The 19 Best Bras For Large Busts, According To Lingerie Experts

If you have a large bust, shopping for a bra can be a major pain. But it doesn’t have to be — you just have to know what to look for. According to the industry experts Bustle spoke to for this article, the best bras for large busts are equipped with supportive features like ample cups, snug bands, and wide adjustable straps. Of course, you’ll also want a bra that aligns with your personal style and preferences.

The Experts

Jessica Pfister, vice president of Le Mystere, got her first job in the lingerie industry over 20 years ago when she had a chance placement in the intimates section of a major department store. Since then, she’s been living her dream of creating products that truly make a difference in a woman’s life.

Annette Smith, brand director of Montelle Intimates, has spent 11 of her 15 years in the intimates business with Montelle, where she’s made it her mission to ensure that all of the brand’s bras offer the highest quality design and fit.

What To Look For When Shopping For The Best Bras For Large Busts


Here are some handy tips on finding the best bra fit, courtesy of our experts.

  • The band: According to Smith, “most of the support for your breasts comes from the band,” which means it’s extra important to make sure that it fits appropriately. Pfister says the “band should hug firmly around body, anchoring the bra cup and underwire in place.” In other words, look for a band that fit snugly (yet comfortably) rather than feeling super stretchy. Smith also advises to “make sure the back of the bra is level with the front and not riding up.” If it does ride up, this means your band is too big, and you might need to size down.
  • The cups: “[The] top of the cup should contain the breast without bulging or gaping,” says Pfister. If there is spillage, you may have to go up a size, whereas gaping could mean you need a smaller cup size. Molded foam cups or those with three-piece sewn cups are the most supportive choices, Pfister advises.
  • The straps: Bra straps should be wide or cushioned (or both) to help evenly distribute weight, and they should be adjustable, preferably. “Opt for a bra that has straps with give but don’t allow your breasts to jiggle around when you walk,” says Pfister. She also says, “if your straps are correctly adjusted, you should only be able to fit two fingers under the strap.” Also, look for bras with a U-shaped back and close-set straps, both of which ensure your straps stay in place.


Different situations call for different bras, so your intimates drawer should be just as diversified as your shoe closet. The experts helped me break down how a few of the most popular bra styles should fit.

  • Underwire bras: Love them or hate them, underwire bras are the best choice if you’re after maximum support, definition, and lift. According to Pfister, the “underwire should follow the perimeter of the breast tissue and rest on the ribcage.” Smith adds that “the wires should cradle your breasts — not dig into any of your breast tissue.”
  • Wireless bras: “The truth is that a wireless bra will never offer the same full support as a wired bra,” says Smith. “However, if you are still looking for wire-free options then you again need to ensure that the band is snug and providing optimal support.” Pfister adds, “if you are looking for support without a wire, I recommend a bra with a foam cup to offer shaping, lift and support that is teamed with a wider plush strap and wide strong wing.”
  • Strapless bras: “If you’re looking for maximum support and a level of confidence to move and dance, I highly recommend a strapless with an underwire,” says Pfister. She advises seeking strapless bras that have a wide, snug band with silicone grips, which will help to keep your bra from slipping. As far as fit goes, Pfister shares a helpful tip: “To ensure your strapless bra properly supports, sit in a chair and lean forward as if you were grabbing your drink off the table at a party. If you stay in place with limited movement, you are golden.”
  • Sports bras: Pfister says that a good sports bra for larger busts “should encapsulate the breast, locking them in place to prevent movement, or it should compress your tissues to your chest wall, so your breasts move in unison with the rest of your body.” Both the encapsulating and compression bras to which Pfister refers will help minimize movement during workouts, but people with larger busts may find encapsulating styles more comfortable (and prevent the “uni-boob” effect). Either way, Pfister also advises to “look for a bra with straps that are wide and plush but that do not have a lot of stretch” in order to reduce bounce.

Shop The Top 5 Best Bras For Large Busts

In a hurry? Here are the top five best bras for large busts:

1. This Best-Selling Minimizing Bra: Vanity Fair Smoothing Minimizer Bra

2. A Fan-Favorite Everyday Bra That Supports Without An Underwire: Playtex 18-Hour Ultimate Lift Wireless Bra

3. Editor’s Pick: A Seamless Sports Bra For Large Busts: Champion Max Support Wireless Sports Bra

4. This Ultra-Soft Pullover Bralette From A Cult-Favorite Brand: True & Co True Body Lift Scoop Adjustable Strap Bra

5. A Popular T-Shirt Bra In Underwire & Wireless Styles: Vanity Fair Full Figure Smoothing Bra

Whether you’re looking to stock up on some comfy bralettes or a super-supportive sports bra for your next spin class, keep scrolling a list of the best bras for large busts.


