These Things With Near-Perfect Reviews Are Selling Fast On Amazon

When perusing products on Amazon, it can be so difficult to identify the items that are worth spending your hard-earned money on. But luckily there is a solution: Amazon reviews. They can be a gold mine of information and can give you a ton of insight about the quality of products, how to best utilize them, and more. If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of products on Amazon, not to worry. Below you’ll find 40 products that are worth a look — and they all have impressive, near-perfect star ratings.

On this list, you’ll find useful products in a wide range of categories. There are home items that can make your everyday routine better, including a convenient tray table for your bed, a shower arm extender, and an ultra-luxe memory foam pillow. If you’re a commuter, you’ll also get lots of use out of the car products. Plus, below you’ll find some top-rated personal care and beauty essentials, including super-popular pimple patches and a callus remover for an at-home pedicure.

You don’t want to miss out on these must-have products. Some are hidden gems and some are super trendy — but they’re all highly rated products that are selling fast.


An Electric Water Dispenser For 5-Gallon Bottles

This electric water bottle pump is here to ensure that you never have to go through turning a five-gallon water bottle upside-down again. Just screw it onto your bottle and water is available at the touch of a button. It’s USB-rechargeable and can power through up to six bottles before needing to be recharged.


This Nifty Rolling Garlic Chopper That Gets The Job Done

Drop up to three cloves of garlic into the Chef’n chopper, give it a few rolls on your countertop, and voila — freshly chopped garlic without messing with a knife or irreversibly infusing your fingers with a pungent scent. Best of all, it’s top-rack dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.


A Cooling & Supportive Memory Foam Pillow

A good pillow is hard to find, but this one filled with shredded memory foam has a good chance of becoming your new favorite. Reviewers love it for its cool feel and neck support, and since it’s available in three sizes, it’ll look right at home on beds of any size.


The TikTok-Famous Sorbet Maker For Crafting Tasty Vegan Treats

Yonanas turns making dessert for everyone — including vegan and gluten-free folks — into an easy task. Just put your desired combination of frozen fruit down its chute and it’ll come out as a smooth, delicious sorbet. It comes in six colors, including mint and coral, and all of its removable parts are top-rack dishwasher safe.


This Bangle & Key Ring Combo To Help You Keep Track Of Your Essentials

Losing your keys may well become a thing of the past with a vegan leather bangle keyring you can slip on your wrist as you head out the door. It’s available in 35 colors and patterns, each with an adorable matching tassel. “I love that it fits on your wrist when your hands are full or carrying a car seat,” said one Amazon reviewer.


A 2-Pack Of Multipurpose Silicone Kitchen Mats You’ll Reach For All The Time

Haters of single-use kitchen accessories, rejoice! These heat-resistant silicone discs have nearly endless purposes, including as a microwave mat, jar opener, trivet, and splatter guard. One is smooth and one is ribbed, and they’re both dishwasher-safe and can withstand up to 475 degrees. They come in 11 colors, so you can find one that perfectly matches your decor.


This Car Windshield Spray For Repelling Rain Water

If you’re looking for an alternative to having your windshield wipers on full blast during any precipitation, try Rain-X’s Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellent, which causes water to bead up and roll right off the windshield. Better yet, it’s easy to apply (just spray and wipe) and also helps prevent bugs and other debris from sticking as well.


Clear Double-Sided Adhesive Rounds With Tons Of Uses

Once you see how many uses these double-sided adhesive rounds have, you’ll be grateful to have a pack of 350. They’re effective on wood, glass, paper, metal, ceramic, plastic, and paper making them perfect for anything from hanging posters on drywall to affixing a vase securely to a table so your cat can’t bat it off (again).


A Unique Slicer That Makes Quick Work Of Cherry Tomatoes & Grapes

If you often find yourself struggling with slicing small fruits and veggies like grapes and cherry tomatoes, this unique zip slicer may be perfect for you. Simply load your food into the chamber, swipe the blade, and enjoy your spoils. This is particularly great for parents who would rather not spend 10 minutes a day every day slicing grapes in half just so.


An Effortless Soap Dispenser That’ll Speed Up Your Dish Washing

Washing dishes can be a pain, but this soap dispenser makes the process much quicker; simply fill the bottom container with your favorite dish soap and press down on the top with a sponge to dispense the perfect amount of suds. This pick will look aesthetically appealing on your counter — and for less than $10 it’s hard to pass up.


A Vanity Mirror You Can Fold Out From Your Car Visor

If you do your makeup in the car often, chances are that the minuscule mirror on the inside of your car’s visor just isn’t cutting it. Luckily, there’s a full vanity mirror available that hooks right on the visor, providing you with a large viewing surface and even multiple angles thanks to its trifold design. “Super nice to do my makeup in the morning before work,” said one reviewer.


