amazement we’ve been together 15years and have never had direct discussions on some of these topics and not only that, they lead to separate conversations and new and fresh talks!!”


A Sensual Poker Game That Turns The Heat Up

Best for: Poker-loving couples eager to get naked

Spice level: Extra hot

What’s great about it: Decidedly X-rated, this spicy board game is like a mash-up of strip poker and a sexy board game, and it’s designed to get you unclothed by the end of the night (or — if you want — within a few minutes of game play).

The sizzling game has two ways you can play: a “quick” version and an “advanced” one. The quick version asks you to create the best-possible poker hand in order to win racy rewards that will trump any pile of chips you’ve won before. In the advanced version, players earn points by not just creating a great poker hand, but by winning “tricks” as well. For each point scored, the player can move their pawn on the board in a race to reach the finish line first — and choose a final activity to end the game.

This pick is best for couples who are physically comfortable with each other (and you may want to check in with your partner before you start about anything either of you aren’t comfortable with).

One reviewer wrote: “Best game ever for a couple ! We love it! First time we played, we didn’t finish the game because we were too turned on. […] We played the short version for 2 hours. A must have for any couple who love experimenting and having fun.”


A Competitive Strategy Game With Bedroom Dares

Best for: Pairs who enjoy sex-related dares & healthy competition

Spice level: Extra hot

What’s great about it: This strategy-based game is one of the best card games for couples who get turned on by a little healthy competition. It’s a legitimate contest game, complete with “battle cards” — and it also happens to involve a lot of hot, X-rated dares. You’ll no doubt end up getting freaky but you’ll have a lot of fun and laughs in the process.

One reviewer wrote: “The game offers couples a fun, safe, and entertaining way to spice up their intimate activities, while helping foster greater communication. As an added point of interest, rewards and challenges are all written in such a way that any gender or orientation can play fully. Additionally a variety of sexual interests are touched upon, including light BDSM play, anal and oral, and toy play, and exhibitionism.”


A Dice-Rolling Couples Game That’s Like Intimate Yahtzee

Best for: Couples looking for a game of chance that includes sensual dares

Spice level: Medium to extra hot

What’s great about it: This lively, action-packed option is perfect for couples seeking a fun, engaging game that doesn’t put on the pressure to follow through every single dare. With its rolling dice and notepads, it’s similar to Yahtzee but with more than 600 suggestive prompts in a range of spiciness levels. The format allows you to pick from dares, so it’s perfect for long-term partners as well as newer couples who are still getting to know each other.

One reviewer wrote: “This game was so much fun. I bought it as a Valentine’s gift for my husband. He was a little uncertain about it at first, but we both totally got into it and had an amazing connective experience. I love that it gives you choices so if you’re not feeling one thing on a card, you can do another. This allows you to make it as risqué or as intimate as you want. It provides a slow burn buildup which makes everything so exciting and fun. It truly sparked some of the best sex my husband and I have ever had. Highly recommend!!”


A Word Game That Creates Sexy Dares For Your Partner

Best for: Super frisky couples open to anything

Spice level: Extra hot

What’s great about it: Whether you’re a brand new couple or you’ve been married for years, there’s only one thing you need to play this game: an eagerness to get down. It’s one of the best games for couples seeking X-rated adventures because of its versatility and knack for surprises. The card-based game is kind of like magnetic poetry — combine words and snippets of phrases to create dares — e.g., you might merge “lick,” “suck” or “whip” with “nipples,” “toes,” or “entire body.” You’ll then battle out who will actually perform the dare (with proper consent, of course).

One reviewer wrote: “This game is great. You can easily play the game for as little as 30 minutes or have it last as long as you’d like. […] It is an easy game where you get to create sexy scenarios to act out with your partner. A great way to have intimate fun and explore new things together.”


A Card Deck That Deepens Your Bond Through Challenging But Meaningful Questions

Best for: Deeply bonded partners in long-term relationships

Spice level: Mild

What’s great about it: If you and your significant other crave deep intimacy — and you aren’t afraid of difficult questions — then this is the game for you. The collection of couples cards includes various categories (including “past and future” and “sex and intimacy”) that ask thought-provoking questions aimed at bringing you closer. Just note that some reviewers found certain card topics too heavy (e.g., “When we’re with my family, do I make you feel like you’re still my priority?” or “How have I changed since we were first together?”), so you may want to scan the deck first and take out any cards you’d rather skip.

One reviewer wrote: “My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years and we found these cards to be very meaningful. We are both in our early 20’s and have hopes of one day getting married. Even when you think you know someone, there is always something more to learn. That is the beauty of these cards! […] I would definitely recommend these cards to couples of any age, no matter what stage in your relationship.”


A Tamer Game That Combines Dares & Convo Starters

Best for: Couples seeking a well-rounded game that covers a variety of relationship points

Spice level: Mild to medium

What’s great about it: As the name suggests, this sweet and sexy board game is split into three different categories — talk, flirt, and dare — most of which are fairly tame compared to some of the other options on this list. The “talk” cards involve thoughtful questions like “What makes your partner different from others?” while the “flirt” cards prompts playful conversation starters such as “What are your partner’s sexiest qualities?” or “Which sense is most important when making love?” The dares are sexual in nature but less risqué than some of the more X-rated options on the list.

One reviewer wrote: “This game is a good game to bring some fun, love and a little bit extra to your relationship. You can keep it sweet and innocent with the talk and flirt cards or make it a little more enticing with the dare cards. It can bring you closer with your partner and have you doing things that you may not really think to do on a daily basis. I am a true introvert and keep a lot of my feelings to myself. This game helps me open up and give my partner what he is looking for.”


A Strategy Game That Challenges You To Live Out A Fake Relationship

Best for: Couples who want a strategy game that incorporates romantic comedy elements

Spice level: Mild

If you want to take a break from focusing on your relationship — and would rather role play a made-up relationship — the Fog of Love board game is your pick. Designed with romantic comedy vibes, the game asks you to create two characters (say, a buttoned-up police officer and an eccentric royal heiress) who meet and fall in love. You might have differing goals and ways of interacting, which may lead to awkward situations and miscommunications, just like in a real relationship. The objective of the game, of course, is to make your partnership work — but there are ways to win the game individually as well.

The game is available in three options, so you can choose whether you want a female/male, female/female, or male/male relationship.

One reviewer wrote: “A lot of attention to detail is put into the consequences of the choices you make for your fictitious couple. You can play strategically or just develop the storyline down the creative path that interests you the most. […] The game is metacooperative: it is possible for both players to win, or only one, or neither. And in all three cases, an entertaining story is likely to have been created by the end—when you will be dying to share each [other’s] secret motivations for your more unorthodox/inexplicable choices.”

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