This Best-Selling Minimizing Bra

Boasting over 16,000 five-star reviews, this best-selling underwire minimizing bra can reduce the bust line by up to 1.5 inches. But that’s not all — you won’t encounter any spillage, thanks to the full-coverage cups, while the two-ply lining along the cups and wide, smoothing band will stay virtually invisible even beneath the clingiest of tops. Larger cup sizes are equipped with four hook-and-eye closures (as opposed to three for smaller cup sizes) for even more customization and extra support. The wider, U-shaped straps offer more support. This bra is also sold in a convenient two-pack, so you can double-up on this much-loved bra.

Helpful review: “The band on the back is wider than most bras. This wide band allows better comfort against backaches. I’ve worn every bra imaginable. I like the lift this bra gives also.”

Sizes: 34G — 44DDD | Colors: 17 | Material: 78% Nylon 22% Spandex


A Fan-Favorite Everyday Bra That Supports Without An Underwire

Enjoy (almost) all the support of an underwire bra without the potential discomfort. In place of an underwire, this bra has strategic stitching along the outside of the cups and Playtex’s “Magic Ring” design that hugs the outside of each breast for a bit of lift, while rounded cups offer a shaping effect. Wide cushioned straps takes pressure off your shoulders, and the moisture-wicking fabric helps to reduce chafing. This bra has lots of cred, including over 40,000 five-star ratings from reviewers.

Helpful review: “Big tatas? No problem! I’m a D and I have never gotten support bras before and my back had been aching, until I got these! They are so comfortable! But unlike a sports bra, you don’t get that weird uni-boob, you get two comfortable and supported [breasts] with no pain and fear of wires stabbing you. 10/10”

Sizes: 36B — 46D | Colors: 16 | Material: Spandex, Polyester, Nylon, Stretch Cotton


Editor’s Pick: A Seamless Sports Bra For Large Busts

A hybrid between an encapsulating bra and a compression bra, this popular Champion sports bra is equipped with molded cups to create a round, natural shape, separation, and bounce reduction without the use of an underwire. Perforated mesh runs along the band and between the breasts to allow for airflow, and the adjustable straps are also reinforced with cooling gel for extra comfort. Plus, a hook-and-eye closure in back allows for more customization.

Editor praise: “I’ve definitely struggled in the past to find sports bras that were supportive and comfortable without being overly restrictive, but this Champion bra is just that. I find the mesh to be cooling and breathable and the wireless cups separate and support well. My favorite feature, however, is that this bra has a traditional hook closure, so I don’t have to wrestle with it to put it on.” — Bustle editor Carolyn Menyes

Sizes: 34C — 42DD | Colors: 6 | Material: Cotton, Mesh, Nylon, Polyester, Spandex


This Ultra-Soft Pullover Bralette From A Cult-Favorite Brand

If you’re the type that craves comfort 99.9% of the time, then you’ll love this buttery soft bralette from cult-favorite brand True & Co that offers enough just enough support for daily wear — and plenty of reviewers report it’s comfortable enough to sleep in. While it doesn’t have an underwire, this bra does have strategic contouring beneath the bust for a subtle lift, plus removable foam pads that create a smooth shape. Available in full and standard cup sizes, this bra’s high-cut scoop neck, pullover tank-style design, and adjustable straps keep breasts well-contained. Choose from 27 stunning shades.

Helpful review: “[…] this bra is perfect for sleep and lounge. It’s super soft and smooth. I don’t like the pads but they are easily removed. I love that this bra is tighter around my mid section than those other D/Dd brand bras and there is more room in the cups. Highly recommend for a low support comfy coverage bra.

Sizes: XS (30DD-DDD, 32DD) — 2X (42DDD, 44D-DD) | Colors: 27 | Material: 100% Nylon


A Popular T-Shirt Bra In Underwire & Wireless Styles

This wildly popular T-shirt bra (which has over 30,000 five-star ratings) comes in both underwire and wireless versions, depending on your personal preference. The wireless version (linked above) still provides ample support even without the underwire, thanks to soft molded cups with a sculpted “underwire” frame, plus a wide band with smoothing wings and wide, adjustable straps.

Helpful review: “This is the best bra I have ever had. Support and comfort together which I have never found in a bra. I will definitely buy another.”