This Sleek Wood LED Alarm Clock With Wireless Charging

You can’t go back in time to prevent your phone from dying in the middle of the night causing your alarm not to go off, but you can snag this digital alarm and wireless charger to ensure it never happens again. Available in four colors, it’s sleek enough to serve as a piece of modern bedroom decor as well.


This Suction Cup Shower Corner Caddy That’ll Keep Your Toiletries Nice & Secure

A shower without good storage solutions is frustrating, but this suction cup shower caddy that tucks neatly into smooth tiled corners can help. It installs easily, is equipped with multiple hooks for hanging shower accessories, and can hold up to a whopping 22 pounds, so even your jumbo body wash will feel right at home.


A Car Trash Can That Tucks Neatly In A Cup Holder

If you’re guilty of stuffing receipts, napkins, and more into your car cup holders, putting a mini trash can in your cup holder is a brilliant way to trick yourself into keeping your car cleaner. This one has a push lid, is easy to wash out if it gets icky, and comes in red, black, gold, and silver.


Trendy Cloud Slides Available In Loads Of Fun Colors & Neutrals

It’s hard to walk down the street these days without seeing someone in these distinctive slides — and for good reason. They’re under $25, comfy, easy to throw on when walking out the door, and are available in 16 colors in a range of brights and neutrals to cater to your personal style.


This Electric Lighter That Charges With A USB

Leave butane lighters in the past and opt for a rechargeable electric one that has a flameless spark. This lighter can help candle collectors ignite wicks at just the touch of a button. It comes with a USB charging cable, is available in three colors, and has a safety lock to ensure it only lights when you want it to.


The Bed Risers That Help Make The Most Of Your Storage Space

Lifting your bed is an excellent way to expand your room’s storage space by making way for under-bed bins, both during college and beyond. These bed risers are available in three sizes, two shapes, and two colors and can hold up to 6,800 pounds, ensuring that all pieces of furniture can benefit from using them.


A Classic Exercise Ball To Use For Workouts, WFH Seating & More

Whether you’re planning on using it as a crucial part of your at-home workout, as a reprieve from being on your feet as a pregnant person, or as some unconventional WFH seating, this exercise ball is durable enough for the job. It can withstand up to 2,200 pounds and is available in three sizes and three colors, so you can easily find one that fits your living space.


This Bamboo Plant Stand That Helps Display Your Greenery

Nothing says “I’m a great plant parent” like literally uplifting your indoor greenery with a stylish bamboo plant stand. It’s available in three sizes that accommodate 8-, 10-, or 12-inch pots. And, they come in packs of two, because — let’s be honest — you don’t want your other plants to be jealous because one has such a cool perch.


These KN95 Face Masks That Are Actually Comfortable

It’s nice to have a stash of KN95 masks on hand, and this 50-pack can help you achieve just that. The masks have the whole family covered with both adult and children’s sizes offered, along with a few fun colors like mint green and pink if you’re tired of rocking only black and white (though they have those, too).


These Pimple Patches That Help Breakouts Drain & Heal

Investing in a 60-pack of pimple patches means you finally have a go-to solution for your next breakout. Just pop on a hydrocolloid patch for the recommended six-plus hours and let them do their thing, drawing sebum out of pimples and keeping further irritants out. Over 18,000 people have given them a five-star rating on Amazon.


These Adhesive Nipple Covers That’ll Keep You Secure In Your Backless Dress

Besides being uncomfortable, strapless bras simply don’t work with every garment. Silicone nipple covers can be a great alternative — especially these, which happen to be an Amazon Best Seller. They have thin edges that blend seamlessly into your skin and are reusable. You can buy them in five skin tones as well as two sizes — one for A through C cups, and one for D cups and beyond.


This UV Phone Sanitizer Equipped With Wireless Charging

For sanitizing your phone without skipping a beat, try this UV sanitizer that charges your phone wirelessly during the cleaning cycle. Cleaning only takes 15 minutes, and while it’s best suited for phones due to its size and charging feature, this sanitizer can also clean other everyday items like keys.


A Roll Of Grippy Tape For Making Indoor & Outdoor Surfaces Nonslip

You know that sloped bottom porch stair that gets super slippery when it rains? Slapping a piece of Tape King’s Anti-Slip Tape on it could help alleviate the problem by providing some traction. Its 80-grit surface is even grippy when wet and a 30-foot roll ensures you can take on a few projects at a time.


This Bamboo Tray Table For Luxurious Breakfasts In Bed

This bamboo tray table may not make Sunday brunch for you, but it will make gobbling it up while still snuggled up in bed much easier (not to mention more aesthetically pleasing). Its legs fold for simple storage, and it’s easy to clean — just give it a wash with soap and water if there’s any spillage.


