The 6 Best Faux Fur Comforters

Transform your bed into a cozy and plush sleeping oasis with the help of the best faux fur comforters. Every pick on this list will be amazingly comfortable — with a fluffy faux fur fabric on top and a soft underside, too — but it’s up to you to decide how heavy and warm you’d like it to be. The comforter should come in a size that’ll fit your mattress, and a color or pattern that vibes well with the aesthetic of your space. Bonus points if the bedding can be popped in the washing machine.

What To Look For When Shopping For The Best Faux Fur Comforters

Take the following considerations into account when picking out a faux fur comforter for your bed:

  • Material: Most often, faux fur comforters aren’t furry on both sides — it’s usually just the top of the comforter. As for the bottom side, be on the lookout for a finish that’s soft because you’ll be in contact with it more. They are usually made of polyester, which is known for being durable, soft, and warm.
  • Weight: Faux fur comforters are typically a warmer bedding option because they’re thick and plush. However, some are heavier and warmer than others. Manufacturers sometimes list the fabric’s GSM, which stands for grams per square meter. The higher the GSM, the thicker, heavier, and warmer you can expect it to be. Anything with a GSM of 150 or less is lightweight, 150–250 GSM is medium-weight, and 250 GSM and up is heavyweight. Amazon reviewers can also offer firsthand insight.
  • Bedding type: Comforters are a ready-to-go piece of bedding. Duvet covers require a little extra setup — the cover opens up (usually via zipper or buttons) and you’ll want to slide a duvet insert (usually sold separately) inside. However, duvet covers are typically easier to wash — remove the insert and throw just the duvet into the washing machine. Many comforters and duvet covers are sold in sets with coordinating pillow shams.

Shop The Best Faux Fur Comforters

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for the best faux fur comforters:

  1. A Set With A Super Shaggy Faux Fur Comforter: Intelligent Design Malea Shaggy Faux Fur Comforter Set
  2. A Fan-Favorite Faux Fur Duvet Cover In A Massive Range Of Colors: XeGe Shaggy Duvet Cover
  3. An Exceptionally Soft Reversible Faux Fur Comforter: Madison Park Modern Bedding Set
  4. A Faux Fur Duvet Cover That’s Less Than $40: Dreamcountry Fluffy Duvet Cover
  5. A Comforter With A Chevron Pattern And Faux Fur On Both Sides: Madison Park Faux Fur Set
  6. A Faux Fur Duvet Cover In Fun Prints: Chanasya Faux Fur Leopard Duvet Cover Set

These are the six best faux fur comforters available on Amazon. They’ll envelop you in cozy warmth and add stylish texture to your room.

1. A Set With A Super Shaggy Faux Fur Comforter


  • Popular on Amazon with a 4.6-star rating after over 2,500 reviews
  • Extra shaggy texture on both comforter and pillow shams

Boasting a solid 4.6-star rating overall on Amazon after over 2,500-plus reviews, this faux fur comforter from Intelligent Design is clearly adored on the site, and that’s largely because it’s significantly shaggier than most options. “This is so very soft and fluffy!” explained one reviewer. “Couldn’t have asked for a better bed set,” noted another.

This comforter is described as heavyweight by the manufacturer. One side features the fax fur, while the other has a brushed microfiber material that’s snuggle-worthy.

One reviewer wrote: “I wasn’t expecting it to be as thick and well made as it is. The fur on the “shaggy” side is adequately dense that you don’t see the base material like cheaper fur materials. The soft side is snuggly and feels great on my face. IT IS WARM when you’re under it but feels cool if you lay on top of it. All this at a great value.”

Available colors: 5 | Sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/Cal King | Machine washable: Yes | Includes: Comforter, two shams

2. A Fan-Favorite Faux Fur Duvet Cover In A Massive Range Of Colors


  • A favorite on Amazon; boasts a 4.4-star rating after more than 16,000 reviews
  • Comes in 40 colors

Available in a whopping 40 different options — including neutral shades like black and white, pops of color like yellow and aqua, and even a couple of fun patterns — you’ll find the perfect match for your space in this pick from XeGe. Since this is just the duvet cover, it’s intended to be paired with an insert (the cover has a zipper closure, as well as four corner ties to keep the insert in place) to reach its full fluffiness. The front of the comforter features faux fur while the reverse boasts a smooth velvet fabric. With the faux fur at 320 GSM and the velvet at 200 GSM, this is considered a heavyweight option.