Sizes: 34G — 44DDD | Styles: 42 | Material: 78% Nylon, 22% Spandex


A Minimizing Bra With Semi-Sheer Patterned Cups

This underwire minimizing bra from Wacoal features patterned, mesh-lined lace cups that not only look pretty, but they also help to minimize the appearance of your bust by up to 1 inch, creating a smooth silhouette underneath all your tops. Elastic along the tops of the cups and underneath the arms mold to your shape, and the low-stretch, adjustable straps stay in place and add a little extra lift. The band is lined in mesh so it feels soft (not scratchy) against your skin.

Helpful review: “I’ve never written an amazon review before, but I just had to for this bra. I’m a 36 H, maybe slightly larger (never been fitted or anything) and I’ve tried tons of bras, but all of them have my [breasts] constantly spilling out of the cup […] But THIS bra, my god, its a gift from heaven. This is the first bra I’ve ever worn in my entire life that keeps my [breasts] in perfectly and comfortably, AND has no spillage. Even better, its also actually CUTE! It’s unreal. I’m going to order 3 more. I am so beyond happy with this purchase and if you have a bigger chest and have problems finding bras that fit, definitely give this bra a try!”

Sizes: 30G — 44DDD | Colors: 14 | Material: 62% Nylon, 38% Spandex


A Plus-Size Underwire Bra Made Of Elegant Satin & Mesh

This plus-size bra, which one reviewer lovingly dubbed the “Elomi-bigboob wrangler,” is a fan favorite not just for aesthetics but also for the support it provides. The three-piece satin cups reinforced with underwire lift and support breasts, while a wide band prevents side spillage. Embroidered mesh along the tops of the cups creates a little ventilation (plus a touch of elegance), and the deep U-shaped back keep the adjustable straps from slipping. Note that the brand lists UK sizes, so you’ll want to consult the size chart in the listing.

Helpful review: “Good, supportive bras for us large-chested girls are hard to find at a decent price. I lived a lot of years wearing the wrong bras. This one does the job. I’ve had this bra from another vendor, but I’m so glad that Amazon has it. This bra really lifts and holds everything well. I love it!”

Sizes: 34E — 46HH | Colors: 26 | Material: 54% Polyester, 29% Nylon, 17% Elastane


A High-Impact Sports Bra For Large Busts With A Supportive Underwire

If you’re looking for a sports bra with added support, Pfister suggests looking for one with encapsulating cups, like this sports bra from Wacoal that has over 5,000 perfect five-star ratings. Its two-ply cups separate breasts while also reducing friction and minimizing bounce during high-impact workouts — and sizes G and H are reinforced with an inner sling for even more support. The moisture-wicking fabric and mesh wings help make for a cooler and drier workout, while the wide, adjustable straps alleviate pressure on the neck and shoulders.

Helpful review: “Don’t want your stuff to move while working out? Look no further! It takes some getting used to, because it is strong and tight. But with big [breasts], you kind of have no choice. I ordered a 36DDD but I am now wearing a 36H and I can still fit in this bra, so I count that as a plus. This is the only thing I feel comfortable working out in, because everything else doesn’t control motion.”

Sizes: 32C — 42DDD | Colors: 15 | Material: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex


The Best Strapless Bra For Large Busts (That Actually Stays Put)

If you tend avoid strapless outfits like the plague, this lightly padded strapless bra is sure to be a game changer. It won’t have as much support as a traditional bra, but this one gets pretty darn close thanks to its underwire, wide smoothing band with boning at the sides for structure, stretch foam cups, and four rows of hook and eye closures instead of the usual three, plus some silicone grips to help prevent slippage. Perfect for dresses and tops with tricky necklines, it also comes with removable (and adjustable) straps that can be configured in so many different ways.

Helpful review: “Finally! a strapless bra for ‘big girls’ that stays in place!!!! this is the first time i’ve been able to wear strapless, one strap, and halter tops! I’m just a 38D but when I wear strapless bras, they always seem to sit too low or they start to slide around and I just hate them. But this one is great – came back and bought one for lighter colored tops too!”

Sizes: 30D — 44G | Colors: 6 | Material: 91% Polyamide, 9% Spandex


This 4-Pack of Lounge-Worthy Bralettes With Convertible Straps

If you’re in need of a bra restock without breaking the bank, look no further than this four-pack of wireless lounge bras for a great price. The V neckline is perfect for lower-cut tops, and the adjustable straps can be criss-crossed to create a racerback style. Sizes Medium/Large and up have wider bands, thicker straps, and three rows of hook-and-eye closures for added support that minimizes pressure on your shoulders, and removable pads offer the option of additional shape and coverage. With over a dozen different color combinations, you can find a multi-pack with your favorite shades.