This Herb Growing Kit That’ll Let You Cultivate Cocktail Ingredients & Garnishes

This cocktail herb growing kit has everything you need to create your own garden of drink ingredients, and it includes pots, peat discs, and seeds. The instructions as well as cocktail recipes will help you grow various types of herbs — including lime basil, mint leaves, and more — and then make the most of them in drinks once they’re ready.


A Waterproof Bike Phone Mount To Help You Navigate On 2 Wheels

If you’re biking somewhere you’ve never been, it can be tricky to know just where to go, but this phone mount that straps to your bike’s center bar can help. Its zippered compartment has a clear front and is waterproof to ensure your device stays safe even if it rains.


A Portable Easel For Artists On The Go

Whether you’re planning on painting outside or simply want your art setup to be more mobile, this portable easel and storage case will help you take your art anywhere. It has a hinged stand that folds down and a latched drawer for storing brushes, paints, pencils, and whatever else you may need to make the most of your time. The easel is also adjustable, with four different settings.


These Aromatherapy Shower Steamers That Are Like Bath Fizzies For The Shower

Placing a shower steamer in your shower is a lovely way to make the experience more spa-like and relaxing. Best for non-tub showers, simply put the steamer on the shower floor where it won’t be directly hit by water and enjoy the scent it releases as it dissolves. They’ve available in two scent packs, each with six steamers, and are both vegan and cruelty-free.


This In-Shower Hair Treatment That Only Takes 8 Seconds To Work

While most hair masks take upwards of 10 minutes to soak in, L’Oreal’s Wonder Water only takes eight seconds to have an effect on hair, making it silkier and smoother without weighing it down. It’s recommended for two to three uses weekly after your shampoo and is paraben- and silicone-free.


A Callus Remover For Getting The Most Out Of Your At-Home Pedicure

Save a little money on pedicures without a trade-off of callused, scratchy heels with this callus remover from Lee Beauty. All you need to do is apply the gel to callused areas, wait for five to ten minutes, and remove the product (and your callused skin) with a scrubber or rasp.


These Dermaplaning Tools That Can Quickly & Easily Remove Small, Unwanted Hairs

Peach fuzz is totally normal, but if you like to remove it for smoother makeup application, these dermaplaning tools could come in handy. Also good for shaping your eyebrows without the hassle of plucking or waxing, they’re available in packs of three or nine. If you’re new to eyebrow shaping, they come with a handy attachment that’ll make the process even easier.


A Shower Arm Extender That’s Easily Adjustable

Having a shower head that’s difficult to adjust can be frustrating, especially if you share a shower with someone who’s a significantly different height. An adjustable shower arm makes changing the height and angle of the head more convenient without taking away from the look of your hardware. “Our shower is now definitely more enjoyable,” wrote one Amazon reviewer.


This Bidet Sprayer For Anyone Who Doesn’t Love On-Seat Attachments

For a more unique take on the bidet, try this sprayer attachment that can rest either on your bathroom wall or toilet tank. It has a 47-inch hose that’s endlessly moveable, making it more versatile than more common bidet seats for purposes like cloth diapering.


The Bamboo Bath Mat That’s Functional & Beautiful

For imbuing your bathroom with a spa-like vibe while also making it more functional, consider getting a bamboo bath mat. Nine nonslip feet line the bottom to help ensure it isn’t going anywhere — and it’s coated in three layers of a water-resistant coating to protect it from absorbing too much moisture.


An Insulated Thermos & Tea Infuser With A Cool Bamboo Exterior

A vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle is already a versatile and lovely item to have in your cabinet, but the addition of a loose-leaf tea steeper makes it *chef’s kiss*. It’s available in four sizes, with the largest offering a fruit infuser for making your cold water taste even better.


A Thick Anti-Fatigue Mat That’ll Help Reduce Stress On Your Body

If you stand for long periods of time — like in the kitchen, at a standing desk, or elsewhere in your home — this anti-fatigue mat will be a total game changer for you. The thick, ergonomically-designed mat provides extra support for your body, helping to reduce stress on your muscles and joints for added comfort.


A Convenient Spray That’ll Stretch Your Shoes For A Better Fit

If you have a pair of shoes that you love but the fit is a smidge too tight, this spray will come to the rescue. Safe for use on many different materials (including leather, suede, and more), the product is incredibly simple to use — spray it on the area you wish to expand, pop on a thick pair of socks, and walk around in the shoes until they’re dry. All set.


This Popular Mascara That Gives Lashes Definition & Volume — All For $5

This mascara is designed to give your lashes some serious volume and definition — and best yet, it’ll last all day long (without any pesky fading or flaking) thanks to its totally waterproof formulation. The $5 price tag is just icing on the cake.


A Hydrating Facial Serum That Features A Unique Ingredient

Okay, hear me out: This facial serum is actually made from 96.3% snail secretion filtrate that can help hydrate your skin. It’s backed by over 13,000 five-star Amazon ratings — and don’t worry: No snails were harmed in the making of this product.

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