Why Should Take Now Foods Calcium and Magnesium Tablets

These calcium and magnesium softgels offer a perfectly balanced combination of essential minerals, as they also contain vitamin D-3 and zinc in their formulation. This formulation promotes healthy enzymatic activity and supports healthy bone and tooth structure. This formulation is superior to capsules or tablets in terms of its ease of absorption and assimilation because it is delivered in softgels. The Now Calcium & Magnesium 250 tablets give a perfectly balanced combination of vital minerals, as they contain Vitamin D-3 and Zinc in addition to magnesium and calcium. This formulation promotes healthy enzymatic activity and supports healthy bone and tooth structure. Now Calcium & Magnesium 250 tablets formulation is superior to capsules or tablets in terms of its ease of absorption and assimilation because it is delivered in softgels.

Calcium and magnesium are two minerals that complement one another in their support of a wide variety of biological activities. For example, both calcium and magnesium benefit the overall health of a person’s bones. These two minerals are likewise vital for the day-to-day essential processes of the body. However, because of the way in which your body uses them, it is necessary for the minerals to operate together in order to achieve their maximum potential. To begin, they facilitate the production of ATP, the sort of energy used by the cells (adenosine triphosphate).

In addition, they carry out the function of electrolytes within the body, which helps maintain adequate hydration levels. Calcium is essential to the proper functioning of not only your nervous system but also your muscles and heart. Because calcium deficiency affects the vast majority of individuals, you may want to consider taking calcium supplements. In the same vein, magnesium is an element that is particularly vital to the maintenance of normal blood pressure, bone health, and cardiovascular health. Much like calcium, each of the cells that make up your body requires magnesium to function correctly. Calcium is secreted into the bloodstream by the organism every time nerve impulses cause the muscles to contract. Calcium is ultimately beneficial because it enables the proteins found in your muscles to contract and carry out the necessary actions. After the action is complete, the body will pump calcium out of the muscle, which will allow the muscle to relax. The minerals calcium, magnesium, and zinc all contribute in their unique ways to the overall bone health of the body.

Your bones are the primary repository for calcium in your body, holding more than 99% of the total calcium deposits in your body. Calcium is the principal mineral found in your bones. Because your body is continually repairing its bone tissue, you must take in a sufficient quantity of calcium minerals on a regular basis. In addition, the mineral component of your bones contains zinc, which helps make up that component. In addition, it helps the cells that grow bone while simultaneously preventing the creation of cells that promote bone resorption (2Trusted Source, 3Trusted Source).

Now Magnesium supplements help bones form and remain strong. Finally, magnesium plays an important part in the conversion of vitamin D into its active form, which aids in calcium absorption. So Now magnesium supplements help bones form. It makes it possible for the little mineral crystals that are a part of your bone structure to develop in density and gain strength as a result. Magnesium benefits bone health because it improves calcium absorption and makes it easier for bones to retain calcium. Now Calcium & Magnesium Price in Pakistan is about Rs. 1400. Aside from strengthening your skeleton, Now magnesium supplements like Now magnesium glycinate Pakistan has several benefits that include:

  • Increasing one’s natural level of energy through the utilisation of metabolic processes that provide usable fuel
  • The physiologically sound performance of the muscles
  • Electrolyte balance
  • Normal operations of the nervous system
  • Synthesis of proteins according to the conventional method


Calcium is the vital mineral that is found in the most significant quantity in your body, and it is where you will find it. Your bones and teeth are where you keep the vast majority of the calcium that your body has. In the same way that magnesium is, calcium is an essential component of healthy bones. It allows for the development and growth of bones, which helps to maintain their strength and density up until the age of about 25. After the age of 25, the density of your bones will start to decrease as a natural consequence of the ageing process. This decline can be slowed down with enough calcium intake. Additionally, calcium helps in the process of establishing:

  • The action of muscles
  • The process of the blood clotting
  • Neurotransmission (nerve cells transferring signals to each other) (nerve cells passing signals to each other)
  • Digestive enzyme function
  • Why magnesium is essential for the proper functioning of calcium

Calcium absorption in your body does not require magnesium in any way. But without it, calcium can become poisonous and deposit itself in soft tissues, kidneys, arteries, and cartilage rather than in bones, which is most beneficial to the body. This can result in several rather serious diseases affecting one’s health. Maintaining a healthy calcium and magnesium balance in the body is essential to reduce the risk of potentially damaging health problems.

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