Helpful review: “For me this bra is life-changing! […] If you are looking for an every day bra that has stretch, support, is super comfortable and that you can live in or lounge in – then this bra is for you. I am […] a typical size 36DD or 34DDD and the medium-large ‘busty’ size fit perfectly. I work remotely a large majority of the time and end of sitting at the desk all day and this bra is super comfortable. […] I have noticed my painful bras were making me grumpy and aggravated I actually feel like I start my day with a better attitude since I’m no longer uncomfortable.”

Sizes: Small-Medium — XX-Large (available in big and plus) | Colors: 17 | Material: 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex


This Plus-Size T-Shirt Bra With Delicate Lace Trim

In the market for a plus-size bra that shapes and separates — and looks downright pretty? Consider this T-shirt bra. A subtle lace trim and keyhole cutout topped with a cute bow fulfill the pretty factor, but it’s functional, too — the underwire cups are made from the brand’s lightweight and breathable fabric that lies smoothly underneath your tops, while the wide sides, wide adjustable straps, and U-shaped back offer complete coverage.

Helpful review: “As a busty lady, it’s really tough to find a bra that’s comfortable, supportive, and beautiful. Elomi’s Charley bra makes the girls look gorgeous underneath my clothes without looking […] frumpy […] The cups look smooth under even the thinnest fabrics and give me lots of lift. This bra is definitely worth the money.”

Sizes: 34G — 46FF | Colors: 9 | Material: 40% Polyamide Nylon, 34% Polyester, 26% Elastane


A 3-Pack Of Cotton Racerback Bras With Over 86,000 Ratings

Should you go out for a jog in one of these minimally supportive cotton sports bras? Probably not, but according to tens of thousands of shoppers who’ve weighed in, you can wear them for just about any other leisurely activity, from lounging to grocery shopping to lower-impact workouts. More bralette than sports bra, this tank-style racerback is unlined, unpadded, and without any compression for maximum comfort, although it is stretchy enough to accommodate bigger busts, and the band stays securely in place. Plus, they come in convenient multi-packs available in over 30 different color combinations — and you can’t beat that price.

Helpful review: “Like most plus sized, big chested women, I have trouble finding comfortable bras. Like, major trouble. These bras are soft and comfortable. They are advertised as a sports bra, so they are not for major support and shaping, but I’m a senior girl and I’m just looking for comfortable, breathable bras that won’t give me a rash or painful red ridges on my torso. I’ve already bought another batch. Highly recommended!”

Sizes: 34 — 50 | Colors: 33 | Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Lycra Spandex


This Molded, Longline Bralette With Front-Adjustable Straps

Another day, another comfy AF bralette. Boasting nearly 2,000 five-star ratings, this deliciously soft wireless bralette has a wide, no-dig band complete with three rows of hook-and-eye closures for added support. Featuring a scoop-neck design with a low-cut, U-shaped back that stays easily hidden, this bra also has built-in foam padding that is neither too thick nor too thin. While the straps are on the narrower side, they adjust in the front, which makes finding a custom fit a bit easier.

Helpful review: “I bought a few of these bras at Walmart several years ago, and I was so pleased to find them here on Amazon! They’re inexpensive but last really well – I’ve been wearing mine regularly for probably 3-4 years, and other than being discolored, they’ve held up extremely well. And they’re very comfortable and supportive without needing an underwire. I wear them for around home but also under nicer clothes. I typically buy a 36DD and an XL fits me very well.”

Sizes: Small — XX-Large | Colors: 2 | Material: 80% Nylon, 20% Elastane


A Medium-Support Compression Sports Bra With A Cult Following

With 23,000 perfect five-star ratings, this compression-style sports bra has garnered a cult following on Amazon, plus best-seller status in the Sports Bras category. Ideal for low- to medium-impact exercise — think hot yoga, Pilates, or weight training — this criss-cross racerback has a stretchy yet snug band that stays in place, no mid-workout adjustments needed. The moisture-wicking fabric helps keep sweat at bay, and removable padding creates a smooth, natural shape. Just note that the straps aren’t adjustable.

Helpful review: “This is one of the best sports bras I ever had. I have a big bust and usually I get disappointed by all the brands. This one fits perfectly and it is high impact. I am a 36DD and I run, do CrossFit and pilates… it is very confortable really . I love the color and the shape it gives me!!”