One reviewer wrote: “This duvet [exceeded] my expectations, it’s so soft and comfortable. I love the way it looks on my bed and gives my room a more luxurious feel! I’m so happy I listen to the reviews and read the washing instructions carefully, the duvet was even softer and fluffier after washing. I love this and would buy it again!”

Available colors: 40 | Sizes: Twin, Queen, King | Machine washable: Yes | Includes: Duvet cover

3. An Exceptionally Soft Reversible Faux Fur Comforter


  • Incredibly soft minky fabric
  • Modern geometric look

There’s a common theme in the Amazon reviews for this comforter from Madison Park: So many mention that it’s *incredibly* soft. “Best comforter ever!! So soft and cuddly warm,” wrote one reviewer. Another wrote, “I absolutely love this comforter. It is sooooo soft, beyond happy with this purchase.”

The comforter features brushed faux fur on one side, a faux mink material on the other, and a hypoallergenic filling that’s held in place by box stitching — you could definitely use this pick reversed because it’s all-around comfortable. The geometric design is a unique and modern take on faux fur. The GSM of this comforter isn’t listed, but reviewers indicate that it’s not too heavy.

One reviewer wrote: “This comforter is great! It is very soft, and made with great material. The color is a pretty pinkish/white. It is very thick, and comfortable to sleep on. Both sides, are very comfortable. It comes with two matching pillow covers, that fit great on a standard bed pillow. Love it, very comfortable and very well made. Happy with it.”

Available colors: 2 | Sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/Cal King | Machine washable: Yes | Includes: Comforter, two shams

4. A Faux Fur Duvet Cover That’s Less Than $40


  • Budget-friendly
  • Some reviewers don’t even bother with a duvet insert — it’s fluffy enough to stand on its own

If you want to give faux fur bedding a try but don’t feel like forking over big bucks, this duvet cover from Dreamcountry is the perfect solution … it’s high-quality and costs less than $40! The front of the duvet cover boasts long, shaggy faux fur that’s made from microfiber and the back is a smooth velvet material. Reviewers indicate this pick is quite warm overall, making it a good choice for cooler months.

This duvet cover is meant to be paired with an insert — the cover has a zipper closure and ties to keep it in place — but some reviewers mentioned they chose to use it on its own because it is so cozy.

One reviewer wrote: “This duvet cover is BEAUTIFUL and I really like the quality. My comforter fits inside of this duvet cover without shifting. It fits my queen bed great. It also looks great draped across the foot of my bed as is. It’s so soft, fluffy on one side and soft, smooth on the other side. I definitely recommend this duvet cover because of the quality.”

Available colors: 5 | Sizes: Queen, King | Machine washable: Yes | Includes: Duvet cover

5. A Comforter With A Chevron Pattern & Faux Fur On Both Sides


  • Chevron pattern adds interest
  • Faux fur on both sides

This faux fur comforter from Madison Park is a showstopper: It boasts a lovely chevron pattern for added visual interest and depth. Another unique aspect? It actually has faux fur on both sides, making it positively plush. And it’s filled with a down alternative for added comfort and warmth.

This pick is described by the manufacturer as a heavyweight option “for cold months,” but this obviously depends on your sleeping preferences, weather, and more.

One reviewer wrote: “Absolutely, without a doubt, adore this comforter!! My husband usually doesn’t care what I put on our bed, but when he laid under it, he commented on how much he loved it, repeatedly. Even wanted me to buy another one for a back up! […] It’s so warm, soft and cozy but not bulky. Seriously the warmth, softness and comfort you feel is at least 5 stars!”

Available colors: 1 | Sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/California King | Machine washable: Yes | Includes: Comforter, two shams

6. A Faux Fur Duvet Cover In Fun Prints


  • Comes in a variety of print options including the shown leopard print, impasto, and variegated and solid colors
  • Reviewers indicate the product is exactly as pictured

If you’re hoping for a faux fur bedding set in a fun pattern, this one from Chanasya is the way to go — it comes in 13 different print and texture options, including leopard! This three-piece pick comes with a duvet cover (with a hidden zipper and ties to keep an insert in place inside) and two matching pillow shams, all of which are made from polyester. The faux fur on the front of the duvet cover is short yet soft and there’s a matching solid color on the reverse. This product is described as a medium warmth option.

One reviewer wrote: “I am in love with this duvet cover! Not only is the print subtle but cute it’s also so so so soft!”

Available colors: 13 | Sizes: Twin, Queen, King | Machine washable: Yes | Includes: Duvet cover, two shams

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