The 4 Best Peloton Phone Mounts

To stream videos and music while riding (or to keep up with notifications), having a place to stash your phone while you break a sweat on your Peloton is essential. Fortunately, the best Peloton phone mounts are easy to attach and come in designs that either improve your viewing angle or provide extra space for accessories. Plus, some of them can even hold your tablet for the flexibility to switch between devices.

What To Look For In A Phone Mount

First, determine what you’d like to do with your phone while on your Peloton. If you enjoy video chatting with friends or watching shows while you work out, the handlebar and gooseneck mounts (which feature a bendable arm) can position your phone closer to eye level. According to one Reddit user, most Peloton models have handlebars with a diameter between 33 and 39 millimeters (1.3 to 1.54 inches), and the bars can be thicker or thinner in some spots, so it’s best to check your handlebar measurements when looking at clamp-on options. Or, if you’re looking for a place to put your phone and other accessories while you work out, a tray located at the bottom of your handlebars helps provide ample space for your things.

If you like viewing a larger screen or getting work done during your spin session, consider mounts that can accommodate a tablet. They’ll either have adjustable brackets to secure a variety of sizes or a slot to prop your tablet up.

Shop The Best Peloton Phone Mounts

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for the best Peloton phone mounts:

  1. A Tray For Stashing Your Phone, Tablet & Accessories: Crostice Phone Holder
  2. This Handlebar Phone Mount With Elastic Grips: CAW.CAR Accessories Bike Phone Holder
  3. A Mount That Works For Phones & Tablets: KDD Spin Bike Tablet And Phone Mount
  4. A Flexible Gooseneck Mount For An Adjustable Angle: Woleyi Gooseneck Phone and Tablet Mount

While you may have shelled out some serious dough for your Peloton, these phone holders are all under $30, so you can save your cash for some of the other best Peloton accessories.

1. A Tray For Stashing Your Phone, Tablet & Accessories

If you’re looking for an option to hold your phone, accessories, and even a tablet, check out this highly rated phone tray. It attaches to the handles of your bike using two elastic bands that wrap around and help keep the tray securely in place. A nonslip mat keeps things from sliding around while you work out, and a slot in the front of the tray allows you to prop up your tablet for easy viewing. It’s large enough to fit most smartphones and even comes with an extra set of elastic bands.

One reviewer wrote: “This tray is the perfect addition to my Peloton! It fits perfectly on the handle bars, connects quickly and easily and holds my iPhone Pro Max like a dream. Love it.”

Compatible devices: Most phones and tablets | Dimensions: 8.46 x 4.1 inches (length x width)

2. This Handlebar Phone Mount With Elastic Grips

This phone mount features a strong and stretchy sling that grips the edges of your phone (without covering the camera or buttons) for a secure hold. You can clip it anywhere on your Peloton handlebars and the 360-degree rotation and tilt will provide the perfect viewing angle. It attaches with a strong textured clamp, has an anti-vibration and shock-absorbing construction, and is compatible with virtually all phone models — including the larger iPhone Plus and Max phones, according to the manufacturer.

One reviewer wrote: “I love this product. It’s worth it’s weight in gold! I have it set up on my Peloton bike right in the middle. I love that I can work while being on my bike. I can see emails/texts and everything without having to put my phone in one of the cup holders. It’s the best. I love that it rotates 360 degrees and you can position it at any angle. Best and most affordable phone mount for a bike!”

Compatible Devices: Phones measuring 4.7–6.5 inches | Clamp Dimensions: Will fit handlebars 0.5–1.7 inches in diameter

3. A Mount That Works For Phones & Tablets

If you love the idea of being able to attach your tablet to your handlebars for reading, or watching shows, consider this phone and tablet mount. It uses a silicone-lined clamp to grasp your Peloton’s handlebars and can accommodate most phones and tablets, which are held snugly in place with nonslip rubber pads. Plus, the mount can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted 40 degrees for the best angle.

One reviewer wrote: “Fits perfectly on my Peleton bike. […] Easy to move iPad into a comfortable position. Love that I can get some physical [ex(ercise)] while attending my 6 hour lecture class online. Great product!”

Compatible Devices: Phones and tablets measuring 4.7–13 inches | Clamp Dimensions: Will fit handlebars 0.55–1.33 inches in diameter

4. A Flexible Gooseneck Mount For An Adjustable Angle

This gooseneck phone and tablet mount is great for those looking to raise their device up off of their Peloton handlebars. The 6.7-inch gooseneck arm can be stretched straight up or curved and molded to the perfect viewing position, and the mount provides 360-degree rotation for the best angle. A textured clamp attaches to your Peloton’s handlebars for a secure grip, and the brackets to hold your device have protective rubber grips that keep your phone or tablet from sliding.

One reviewer wrote: “Purchased a few different models of this type of product for my new spin bike. This one was the best! It was sturdy, did not shake and was easy to set up. Highly recommend!”

Compatible Devices: Phones and tablets measuring 4.7–11 inches | Clamp Dimensions: Will fit handlebars 0.62–1.77 inches in diameter

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