Sizes: X-Small — 3X-Large | Colors: 39 | Material: 75% Nylon, 25% Spandex


This Encapsulating Sports Bra With A Comfortable Underwire

This encapsulating sports bra individually supports each breast for maximum comfort while you work out. The foam-lined cups with lifting underwire have two panels — a shock-absorbing one on top that minimizes bounce and combats spillover, and another on the side to prevent side-boob — and the adjustable racerback straps, which are padded for added comfort, are secured with a hook-and-eye closure. Chose from 14 colors with trendy contrasting trims.

Helpful review: “I bought the 34 E, and it’s fantastic. Finding a larger cup with a smaller band can be difficult, but this one fits great. I use it successfully for general aerobic exercise, hiking, and running. No sports bra will keep big girls perfectly still during high impact movement, but this one does pretty well.”

Sizes: 32B — 42F | Colors: 14 | Material: 80% Polyamide, 20% Spandex


This Stunning Lace Underwire Bra That Subtly Minimizes

A bra that looks good and does exactly what it promises? Yes, please! This functional and fashionable bra has three-part cups (per Pfister’s recommendation), made from a gorgeous combination of dotted mesh and floral lace that also help create the appearance of a slightly smaller bust. A trusty underwire lifts and supports, while the wide straps help even out weight distribution. Ehe extra-wide mesh wings create a smooth silhouette underneath your tops. Choose from 22 stunning shades.

Helpful review: “Just what you want, a nice lift & perfect separation. I love the underwire, very comfortable don’t even know you have it on! The color is beautiful bra (I have it in multiple colors) the minimizer part is wonderful.”

Sizes: 32C — 46DDD | Colors: 22 | Material: 83% Nylon, 17% Spandex


The Wireless Bra You’ll Reach For Daily

Sleek, seamless, and no-nonsense, this wireless bra from Bali is a lifesaver for those days where putting on a bra feels like a chore. Made from a flexible, cooling material, this bra is reinforced with stretchy fabric beneath the bust and along the sides of the molded cups that offers extra lift and support. The V neckline creates subtle definition, and the super low-cut back stays hidden from view. It doesn’t have adjustable straps, but it’s so soft and comfortable, you may forget you’re even wearing it.

Helpful review: “This bra is one of the best out there. It’s supportive but comfortable. The only issue I have is the straps aren’t adjustable but it’s not that big of a deal since the support is there. Also, the band doesn’t roll and that adds in the support category. I’m just excited I finally found a bra that supports me that doesn’t have wires (I’m a DD so that says something).”

Sizes: Small — 3X-Large Plus | Colors: 20 | Material: 91% Nylon, 9% Spandex


This Calvin Klein Bralette That’s Big Bust-Approved

This seamless microfiber bralette from the iconic Calvin Klein has that barely there feel that most of us search for in a bralette, and according to thousands of reviewers, it’s big bust-approved. This one creates a smooth, natural shape thanks to a stretchy yet strong fabric, complete with a full lining and removable padding. The thin adjustable straps may not be the most supportive, but they stay put and do stay out view.

Helpful review: “I didn’t have a lot of hope for this bra. My breast is 38F and this size is difficult to fit to any bra. This one is great! The cut is beautiful and comfortable. Bra looks smooth and elegant. I can’t run in it because it is not minimizer, but I love how it holds everything and keeps my shape.”

Sizes: X-Small — X-Large | Colors: 19 | Material: 77% Nylon, 23% Elastane


A Lacy Racerback Bralette That Can Accommodate Larger Busts

This lace bralette with a plunging neckline has a few features that make it a tad more supportive than your typical bralette, perfect for people with larger busts. The triangular cups have two-ply lining for coverage and light support, while a wide, stay-in-place elastic band and racerback straps help with lift. Again, it’s not the bra you’ll reach for when you’re looking for maximum support, but it would look great peeking out beneath a cute top or for lounging around the house.

Helpful review: “As a big busted woman it is hard to find a nice pretty bra that fits well. I am a 40 DDD and the XL fits perfectly. It is very stretchy and soft. It does not bunch up or roll up, and is not tight around the elastic […] This is a perfect bra for wearing with summer dresses, and would even be comfortable enough to sleep in.”

Sizes: X-Small — XX-Large | Colors: 11 | Material: 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex


Jessica Pfister, vice president of Le Mystere

Annette Smith, brand director of Montelle Intimates

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